(ENG) SPRING fashion haul🥑 봄을 위해 구입한 패션제품 my best haul YET

Hey guys Today I'm going to be doing a try on haul for this spring.

They're all so pretty.

I'm so satisfied.

Anyway let's get started.

You might already know that I love blade jacketif you have been watching my fashion haul.

So I ugh.


You might already know that I love oversized jacketif you have been watching my fashion haul.

The pads help to hold the shapeof the jacket like my dress I'm wearing now.

It's like neutral beige.

which I think it's so pretty.

I'm going to be pair it with the wide leg pants.

So I thought it will be so approachable in this spring.

I don't usually buy the set look.

But this time I had to.

It looked just so cool.

Looking chic and fabulous.

So I bought this jacket with belt as a set.

I'm a huge tweed lover but I don't personally like the onethat looks too Channel.

This slightly does look like a Channelbut it's alright.

Not too overwhelming.

And it's in color black, so I guessI can wear this for a formal event or even to wedding.

Maybe I can pair it with some bright tops inside.

They had size small and medium.

I got a size medium.

It'd be so cute with long boots.

Or I want to pair this withhigh top sneakers when it gets warmer.

And again, I am a huge tweed lover!So I was like, okay I'll take it.

And I really wanted to bring this one up.

I bought this fake leather jacket from Dark Victory.

It's a little shiny There was a similar one with a longer length.

I really like the clothing that's made of unique materials.

Or something with a cute pattern.

They had green, black and beige.

I got beige b/c it's easier to pair with.

Since it has a longer length, it'd be cute to pair with cycle pants.

And I'm so into wearing cropped top shirtswith high wasted shorts.

That will works on this jacket.

That'd be really cute.

To give some detail.

I noticed I don't have any gray color jacket.

I mean I only have a short one.

I was haunting for this lookto pair with same gray color pants.

The material is so fabulous and luxury.

And I really liked it when I got.

It's so much worth the price.

I would willing to pay more for this.

I think this will last longunless I don't leave a stain or something.

But this is super oversized.

I guess this will fits man.

But I think it adds a lot of personality to an outfit.

I would look somewhat ridiculous but whatever.

Anyway I really love its materialand detail, so it's totally fine! I've already told you I'm a huge tweed lover.

This has an ivory color.

This has an angular shape.

I think it's cuter when you button it up.

And the button also is made of tweed fabric.

Which I like.

It has 5 buttons in total.

It has like a cute vintage look.

You know when you think of an ivory color tweed jacket, it kinda gives you a feeling like it's too formal.

But this is more of a cute side.

Imagine wearing this with sneakerswhen going out to see a cherry blossom! Okay, this looks so spring.

Even though I love pink color, I don't really have pink outer.

What attracted me was its short length.

Ugh this was just so cute.

I had to buy it.

This'd be super cute withcropped top shirts for this spring.

It's like strawberry milk color.

So refreshing.

Next up is the dress I'm wearing now.

You know it was really hard to find cute dress online.

I was looking for something that's very unique.

And I found this dress.

It's got this like neon green color.

With flower pattern.

I thought it's way better thangoing for just the normal basic color.

And I personally love this kind of design.

Usually tight waist dress makes your face look biggerwhen it doesn't have such details on shoulder.

It makes you skinnier and looks kinda chicwhen you wear something that has broad shoulderor has shirring details on.

I'd love to wear boots on.

Or I wanna wear this with my favorite baker hat.

I love green color dresses.

It has a vintage lookingand I thought this color will bring me out.

Plus it was on a sale.

It's cuter when you go for an off shoulder topthan just a short sleeve shirts.

I might feel cold on its own right now, but I can wear this with a jacket and boots.

But the color is the only thing I like about this dress.

I don't know about the details or material.

It just was on a sale, so.


Next up is this wrinkled dress.

I really love its wrinkled detail.

It was very cute when I tried on.

The only thing I wasn't satisfied wasI thought it has straight body shape.

Since it has shirring details, the shape is little defined.

I can dress my belt bags up.

The dress looks fresh and cute with details.

You could dress this with any types of shoes.

Sneakers, ankle boots, or long boots.

I've been waiting so long for this popcorn sweater.

It has this little popcornlike pullover details which is so cute.

I like this kind of lightweight sweater.

I'm going to wear this on its own when it gets warmer.

It looks not too fancy but stylish and comfy.

That's the point I love lightweight sweater.

I noticed I don't really have basic sweater.

Basic sweater that's justmade of cotton with single color.

This will go nice with anyone.

I got this from the same brand for the wrinkled dress.

It's got the neon green highlighter kind of color.

And it's cropped that barely covers your belly button.

It's just the basic normal design.

But its neon color will be the highlight of your look.

It brings you out more.

Guess you can wear this for back to school lookwhen there's nothing to wear.

Blouse and dress is the best outfit for springbut I couldn't really buy a lot.

There wasn't really thing that caught my eyes.

I only got two.

I don't think this is what is prefer to call blouse.

It's just a square neck top.

I got this from ASOS.

I got a size UK 8.

And I think it fits perfect.

It has shirred-stretch bodyso it was very comfortable.

It can be look little fancy.

But you could also wear this for anywhere.

And it has little yellowish color which I really like.

I pair this with high wasted pants.

I guess I'd be really cute to pair with light denim blue.

And I have another top that's very similar to this.

It has a hook-and-eye placket to front.

Isn't this look so cute.

I think I can wear this on summer as well.

And the color isn't too vibrantso maybe I can pair it with necklace.

I don't know, I bought a lot of shirtsthat I can wear it with jacket.

My favorite pink.

I have a same design of shirtsthat has brick red color.

I loved that so much.

So I didn't hesitate to buy this.

And it's double layered.

This is so soft.

This is Black-Up made.

I'm so glad I bought this.

You know wrap tshirts that hasstraps can easily go loose.

But this I don't need to worry about it.

And I picked the color beige, my favorite.

I'm in love with this so I'm going to buy other colors as well.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH Makes me look slender.

And this is also comfy and stylish but not too fancy.

Maybe you have seen this design a lot online recently.

But there's a reason to it.

It's just so cute.

You can either bring this twist up or down.

I'm also looking forward to buy other colors as well.

It's so soft and stretchy.

This is the last one for the top.

This one's so cute too.

I think it's one of Stylenanda made product.

There were a few different colors.

I picked this color.

I don't know.

I'm into this kind of color lately.

I can layer over dress but I was just going to wear it on its own.

It has like a see-through design.

The fabric is really soft and gentle.

And it has this line detail in the middle.

Definitely a highlighting to your look.

I love denim so much.

I always buy at least one every time.

But not this time.

It's all fabric pants.

This has little yellowish color.

The fabric is like a trench coat kind.

It has banding at the back.

But it has a straight shapeso it doesn't make me look ridiculous or something.

But since it's white colorit makes me little look fat and big.

Well but if you start to think of it in that way, there are nothing you can actually buy.

It's so cool.

And I really liked how they made button hidden.

This is a gray pants.

But it looks dark on the camera.

I wanted this to be little lighter tho.

Cuz I wanted to pair it with that gray jacket.

And I have another gray cropped jacketthat I want to pair with this.

It's straight fit.

I can wear this till at least the first week of June.

And I want this to be longer.

But it's alright.

I can extend the length.

This is the best of my favorite from ASOS.

They have a Asos White collectionand they're little more expensive.

It has contrast stitch detail.

The color is mixed with neon and white.

It has slit cuffs on the side.

And it has fabric buttons.

The fit and length are so perfect.

It's slim fit and it goes little wider through the legs.

This is what I live on every day.

I hope I can keep this forever.

I went to & Other Stories and I found this pants.

I bought this without trying it on.

But I've got some skills of measuring without actuallytrying it on throughout my online shopping experiences.

I got size 38.

Waist is little tightbut not too much.

It fits perfect other than that.

It has this pocket details.

You can achieve chic French style.

It doesn't cover your ankle and it goes wider as it goes to the bottom.

So definitely looks good with ankle boots.

This belt is from & Other Stories.

I noticed I don't have a black basic belt.

So I thought I want to add this to my wardrobe.

I wanted to be last longerso I paid little more bucks buying this.

It's leather crocodile belt.

I got a size small.

Yeah I bought a bag in so long.

I know it's little off season but whatever, I'm going to take this till before summer.

I would have gone for a beige color usually, but i really liked the contrastedcolor combo of navy and red.

And I love crossbody bags.

And it's got that cute and casual look.

It's got that cute plush pullover.

And it was affordable so I thoughtmaybe I can wear this to anywhere.

And I bought this for myself as a bday gift.

From Maison Margiela.

It has soft cloud-like form.

It can be worn as either a clutch or shoulder bag.

I thought it will look good on any look.

So I treated myself to this new bag! I shopped this on Mytheresa.


They ship very fast.

I got thin is only three days.

It's so easy to open and close.

And it has its major points, stitches on the back.

Anyway, it will look good on any look.

Yes, I come back on buying this every spring.

I loved it b/c it's a slip-on style.

My favorite detail, strap lace-up! Mules are very comfortablebut it's hard to go on a walk for a long time.

But I guess this will work bettersince I can tie it up.

And I thought neutral beige will look betterwith any clothes than a bright white one.

And it's not flat flat.

It's got this low heel.

So I guess it has more stability to it.

And the last thing for today is this sandle.

They finally have a middle heel of this design.

This 7cm heel is from Zara.

It's all black which gives me a chic look.

They'll go with everything in my closet.

And it's not too high so I guess it'd be okay to walk with.

I liked how it fits.

Maybe the front part will hurt a little bit.

So yeah, that's it for this spring haul.

Hope they'll work out well.

And thanks for staying tuned! And be careful of fine dust!.