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[Music] when you're watching HSN this morning and I'm glad that you are my name is Tamara hooks and this is the second of two hours of our spring fashion edit this is a show that we do every Thursday morning from 7 to 9 times we spill over into the 9 o'clock hour as well with more fashion and so I'm glad that you're shopping with us now last hour some of you were asking about some of the pieces that we had some item numbers if you ever miss anything just go to hsn.

com and then you can scroll through the last few items that were aired and you'll see them right there one of the questions was about my dress it's our today's special it's coming up and it's from Nina Leonard and we're gonna give you a full presentation coming up in this hour the one that I'm wearing is called graphic floral so if you love this pink it's gonna be graphic floral and less than $40 it is their number one I mean this is a best-seller dress their number one bestseller because it's the perfect midi-length covers the tops of your arms you've got solids you've got prints you've got a dress that you're gonna wear all the time like as long as you stay the same size you're gonna wear this dress forever because it's always gonna be perfect for that occasion and you didn't even spend $40 on it which is great some of you we're also asking about my shoes my shoes are from Vince Camuto just so you know okay but if you are ready to jump in and get started spring fashion edit is beauty for your wardrobe how are you love it is beautiful and you know I love the feel I was over there having a little squeeze of all the fabric it's sappy spring happy spring to you and it's Sookie that Kathy says that because texture is everything is everything yes with everything especially when it comes to your beauty Kathy from Prai brings to us the 24-hour retinol relief and this this is a big deal because we know Dermott you know the specialist the skin specialist say that retinol singly is like the number one best anti-aging product it is I mean retinol is truly they call it the gold standard if you're going to fight deep wrinkles but here's the thing what we did girls we went a little wild only Tamara is gonna have a sneak sneak peek of this this was actually for a today's special so we've given you the biggest size of all gold retinol ever results in one week we're the fastest Beauty company in the West girls so fasten your seat belts but you also get a gold oil which is Wow 50 bucks on its own my gosh so here we go girls we're going to show you first why this science is so new it's got real gold encapsulated retinol and hyaluronic acid so those three ingredients come together those three powerhouses now why is this different our retinol is micro encapsulated it is time released so think of those medicines that release through the night then it's going to improve elastin attack the tone the texture and the wrinkles it's very very powerful but this is how if you've been like me where you say oh I can't wear retinol watch how we did this is is very very new it goes into that little capsule and then look attacking lines and wrinkles brightening revitalizing smoothing leaving skin younger the retinol hits the skin and then what it does just eek eek eeeek that very powerful collagen that elastin that fabulous retinol is seeping into the skin so it's not going onto your skin Tamara ongoing BAM Here I am yeah it's literally leaking out through the night so that anyone skin can tolerate it oh that's T was an issue with retinol when we first were introduced to them yes they weren't the most comfortable to wear exactly and you know girls this is why we're all excited this morning cuz we didn't know we'd have this with Tamara but as we go into spring and everybody's feeling obviously we're all flowery today but after you come out of a hard winter you need that spring cleaning for your skin that's right and you need something that if you're not using a retinol you've got the largest retinol that we make it's four bottles in one and I know it's hard to see against my shirt hold on guys I'm gonna yeah how's that look at that you've got the beautiful limited edition and that's to remind you to use your retinol at night okay and then girls if that wasn't enough here's our other hero normally 4495 our beautiful gold oil Wow if any of you pop over and see my house on my hotel room right now this is my favorite product I can't live without it and it's the gorgeous gold oil with real gold and damask and Rose the most expensive ingredient on the planet so I use my oil morning a night under a moisturizer but then girls every night pop on your retinol I just want to show you how it looks before we talk to our lovely models okay so look at that there is the encapsulated retinol you can see it's that lovely gold color so all it is three ingredients you've got pure 24 karat gold you've got the retinol that for the first time ever is both capsulated and time-release really important for people who know they have to use that really key ingredient but say oh I'm a little bit sensitive and hyaluronic acid as all of you know is going to be there to plump and inflate a flattened skin okay you're getting both of these together four of the regular size is what I see right here and then you're getting that gold oil which I'm telling you two drops is all your need for your face so you're gonna have that for a long time and you're getting it for less than $50 this is fantastic look I mean look look at her skin Oh Nancy I know you've been a big family got both nancy and vonda yes Nancy what do you think of that gorgeous right now yeah mm-hmm I am 75 years young and without this I wouldn't look like this I use it every night and my skin cannot take heavy retinol it just I have rosacea a bit over my nose and here right and it just destroys my face but this it is so gentle and look at the results look at that and it's luxurious this is something that you're gonna look forward to yeah you know now that you feel so good well I just put a blob on my skin of the oil and the retinol and again girls use the oil in the morning vonda's now applies to use your gold oil in the morning that alone is 45 bucks okay you're four bottles and when you're getting over a hundred and fifty dollars worth of the retinol but Vonda how do you use yours well I use mine at night but I used oil during the day the night I'm outside all the time and I live in Florida so I have the Florida Sun and I always feel like I'm getting discoloration on my skin so by using the retinol every night it's not burning my skin it is just healing it from the inside out my wrinkles are definitely diminishing people in the Sun makes them bad and then daytime the oil the oil is just fantastic and like you said with any moisturizer it just sets my day up I'm just so you know we have a very very limited amount just a few literally just a few hundred of this duo and then that's it so for today only four that's what at this day only price is it's just for one day we took about twenty dollars off of the price you're still getting both of them full size about four times what it is and you've got free shipping on these and I'm 314 of them left and then that's it oh I put the oil on this hand yes literally I wish I could take a bath and me to Nielsen and this was two drops and my human feels like a rose I know that's exactly the funny enough Tamara that is what is in the gold oil and girls when you think about maybe you have a regimen you're using but if people come and say Cathy I need something for weathered skin leathered skin you know uneven skin tone rough texture really super wrinkled like a map not just the other little fine line but something where you know you need that drastic help what I love about this you feel and see something right away it works in one week Wow so girls you're not gonna be saying let me mark it on the calendar try and remember than a month from now I should have been looking for something girls when you saw the technology in the animation that we took you through this is really new retinol technology because it is encapsulated it is time released never before has anyone been able to actually make a retinol fit and kind of marry in with a pure 24 karat gold so what I love about that is what Tamara said you're not just getting a dose a retinol you're giving your skin that burst then of 24 karat gold that hits the skin and you can even see the sheen right there yeah I mean look at that gold girls so compared to my other hand that's in one application think about that and those befores and afters what that was one week one week we we have fewer than 300 of these remaining and then that's it we had a limited amount and we wanted to be able to bring it to you so I'm glad that as you're up and watching and maybe even maybe just cleansed your skin or you're looking in the mirror and you're thinking there's got to be something else I can do go for when it comes to retinol the skincare professionals they of all of the ingredients you always hear them talking about retinol and they have for years as the most important the most effective in when it comes to anti-aging and you've got it in here at four times the size of the regular size here I always like to you know protect my face from the Sun as well you said protection is your block use your sunblock yes but you also want to get that treatment in the evening so this is night this is during the day yeah it's so simple girls and you know if you're not using a retinol you have to be you have to be to get that repair work so let me share with you pretty much last call okay Thank You Cathy what's hammer thank you I love lovely to see you for sure how daring and I want to share with you also we've got so much in our shows and we've got Jones New York coming up we've got a few items from Jones New York including this tie sleeve button front shirt and this if you just like a very classic elegant clean look you want to be able to get dressed with your eyes closed and know you look amazing you don't want a whole lot of frills you don't want a lot of fuss you just want that classic elegant look you've got it from Jones New York we even have a really great pant for you that's gonna be a perfect accompaniment to go along with that shirt but that's coming up in just a few moments now how about a little yummy and now I'm not talking about breakfast this is the yummy seamless wardrobe and your five key essentials for what you're gonna wear underneath your clothes and I'm not talking about just when you're going for a special occasion you'd have some great dress that you have this is for every day you're going to get two of the tanks that you see Brooke showing you you're gonna get the high waist thigh shaper you'll get the shortie and the brief and these are your essentials so if you're saying I know that I need to wear better undergarments underneath my clothes with all these fabrics that are a little bit thinner and you want them to just glide across your body these are your essentials the tanks the two tanks themselves would be $58 on their own the high waist thigh shaper that every woman needs $36 by itself the shortie and the brief would each be another $18 apiece so it's a value of a hundred and thirty dollars and I love that we've got it for you at over 40% off at $49.

99 that's the clearance price and Leslie Nafisi is joining us to help us out this morning good morning thank you so much yes and as you said this I love bringing this pack to HSN because not only is this our most essential pack with the essential pieces it's going to keep you shaped from your most casual days so just you know running errands with the kids to your most dressy days those spring weddings you have coming up those graduations these are the pieces you're going to go to to keep you shaped and looking beautiful your wardrobes gonna look completely different and and this is how you do it and these are your essentials and I want to show you the colors too so the one that you see right in front of me is your white and almond yes so you get one white tank and then all of the other pieces are gonna be this almond color okay so that's white and almond we have the black and coffee bean okay so one black tank and then everything else is gonna be this coffee bean color oh and you can see them right there we have the white with black so one white tank and everything else black and then the black and frappe one black tank and everything else is that light frappe color and I think that's the most limited I believe okay what we have that is one right here yes so you're getting all five pieces you don't have to think about it for less than $50 unbelievable yes and you're getting five pieces so you're getting two of these two-way tanks and Tamra these can be worn two different ways so there's a scoop neck on one side v-neck on the other so that's why they're called the two-way tank you're also that's your top shaping and now the shaping is happening right from the bus line in this core section right here it's 360° of shapingg so I'm going to turn her around so you can see that this is seamless shaping right here there's no seams going on this shaping panel goes all the way around so if you want to smooth out that muffin top area if you want to smooth out that lower belly area wherever your problem areas are and we all have them the this is the piece that's going to help you do that and the bottoms you're getting are a briefie like she's wearing here there's also the shortie which is great under dresses and skirts and then this one here is our high-waisted thigh shaper that's the one that you're going to use on your fancy or days or if you're wearing a maxi dress and you can see the before and afters here because just a difference in in a regular cotton dress we all have these in our closets and we're wearing them yeah the problem is some of them aren't as flattering as they could be by just adding a little bit of comfortable breathable shapewear underneath you're gonna look completely different you're gonna feel a completely different you will cuz I've worked in television now for thirteen years and what I've learned and one of the first things I've learned years ago was your undergarments are vital wearing the right undergarments under your clothes makes everything look better and it makes you feel better as well so when you see pieces like this it used to be that shapewear was that thing that nobody talked about and oh yeah I didn't want anybody to know if we were wearing it but I loved that Yummie makes it beautiful makes it wearable and you don't feel like it's a chore to put it on absolutely Yummie was founded with a 10 we started with a tank and the reason we did is because shapewear that was out there was either very uncomfortable or it didn't stay in roll down it would bunch up so we said let's put this in a tank now all the pieces you're seeing here are just an evolution of that tank we've got that shaping panel on both the tank and and on all of the bottoms they have a shaping panel as well and what that means is there's just extra spandex in that panel so these fit as a medium shaping so when at Yummie our scale is a 1 to 5 one is just very very light smoothing 5 is extra firm ok these fall right in the middle so if you're worried about these being too much compression all I'm going to tell you is just check that size chart that we've got on hsn.

comm and you're going to find your right size yeah and you're gonna be shaping and looking beautiful and these are what I like is that these are a double size so small medium yeah we've got medium/large large extra large 1x 2x and 2x 3x so you can find where in that range you are so it's like well sometimes I'm a medium sometimes I'm a large then go for the medium/large it's gonna be great but if sometimes you're a large sometimes extra-large you've got that range as well so find where you're gonna be most comfortable because that's the idea if you're not comfortable then you're not where you're not gonna wear them or you're you're not gonna you know kind of present yourself in the best way one of the things I love about the shortie and the high waist thigh shaper is especially when the weather starts to get warm if you're a woman and your thighs rub together and when it's hot and you're sweaty you understand that is the most uncomfortable feel it is it's all you can think about and that's why yeah you're like oh my goodness and so I've been there and what we've done is we've keepin the legs of the the shortie and the thigh shaper they're nice and smooth they're breathable fabric there's no elastic to dig into you you've got that extra layer between whatever it is that you're wearing and the rest of the world that you feel covered and comfortable the gusset in the bottoms of all of these are breathable cotton so that's just these are going to really replace your other undergarments that's the idea they're comfortable enough to replace them and you're getting that extra fit of that shapingg going on all the way around that's right if you're gonna eat again you're gonna look forward to wearing them it's not you're not gonna even think about it and when you see these befores and afters these are that's the fabrics the fabric stuffs today or a lot thinner than they used to be they cling in areas that we just don't want and it's not your body it's the fabric so you want underneath to wear the right thing and that's what we've got so remember you're gonna get two tanks that are reversible yes they're so a v-neck on one side and a scoop neck on the other and you would just snip out the tag that's all you do you're gonna get the long the high waist thigh shaper you'll get the shorty and you get the brief this is the shorty and this is the brief and you know what I even know that sometimes like if you have like a teenager or younger girl who wears really short dresses and skirts yes the shorties are a life thing absolutely or if you you know if you don't want panty lines you've got that shorty and you don't you don't want to wear a thong which many of us don't because they're uncomfortable we've got that shorty in there for you so you can put that underneath you're not gonna get those those lines that you were talking about and going back to the tank really quickly because this is really a very very versatile piece you can wear this underneath your clothes or you can actually wear it by itself that's right that shaping panel virtually disappears when you put it on so nobody's gonna know that you're shaping yeah they're just gonna see a beautiful tank that's right but and you get all five pieces these are your essentials these are all 5 for $49.

99 which breaks out to about $10 apiece which is a big deal when you consider the two tanks alone would be $58 and I'm telling you well worth every penny the high waist thigh shaper $36 by itself today it breaks out to about $10 the brief and the shorty $18 apiece today they're about $10 so that's why this this five piece essential has been popular and I like that it was all put together because it takes the confusion out of where do I start what do I mean absolutely do I need a top do I need a bra do I need a bottom weave it all in here for you all you need to do is put them on however you see you feel comfortable and you should look amazing so white and almond black and coffee bean black and white or the black and and from hey those are your choices Leslie thank you thank you so much we've got so much for you and we talk about our HSN card all the time and if you don't have one yet it's easy to apply and when you're approved you can take $10 off of the very first purchase that you make when you use that card which would make that five piece essential set from Yummie $39 I mean craziness you can call us or you can go to hsn.

com and pick yours up and I should say and apply for that all right we move forward and we are joined by an amazing style expert fashion consultant author he's been in the industry for more than 25 years George George Brescia is joining us and we're glad that you're here thanks Tamara how are you I am great and I know that you've been on with others and I'm glad to work with you right I love it I'm excited to be with you yes for sure all right Jones New York Jones New York he's brought along oh my gosh this feels like a dream it's wonderful this is your top it's a nicely button front shirt that's right I will show you all the colors and then we'll talk details okay so I'm holding on to celestial bliss you are it's kind of like a field yeah it's so beautiful and notice the silver hardware yes yeah very clean we have it for you in ivory ivory with the gold hardware yes you're holding it in the pink and the champagne I sure AM we've got the lavender right and the gold hardware in the lavender as well yes extra small to 3x on this yes let's talk about why this is sort of that quintessential shirt all right first of all Jones New York polished and powerful is the mantra and it's classic but it's modern and relevant at the same time as a stylist I love finding clothes like this for my clients because it makes women look so stylish and it's so easy to do so if this is a easy care fabric it's so terrific it's actually wrinkle free and machine washable and you know it's just classic like I said in modern at the same time with the tie sleeve I love things that women can put on their body and they look stylish like that yeah you know they don't have to do anything yeah so they just wear this and they don't have to think about it they know they're stylish they know they're classic but they know they're modern so it's like you go into your closet your closet is your toolbox ladies and you want to have clothes like this in your closet that you can just put on and feel terrific it travels so butyl e beautifully like I said machine washable and wrinkle free yes so you just can't beat it and look at the flow and the weight of it it's so soft and beautiful on your skin it's great with jeans it's great with the pants that we're gonna show you the grace ankle pant but you could absolutely if you wanted to you can actually untie the sleeve and then you could put a blazer over it you know because it's springtime it's still a little chilly at night so you might want a sweater or a blazer so it's really great to do that with it's gonna be great in the summer with shorts you know oh rip and repair Jean you could do just a like a light Jean or you could do a white Jean with it and then of course these great pants we're gonna show you and you'll see these on as a matter of fact you're gonna see yaz wearing this one in very much a tonal look yeah she has it on with that champagne pink isn't that true and then you're also seeing there oh that's the white oh oh man I hadn't thought about it yes it's almost like a little jacket yeah I actually I'm gonna walk over to the model okay for sure because I have to say I am a big fan of monochromatic right right it looks rich and it's elegant and beautiful but look at this soft pink with the mauve pant the has pant has a little stretch in it it fits are so great but it's elongating when it's in sort of one color and then if we go over here we're not monochromatic but we're sort of all in the same tones because we have the tie-dye topped by Jones which is really great and then again the stretch grace pant but here's our shirt as a jacket yeah but it's all it's sort of in the neutral tones and then the gold hardware is really pretty if she wanted to she could match it with some gold jewelry gold hoop maybe some gold bracelets and even a little gold sandal and take it out to dinner at night this is the same top the same top that you're gonna wear tucked in the same top like you said that you're going to wear with jeans so just the flow of it just gives that femininity and you know what it's so important to have versatility right you want versatility in your clothes you want them to be stylish too at the same time you want your closet to be your tool box when you have a closet that you have Jones New York and it's so great for you because you open your class that you're like yes I've the tools for the day I've got this beautiful shirt I can wear it with this great pant and you have it in a couple different colors and it's all about sun-bleached yeah you know that's a big trend that we're seeing for spring so you notice that these fabrics are all sort of Sun bleached it's kind of like you wash them and you left them in the Sun yeah and but these are gonna be the ones that you keep and you wear forever because Jones New York is a brand we know and we trust like it's absolutely a full beautiful powerful beautiful polished and power polished and powerful and you can keep shopping for that shirt yes because you're gonna want it to go along with these pants yes this is gonna be also Jones New York this is your grace cotton ankle pain that's correct this one is the mauve that's right we also have it for you and B this is a dark dark mist yeah okay then I have the dusty blue and then this is the soft G calling it soft Jade which normally I wouldn't think Jade is green but this is actually a grey well it's got a green tone to it so it really is that's why they call it the soft Jade because when you think of a jade stone that's been polished right that's why this has got that soft green undertone to it so we call it soft Jade it's so beautiful it's actually really pretty if you wanted to do it with the pink like that okay nice and you could do like a little white cami underneath Erin it's just a great pant now the cool thing about this pant is a 28 inseam 28 inch so it hits you at the ankle which is great because I think it's really great for flats or even if you wanted to do like a little heel so it's nice that's a nice length I also has a little bit of a stretch to it because it's got 2% spandex yes the rest is cotton so that's always nice because it shapes the body really beautifully absolutely it's just a great fitting pant the fabric is so soft to the touch a beautiful hand they wash this they do all this treatment too and so it's really beautiful and it really is like Sun bleached well it feels like it's already your favorite pant exactly one that you've had forever a good point you put them on a space that's right and you will always keep them and look just a really easy it's easy dressing easy dressing classic easy modern all at the same time for sure it all mixes and matches which is so great so you really can get them in a couple different colors cuz if you wanted to it's like you could do the dark bisque okay that's your neutral kind of goes with everything okay then maybe you add a color maybe it's the the dusty blue or maybe it's the mauve or maybe it's this wonderful soft jade which i think is just really really pretty this is also great if you want to grab that white shirt behind you we love the soft Jade with white oh that's what she's looking down yeah isn't that great okay 5950 is the event price you've got customer pick status on this one George thank you and we've got so much more fashion coming up definitely stay with us [Music] [Music] shop like a VIP with the HSN credit card apply now and instantly get $10 off when you're approved as an HSN card member you'll get all kinds of perks like extra flex on jewelry beauty and fashion purchases all day every day plus VIP financing VIP easy returns exclusive offers and there's no annual fee apply now call one 800 695 one four one eight or search HSN card at hsn.

com [Music] well you know what that music means it's time for our today's special and this one is so special when you think about spring fashion you think dress is right you are looking at a dress that is the quintessential dress it is gonna be your dress literally from January to December in my opinion it is that dress that you can wear to any occasion any time no matter what it's always gonna be flattering and a beautiful look and you've got it for $39.

99 now it's the dress that I've been wearing and a lot of you have been writing and asking about what what stammer wearing it's the today's special we've got it for you there are solids there are prints the idea is get as many of which ever ones are good or strike your fancy and get it today because either $39.

99 and these are from Nina Leonard and just so you know everything today here at HSN from Nina Leonard on air and also on hsn.

com it's free shipping so do not let this day go by without picking up your perfect dress or anything from Nina Leonard and we're gonna give you all the details and when I would say we we are joined by a true professional her name is Kate abend l and kate is joining us and literally she goes all over the world talking fashion with Nina Leonard and we are so glad that you're here well I'm so happy to be here and what I'm really happy about is that our gals out there are loving our iconic Sylvia dress but it's our number one selling longer dress silhouette giving us that great midi look that is so popular today but you know what the classic yes it's been going on for a long time this dress absolutely as I said it's our number one longer length dress in our number one fabric which is our miracle met jersey and we're gonna show you all the details but I want to show you your choices first I'll start with the prints so this one is called floral dot and this is based in in blue exactly that is a dark navy that's a Nina Leonard Navy so anytime girls that you hear a color name it's always the same consistent throughout Nina Leonard is the most popular we also have spring graffiti this is really pretty very like a Monet kind of look we also have the mask black lace the Damus lace and the one that I'm wearing is your graphic floral so if you like more that blush pink and then the black and white and gray go for that graphic floral so for grape print those are your prints then we've got your solids so this one is your Pacific very pretty like a teal kind of color this is the one that Kate's wearing fringe lilac I almost wear that one too it's Dowell pretty exactly we have cherry red and then we have your solid black classic black and oh that's that's that's the fourth one I was looking at that blue back there so you've got your solids you have your prints extra small to 3x order your regular size and it's gonna be perfect it comes with two belts every single one has a gorgeous self sash which is approximately six feet long and you're also getting the wonderful novelty belt which is a ring belt and it's either done in the solid black or done in a faux coconut sort of finish you can also wear that belt if you choose to as a necklace as an accessory so you're getting both you're definitely getting both now this is miracle mat Jersey Girls so it's our number one proprietary fabric it is amazing because it glides across the body it has a beautiful weight to it it doesn't cling to our lumps and bumps it absolutely glides over them and gives us this beautiful smooth look there's so many great features to this dress we can start by saying of course the four great prints the four great solids and princess seams now princess seams are gorgeous seams that are running from the shoulder all the way down to this approximately 48 inch length dress so it's a full 48 inches from high point shoulder longer length it gives you that beautiful long slim silhouette princess seams are part of it but what else is part of it is a beautiful go day and the go days are on either side and that's an insert two extra panels of fabric that forms a little triangle below the low hip so it gives it that gorgeous float that beautiful sweep yes so it dances yes so that's basically that's that movement so every time you take a step the dress is gonna be moved is gonna move with you and it just is forgiving and as you can see we're gonna kind of break down the details like you were saying exactly so those are our great princess themes that come all the way from the high point shoulder down to that gorgeous hemline and note on the side again those are those wonderful triangles panels of fabric that add to that sweep that add to that fullness you know the girls walk out and they say wow I really feel like a lady in this dress it's kind of one of those dresses it makes me want to dance yes you want to stand up straight it makes you want to feel pretty look great and then it has all those elements of easy care and easy wear because you can put it in the washing machine which is what I mean I'm telling you it's everything it is it is you can see why it's the number one bestseller you really can I want you to see and I you can really see it here in the solids this is what you were talking about this is the movement this is the goad exactly so princess seams yes from the high point shoulder as we talked about so that's beautiful it gives you long lean lines too in the front creating a panel and two in the back creating a panel so slim front slim back and then at the sides that great inset triangle there of the extra fabric and then if we just pull it out hmmm we can see the sweep look so we love our miracle in that Jersey cause it glides and when we added all this sweep well it just loads of dances amazing it's a great dress I love that you gave us a really nice coverage along the top of our aggressive leave yes what we call our elbow link sleeve so it's still a short sleeve girls but it's covering all the things that we like to cover and just so you know if maybe you wanted a little bit more coverage depending on where you are there are little arrows that you can also pick up that are also Nina Leonard and free shipping today remember take advantage of that that would go along with it any and all of the dresses exactly even all of these work with the contrast colors now at Nina Leonard we buy our fine art from fine artists around the world and then we take it back to our studios in New York and recolor it to our colors of the season so therefore you're going to notice that different things match different things there's our print studio in New York and you can see our beautiful one of our beautiful print artists they're showing us some of their fine beautiful fine art we recolor it into our range everything will mix and match so you're gonna notice as in our beautiful there dot floral that has the cherry red in it it has the Navy in it and you can get gorgeous boleros to match each and every one well now you can see why that's the most popular that's great beautiful it's great isn't it it's a fun way to wear a floral too it really is and each of the prints is extremely unique so this is the silhouette for you we don't just give you one print in a multitude of colors each one totally stands on its own and represents something different now that's the damn esc' yeah in the in the black in the black white combination super fun you can pair that with all kinds of bright accessories I just go with a sophisticated black and white right you know which is really really wonderful or a total neutral you know maybe a rattan or something like that which is super that's our cherry red it's a beautiful rib because it looks great on a lot of skin tones it's not too orange and it's not too blue it kind of sits right in the middle right right and to me it's like a softer red yes soft softer wear too rare red making it beautiful for this spring that is our spring graffiti which is also a soft floral very Monet yes it's very museum I very Monet asked them in a beautiful beautiful colors that's our Pacific blue because it reminded us of beautiful spots of the Pacific Ocean for sure exactly a note how the bolero is matching exactly to the Pacific blue but it also was contrasted in blush with that great spring graffiti pattern which you could pick almost any color of the bolero except for the cherry red almost all of those colors are in that beautiful graffiti pattern okay there okay I know what you're saying I know you're thinking gosh I don't know which one shows they're all really good just know that they it's even better when you put it on because there's something about putting on a dress that you know is gonna look good from every angle it's gonna give you that comfort because you do have just that really great movement in the dress it's not gonna be tight it's not gonna be you low-cut there's not a single zipper there's not a single hook that somebody else is gonna happen to help you get dressed you are looking beautiful in 2.

2 seconds when you put this on and whether it's with I'm just wearing a sandal with heels with you know a bootie with a boot in the fall you can wear this with anything as a matter of fact I want you to see some ways that we put together that you can wear it and then go ahead and pick up your today's special [Music] [Music] so I love that you were seeing different ways that you're gonna wear your brand new dress and if you're look at that I mean that's that sweet you know a pencil skirt doesn't do this oh no you know there are so many different types of silhouettes that are problematic for different body shapes and sizes this is universal it just works and a lot of you are calling and you're on the phone and you're calling and for this floral dot I don't blame you because it's fabulous just remember you're getting two belts you get the sash tie that matches it and then you're also gonna get an additional belt but if you wanted to change up the look or wear it with other things well where does a necklace completely up to you you're still getting both of them this is the number one seller so far today and the spring Graffiti number two I think yes and you know they're really unique a lot of our girls called him at the launch last night and most were buying two they were picking either two prints or printing a solid you know and saying why they were doing it but you can see from the video this is not Peggy to age or size that's absolutely for sure and it's all in the way you accessorize it as to where it can take you for sure I love it in the dressy venue it's perfect for a wedding I think or a ceremony or you know we have some religious holidays coming up you know it's also great for church because we're covering our arms it's not too low to all of those things but it's fantastic if you just want to go shopping with cute little sneakers or some espadrilles so wear a high heel a low heel a boot a sparkly sandal if we maybe want to take the black yeah cocktail party ready Yeah right even when we get into the fall change the belt put on a big leather belt great boots well you have a totally different look I mean now you see why it's I mean literally it's it's the the best silhouette and internationally this is an international brand Nina Leonard this is one that we're so proud to be able to bring to you here at HSN and when you can get a dress that literally is your everything dress if you're going traveling and you your you know your swimsuit your shorts your Jean and you need one great dress this is the one you take absolutely because it's just so versatile I want to tell the girls where the name Sylvia came from because I think it's really important so we were in the UK and of course as we said this is one of our number one selling longer length dress and a beautiful lady called and said you know I have to tell you that this dress gives me a figure I didn't know I had which was just outrageous so her name was Sylvia and hence the iconic Sylvia dress that has been sold and loved over and over again around the world it is a very popular favorite and another lady called us and actually said you know I always have to take my Sylvia dancing if not it dances by the you kind of March the woman who said that and after her well I'm hoping that a lady's gonna call me here from here from HSN and eventually we will name a dress after one of our beautiful customers here I have my friend I still have my grandmother which I'm so happy about she's in her 90s her name is Sylvia Oh fabulous my niece is middle name is Sylvia it's hold a special place in my heart again it's the one that you're gonna want to wear it's the one that when you put it on you're gonna get compliments not just because it's beautiful but because of the way you move in it no yeah you know you feel and look good exactly feel that you're slim and everybody's telling you look so great and all of a sudden you get a little taller you get a little bit more of a spring in your walk and wow you feel great and you start taking a couple more fashion risks you may like kind of break out oh I'm gonna wear that big bold piece of jewelry because I know my Sylvia is gonna make me look great so I can now take that risk definitely you know let's show you all of the colors and we'll start with the solids this time so you're holding Kate's holding on to the Pacific which I think this is the most unexpected color and if you get it and wear it everyone's gonna know you for this color so that's the Pacific this is that French lilac which I'm crazy about yep super fundable that's that cherry cherry red which I think is the perfect perfect spring red and then that's solid black classic black okay super classic remember girls everything is coming with the self belt as well as the little round ring belt for sure this one is the floral dot that everybody's calling in for and it's based it's a navy a deep navy background it's not black it's navy just so you know and that's our Nina Leonard Navy so anything in navy will be that rich dark navy and that's our cherry red color girls that's our blush color so you're gonna see within the prints many many Nina Leonard colors for all your accessories this one is your spring graffiti a lot of you calling it for this one as well if you love kind of like that we call it sort of like that Monet look exactly the the damask lace and so this is gonna be your black and white if you love this is your look then go for that just super fun to mix with the bright color you know you could wear bright red shoes bright yellow shoes you know have some fun with it I'd go with classic black and white and then the graphic floral which is the one that I'm wearing and this is the one with that beautiful blush pink along that background with the black the white the gray on that I love that Jamie popped on the bolero and she just kept it really classic in the black which is terrific of course you could pop on a color bolero I do love pulling out the black black and white super super crisp note that the bolero has a beautiful three-quarter sleeve this gorgeous a Sylvia dress has what we call our longer short elbow sleeve so it will cover the sleeve of the today's special value it does cover the waist and it sits just below the high hip okay so it does give us coverage it has a great point L to it and again we have seven gorgeous colors that we can six gorgeous colors that we can coordinate for sure and so I suggest if you're getting the dress as our today's special go ahead and get the bolero too just so that you can have some options on that but remember this dress number one bestseller from Nina Leonard I mean national brand international brand this is their number one worldwide best seller in this midi-length and it's $39 usually when you see a best seller it's expensive absolutely is within reach for everybody first you want to use flex pay you can use any credit card any major credit card and get it home for $20 and guess what free shipping today everything from Nina Leonard today on air and on hsn.

com is free shipping that is for today so if you want the matching car you know the bolero if you want a blazer if you want pants check out everything and we're gonna have a full hour Meena Leonard coming up starting in 13 minutes so you've got some really great ways to shop I'm showing you the additional belt that comes along with your today's special dress so you're not paying for this separately this is all coming together so you can change that belt and wear it as is as you can see for sure or you could wear it with other things you can wear it as a little necklace like some of our gals have done you could definitely wear it with other things it's a cute cute belt all by itself C it gives you a different look so if you have one dress a couple of different looks but I think this dress has so many different looks because again it's all in how you accessorize it so here we've given you two I love as well as the ring belt I like that fun which is really nice and exactly it gives us an option did we mention that this is machine washable okay so you throw this in the washing machine you can lay flat or hang to dry I would lay it flat first because there's so much sweep to it that we don't want it to stretch at the shoulders if it's a heavily wet okay exactly so we'll lay a flat to dry and there's basically no need to iron because the miracle mat Jersey doesn't wrinkle on or off the body so you can even you can roll this up really really small you can crush it crush it crush it it's amazing it's a wonderful beautiful fabric because it's gliding across the lumps and bumps not showing them and then look like how easy it is no wrinkles that's it so we talk about the miracle mat Jersey you were just saying that the fact that we we've warned your Jersey that was really thin showed every exactly that's not what this is no not at all this is a beautiful thick heavyweight beautiful quality of matte Jersey it doesn't have that funny little shine to it that kind of can make things look I hate to use the word because this is definitely not that this has a rich expensive look to it it's very very very silky and against its it's a best friend because it's easy care easy wear yeah it's as simple as it gets it stretches perfectly so we can put on a couple pounds but it returns so you don't have to worry every time you put on a couple pounds lose a couple of pounds you don't have to get a new wardrobe with Nina Leonard it works with you it just works and you know it's always gonna look good you're always gonna feel good in it and ultimately if you're doing some spring cleaning spring cleaning is refers to more than just around the house right where you put in their wardrobe and sprinkling in the way you think about getting dressed I have been editing my closet and I only have things in my closet now that I'm that I love to wear and make me look good oh of course and if you don't have that if you have a whole section of your closet that you never wear for whatever reason get rid of them give it to somebody else yes you don't have to throw it in the garbage but give it to somebody else who maybe don't look good on them and usually it's time for you to move on that's right and you should have clothes that make you look good feel good that really just work with your lifestyle that you could you know a lot of our gals travel a lot you know we we have such busy lifestyles so you want to have things in your wardrobe they're going to take you a lot of places for sure and that's what you have here and as you were seeing there on the girls this we're all different heights were all different size so important yeah cuz I'm five five and I'm five feet nine and I'm wearing heels so we do have a difference this is 48 inches girls from high point shoulder so I had a couple of ladies call last night you said I'm 5-1 I'm 5-2 is it going to be too long on me absolutely not because the average maxi is 53 inches for a shorter gal that's about five one five two so you've still got five inches shorter so it's not gonna be the same length as it is on me you know that's kind of mid-cap it'll be a long little longer but it's still gonna be well above the ankle and give you that beautiful sweep which is fantastic just so you I'm glad that you mentioned that because I know that there are a lot of petits and ladies who are watching and you don't want to be left out of the style of course not of course not now over 7, 000 of these have been ordered oh I'm so glad you're getting billed you know it's not every day that you find a dress especially it's kind of all season but especially right now when it's not see-through it's not revealing at the at the bust it's not spaghetti strapp it's not something I have to wear some strange undergarments with literally one that I've got two minutes to look good I can put this on by myself without anybody having to zip me up or button me in I can have my choice of belt I'm wearing the sash tie that comes with and also you're also gonna get the second belt that also comes with it so you can change up the look if you want or you can even wear this as a necklace if you want to I can put on any shoe grab any handbag and go to any occasion exactly you can wear this to the office maybe with a jacket if you want a very very professional of me maybe you're going out that evening well you change the shoe take off the jacket whole totally different look here with the beautiful matching cardigans are little boleros I have on the French rose Tamara's putting on the blush here's our cherry our dark navy we have so many colors we also have a black the ivory the Pacific so there's one to match every single solid color and I just want you to notice just how many colors go with each print I mean this beautiful of dot floral here well it goes with the Navy it goes with the ivory as we're showing it goes perfectly if you want to pop that cherry red that really really looks great and then of course you could also wear the blush that you have on because the flower is blush I want to move basically graffiti you could do my favorite artists exactly so this is fabulous here we can pop the Navy we can pop the ivory could I do that specific exactly because that color is within the print so really really so many things and of course we said every single color of these will go with our with our great dansk matter with the exception of the Navy because that is black grounded that's right yeah pop it with a nice color or use your ivory or your black and then of course you're showing us on your great blush yes graphic floral well blush too blush yes our blush is always the same there's your gorgeous ivory and then of course you could definitely wear that with the black and and it comes with the black belt with the little rings so you can work with your black accessories if you want the one that you're wearing for sure so really easy and of course you can wear this with a lot of other things to think about a t-shirt and jeans think about some suit little cropped pants with it so many things and these are our colors so you're gonna see these many many many times throughout the spring season for sure but this is only gonna be a today's special just for today exactly and that's why I'm glad that you're watching with us this morning because we are officially into spring and I think in some places it might still be a little chilly but these are the these are the pieces that like I said spring is not bikini weather exactly you never know you're gonna be that day you know I have to say even though it's been kind of chilly in New York we've had a few good days I'm from New York City still people are starting to wear color I'm seeing more dresses out there people are shedding their winter coats and they might be a little bit cold but it's like I'm pushing spring it's here I want my color I want to get out there you know I'm seeing more and more dresses so it's time it's definitely time and this is the dress and like we said from January to December because right now you're gonna put it on with that bolero and then in the summer you might not wear the bolero you know during the day maybe in the evening depending on where you are and then in the fall you pop on your boots and your tights and you put on something a little bit thicker on top but it's the same dress that we should also say is see through so you don't have to worry about what it flips or what do I wear underneath it you've got really great body to this fabric and that's what makes it different than just a jersey dress that maybe you've had in the past well a lot of people have had bad experiences with Jersey dresses because they're too thin and they look like lingerie and you can see everything underneath them this is not that Jersey it's much much heavier weight this glides across our lumps and bumps it actually masked things that we don't want to see it is completely completely opaque and as you can see it great for taking color great to print on because the prints are very vibrant they still look like beautiful original works of art and you can wash it in Washington wash it it's gonna hold its color hold its shape so this is a wonderful wonderful quality of our miracle matte Jersey okay I just want you to know because a lot of you are calling in if you can use Express ordering please do that or you can shop on hsn.

com I have the HSN app on my phone I can just literally the today's special is right there on the home page you just click you decide which prints you want which colors you want extra small to 3x and get as many as you want while you've got the today's special price of $39.

99 while you can use flex pay and while you've got free shipping all of this this is single I love dresses because singly in one fell swoop you're done and you don't have to think twice about it and particularly with the way that this is designed for our bodies you know it's gonna work for you whether you're shorter or taller from 5-9 511 5 feet 5 small to 3x included because you've got this seaming because if this were just a straight one female it nearly as flattering no exactly but the way that this is princess seamed and the beautiful go days on the side which is are positioned strategically below the high hip that's exactly where you get the Flair of the dress so it's very very beautifully proportioned and again it's figure-flattering to 90% of the figure types out there that's for sure and you say below the high hip because if it were was at the high hip well then it would flare out and make our hips look bigger okay exactly here this gives us the perfect figure and then it flares out to make that dancing dress to make all that okay I know we have to move our clock is gone and you can see we're approaching 7600 of these ordered remember solids prints get as many as you want while we have your color and your size okay we are gonna move on because I wanted to share this with you the bolero and the bolero is as we were showing you perfect match backs perfect accompaniments to go along with your today's special dress so we have it for you in Pacific this is black this is your ivory we've got it for you in that blush pink exact we also have that lilac we've got the Navy the cherry red and those are your choices on that exactly so there are seven colors every single solid color of today's special has its own exact match bolero and then of course all the prints pick up one two or multiple of the beautiful colorways mm-hmm so I want you to notice again this is positioned just below the waist so this hits at what I would call the high hip so it gives you that coverage there if you have maybe perhaps a shape that's going a little muffin top ish so it gives you that great coverage that great confidence we have a three-quarter sleeve so it's perfectly covering the elbow sleeve on today's special however you can even wear this easily with our camisole you can wear it with your jeans with so many different things it's got a beautiful point tail stitch and I love the way that it runs down the back so again we're keeping with that I vertical that beautiful vertical down the back gives you that longer slimmer leaner look and then we've carried that point L throughout covering around the hemline as well as around the neckline and then around the 3/4 sleeve so it's feminine it's soft and you can machine wash this lay flat to dry it's a perfect accompaniment to today's special it really is I hope that you will go ahead and at least pick up one of the boleros to go along with any of the dresses that you've that you're getting today because you're gonna be glad that you had it because there are gonna be those times where you are gonna want it for warmth or for coverage or to mix and match with other things so go for it event priced too.