hey guys it's Cassie welcome to mychannel if you're new welcome back if you're a seasoned subscriber today I'mgoing to talk about the five spring luxury fashion trends that I love andhate this year guys if you're new here my name is Cassie I am a self-diagnosedluxury addict i put

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soon guys are youready let's start so I'm gonna start with the five that I hate why becauseit's fun to be negative these are in no particular order I just hate them allequally the first spring luxury fashion trend that I am really struggling to geton the bandwagon for is

bandanas I am this close to digging a hole in theCalifornia desert and filling it with every bandanaI see Alexander Wang has jumped on this trend Chanel has jumped on this trend oh sowe're in like a biker gang now like all sons of anarchyare we are we there no

no you're not there okay so unless you've joined a bikergang in which case go off no so spring trend number two that I cannot standheadbands okay hairbands whatever have you actually like worn a headband okaybecause back in the day in my youth as a tiny tiny Cassie I

wore headbands andI'm telling you after a couple of hours those things hurt the temples okay andthe fact that they're making them kind of like fat and chunky I'm like wereally don't need this kind of extra appendage to the headdo we agree do we agree let me know Tie

dye why are we herebalmain even came out with the tie-dye t-shirt and it just makes me it justreally it really just it's very aggressive on the eye okay I love acolor blocking moment let's color-block till the cows come homebut do I really need to look at your t-shirt

and like my eyes start going offI just think it's too much I think it's too much I think it should be left in the archives of the history fashion trend number four crochet crocheteditems are just the worst there's so many gaps now they're bringingthem into dresses so now

there's like oh and then you'll be seeing everyone witha crocheted beach cover-up they tried to make a spider's web chic and listen ifwe're being very honest spiders webs are actually really quite chic and these areless chic than a spider's web okay I would much rather wear a spider's

web ala Morticia Adams than a crocheted sack of garbage fashion trend number five net orrope bags like a PVC bag I can get down with them like all the see-throughtransparency chic but a net bag and like there's holeswhat can you like actually carry in that what a couple

of lemons it's just it'sjust a fishing net I am sure that there are fishermen everywhere just laughingand just going like great so you just cut up a corner of a fishing net andheld it with your hands not chic not loving it now let's move on to thethings we

love shall we spring luxury fashion trend number onethat I am dying for is lime or neon yes I'm here for the neon trendokay I love a pop of color and I love a pop of color even more when it is likescreamingly obvious yes it's like obnoxiously subtle if

that makes anysense all black outfit and hello hello okay all black outfit and my neon or hibitch the next spring luxury fashion trend that I love when done well isthe cycling short okay now listen we are not new to the cycling or the bike shortbut I love a

bike short when it's one with a tailored look not to toot my ownhorn but if you follow me on Instagram cough cough press that follow button Inot gonna lie I nailed this look give me boss vibes it's like I am a boss bitchbut also like I can get

down and be trendy and have some fun you know thethird a fashion trend I'm loving are cute hairclips these have been popping up everywhere I don't know who started thistrend but I am fully backing HRH collection here on YouTube that is whereI got this clip from they just

give an edge of like luxe I mean just can wecan we so the forth fashion trend that I'm loving shield sunglasses ifthere is anything that says I'm famous get out of my way don't touch me it is ashield sunglass these are a pair of old Givenchy sunglasses and

I mean shieldsunglasses blocking out all of the haters let me tell you anybody that'sdisliked this video and the last spring luxury fashion trend I'm loving thisyear is the utility vibe it's giving me Tomb Raider it's giving me practicalitywe're seeing the Chanel side bags two bags are better than

one any reason tospend more money on a bag I'm here for it I just love it I love that that we're getting pockets on things give it to me Fendi practical butlike a badass at the same time comment down below one of your fave fashiontrends one of your

least favorite trends in the comments like this video if youliked it subscribe if you haven't already and have an amazing morningafternoon or evening wherever you are in the world and I will see you in my nextvideo bye guys