(SUB)Early Spring Fashion Haul🦋🌷(ft.해외직구,SPA)

The first one is an animal print blouse with a square neck line, which makes your face look slim and wrinkled.

And there is shirring on the shoulders, so it has a lot of details and points.

It's the top of the drop line.

It's slightly glossy, so it looks luxurious.

Personally, I thought it'd go well with my new dyed hair.

I picked a brown color:) It's a cardigan from ASOS.

First of all, the material is very sticky.

Puff style sleeves and crop length are so pretty.

The color is creamy, but if you look at it in person, it's slightly pinkish.

It's a pale pink color.

And as you can see, pants and skirts go really well with any pants.

Next is another cardigan I bought from ASOS.

I've been seeing a lot of tight-fitting cardigans lately.

So I've bought it, too! It's black, so it's a bit dusty, but the material is very sticky and elastic.

I think it looks very natural and luxurious in any bottom.

I found this while looking for sporty clothes.

It's a body suit, so it's a little uncomfortable to wear.

But, it help your body shape look better.

I personally think it's better to coordinate with the crop jacket like this way:) It's Nike crop jacket.

I think it's comfortable to wear when you're out of town or somewhere.

It's oversized, so I bought it at the XS, and fortunately, it fit me comfortably.

And the material was really good.

Most of all, I love the color combination.

A little bit of black and grey might be a little boring.

There's an orange line in the middle, so I think it's a bit of a point that's not boring.

Next is a cropped cardigan.

I bought it because the material is so cute and the design is so cute.

And when I actually got it, I thought it was a really good cardigan, almost exactly the same as the screen.

Next is champion sweatshirt and I bought this because the color is so pretty.

And most of all, I loved the tape on the neckline and the sleeve.

And it's made of slightly fleece material, so I wear it often now.

It's a green cardigan that's great to wear.

The length is just right and the elasticity is pretty good.

But for those who have a bit of bust, I think it would be better for you to close only two buttons like me.

And there's a point at the end of the wave.

Next, I will show you the high-waist jeans I bought from ASOS.

The color is refreshing blue.

I think it will be good enough from early spring to summer.

And most of all, it's stretchy and it fits me perfectly, so I'm wearing it very well.

Next time, I'll show you the high-waist jeans again, and in this case, these pants are really the ones I've been looking for.

I really like it because it's light blue color.

Above all, the size and the length are all perfect for me.

So I wear it too often these days.

So I really want to recommend it to you.

Next is the baggy leather pants that I bought from Mango, which I'm afraid is a bit of a miss in size.

The design and then the material were pretty much the same as I thought.

It's a silk mid-sized skirt I bought from ASOS.

It's a little bit too big for the size and the length.

I think it would be good to focus on cardigan and overall look that I bought together.

Let me introduce you to the skirt.

First of all, the print is very cute.

The length is slightly long, but it's open, so I think it's less stuffy.

And the waist is a bit bigger, as you can see, this item can match with a variety of clothes.

The outerwear I'm going to show you first is a leather jacket.

First of all, the color is so pretty that it's a bit thicker than the screen, and it's a color mixed with mint and yellow.

The material is soft, but since it's a light color, I think I should pay attention to the pollution.

Personally, I would like to recommend it as a spring outer.

The next outer is basic and cropped style.

It's a black color, so it looks chic and looks really pretty when styling with a light blue jeans.

Finally nike shoes! I bought it because of the color.

I was a little worried about the heels, but on the other hand, feeling when wearing shoes was really good.

And I think it's the point of achromatic look.

They're basic sneakers.

They're perfect for a daily look.

I usually wear size235 so I bought the same size as I did, and it fit me very comfortably.

I bought this while looking for white Chelsea boots, and I really want to recommend it! It's cowhide, but it's very soft, and then there's a built-in heel that makes you look a little taller.

They're suede heel sandals.

They're 9cm tall, so it's a little hard to wear.

I think it'll go well with a dressy look.