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boring with how good morning Wendy yay good morning and happy spring it's so fun hey guys good to see you guys hey so fun today is triple threat color tag sale day so everything pink and purple is 50% off so I'm gonna show you some spring trends and you aren't gonna believe it so Arcadia is one of the spring Pantone's this is little cute top $0.

99 yellow tail on 50% off okay and your spring your page wait a second okay yeah I got to show you these and then okay so we've got purple here this is spring crocus so cute pink tag $5.

99 so this is three dollars super cute we got to go with it and little boy blue is another spring color how cute is this little summer dress right this happens to be a blue a blue tag so it's not on sale today but $5.

99 silver do you right so I know right and I love this one this is called wet blooming Dahlia okay I love the super cute color dollar ninety-nine 50% off so and bring some tones super fun okay but I wanted to go over some of them hang on I wanted to go over some of the spring trends with you guys that are coming up okay so first and foremost we have floral you cannot get enough in your wardrobe right yes and that means floral on your feet ladies accessories and like this whole outfit because of the 50% off sale 11:48 for the whole outfit Oh get out of here that's right that's right so another trend okay they're calling it pastel parade or something like that but bring out the pastels okay and that's not just limited to the guys it's I mean to the girls it's guys too so again this will help it for 50 for the guy $8.

99 for the girl pastels on your toes pastel jewelry pastel feet everything pastel this spring and you can carry that into summer too so super fun and speaking of summer okay my favorite bold colors yes super fun for spring and summer and you know the bolder the better and mix and match that dress I'm isn't that so cute oh my gosh and it's it's 50% off today cuz it's one of the color tag sales so 650 you can walk out the door and that so that's super fun yeah I know it's so fun okay and Coachella is this weekend oh that's right we don't bring on the fringe it's yeah that's right weekend number two and bring on the fringe ladies because fringe whether you're going to a music festival or just hanging out fringe is popular this spring so you can get all the friends you want here we've got tons of it for your feet for your purses definitely a hot trend look at these I don't know if I could walk in these but so good that top that yeah that pretty up $2 it's 50% colored that is $2 that's one opinion conference okay and then I'm wearing one of the hot trends polka dots oh and it is black and white but don't think just black and white we've got it in teal and pink and orange and also one of the trends this this spring is a bum bag we cannot keep bum bags in the store as soon as any one they sell and I know [Laughter] this will not last because not only is it a fanny pack bum bag but it's polkadot so that is only a dollar nine so it's very then again put put the polka dots on your feet ladies everything's about the feet and the accessories too so $7.

99 for this cute dress 350 for the shorts and top it's like amazing triple tag threat today and then checks checks and plaid okay so this is kind of cute this is like not your normal checks but this is the kind of thing that's showing up in all of the spring fashions is kind of a hybrid check plaid so we see a lot of that oh and look at these these are so fun so many great okay how you can only do your entire wardrobe that's right out spending a time training you and you guys and we're gonna see her again because it.

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thousand dollars every day to charities nominated by our customers you today's charity was chosen by Paula Chandler she nominated the Shepherd Center Foundation whose mission is to help people who have been disabled by a catastrophic injury or disease Paula is a member of the Shepherd Center foundation she says my son was introduced to the Brain Injury Center in 2011 what a wonderful powerful and life-changing opportunity it is just to be accepted into their facility thanks to Paula the Shepherd Center foundation will be receiving today's $1000 from HSN cares visit the HSN cares page on hsn.

com to learn more about all of the charities that have been selected this month and that's something that we are always so proud to do and so honored to do during April which is Customer Appreciation Month and we're glad that you are a part of that now if you are ready for some really great spring fashion then it is our spring fashion edit and we're starting right now [Music] all right don't they look so good this is gonna be a fun two hours I hope that you can stay with us as long as possible because we've got a look at our today's special what I'm wearing from Vince Camuto we've got Marla Wynne coming up we've got so much in these two hours we've got some really great footwear as well and we are simulcasting live on HSN Facebook page so if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi like Lidia and Muhammad have already done then please just ants ask them on HSN Facebook page and we will answer them live on air but if you are ready to jump in with our today's special from Vince Camuto it has already been very popular I know you're gonna love all of the details here we go [Music] so I'll tell you it's been well we the last apparel Vince Camuto today's special that we had was back in April of 2017 so it's been two long years and we've been waiting and now is the time you're looking here at the Oasis bloom popover blouse which you're gonna love about this in addition to the fact that you've got a lot of colors to choose from some really great prints you've got solids if you'd prefer is that you have a wonderful link on this top that gives you coverage where you need it in the front and when you need it along the back which is what we love and it's just that easy kind of flowy really amazing feel on a blouse will give you all of the details but just know the price is only for today after today the price will automatically go up so for one day you've got a today's special price but we also have a bonus Buy which means when you buy one today's special and let's say you want to buy another one you can take $10 off of the price of the additional today's special so don't limit yourself when you find one that you love let me show you the colors very quickly and then we're gonna bring in our guest and I'll show you the prints that we've got for you we have two dots so if you love the dots then you're gonna get the the Perl ivory dot which is the one that I'm holding or the rich black dot okay so those you're gonna be your sort of your polka dot options if you love the florals you've got the radiant red floral or the one that I'm wearing which is the pearl ivory floral and this is gonna be more of you like your blush tones and then if you decide that you would prefer to have solids we have those as well so we have wisteria there's black we have it in mint lime and this is Havana blue that's gorgeous they all are actually I don't know how you're gonna decide but we're gonna help you out and Kacie Cellino is joining us she is the director of marketing with Vince Camuto and Casey's gonna be with us for look i love the the black dot that you're wearing they're so fun and you'll see it on me I wear it a little bit more casual great for a day event or into the evening and then I also love how our model is wearing it a little bit more sophisticated and she popped that red shoe on from Vince we know as well for it is a little pop of color look at how cute that is so that's the Tia the today's special top really great pant and look at the shoes I mean so literally you're gonna wear this top four in so many different ways and I think that's what's made it so popular because it's versatile that's right this is a year-round top this is a seasonless option to add this to your wardrobe give a new friend to your closet because when you are busy you are on the go you don't have time to put an outfit together these are your tried-and-true looks where you know you have an outfit completer I like to call it these creates that Polish that sophisticated look whether again it's from desk to dinner you know week to week at day tonight so you can throw this on really casual even said earlier with like a great pair of our Ponte pant legging yeah you know our denim like I have on and again really whatever color denim or whatever color pant we're gonna have a lot of fun and I were really showing you some of those options but it works and it creates a different look so I love tops that I can wear again and again and with my accessories you know in different options to wear them it looks like a new outfit I like that too and just I'm glad to see a lot of you are joining us raquel says love love the blouse and love it it's longer in the back it's 30 inches in the bag above 28 inches is is tunic length 30 just gives you even more coverage which is really great Judy Renee Mariya we're glad that you're joining us this morning you're gonna order these an extra small to 3x and so you order just your regular size even if this is the first blouse from Vince Camuto that you've ever up you know picked up order your regular size well yeah and if you are a new customer to the Vince Camuto brand or really just to the Vince Camino apparel this is such a great option to get one of our tried and true bodies so we absolutely are a blouse have a blouse house at vince camuto our blouses are always turning into customer picks and we were so excited to bring you this new style it's got a great fit to it you got this lovely you know nice drape the armhole really forgiving but also perfect for the warm weather I love that additional coverage I get on the back of the arm which is really nice good point it glides across the body so as the temps are gonna heat up I'm not gonna be you know stuffy it's not gonna stick to my body it's just gonna glide over me which is incredibly slimming as well you have that beautiful yoke detail that nice v-neck area I love this neckline for that versatility reason again because you can have fun accessorizing it you can wear as it is right here or you know play up with some jewelry where there it's a short necklace a longer one even a scarf detail a pop earring there's nothing that doesn't work with a neckline like this for sure and then my absolute favorite is you called out already that gorgeous coverage that split hem detail and that really allows itself to really tuck in leave out half tuck there's nothing it doesn't work with and the other thing that's incredible about this hemline is because this is a really drapey blouse you don't have a lot of bulk you can tuck this into a skirt tuck it into pants shorts a maxi skirt even so it really kind of lends itself to look like a brand new shirt every time you style it and I like that and just so you know so that we've got the prints and we've got the solids you mentioned tucking it in I love the way tiana did it because lovely she has it tucked into a pencil skirt right in the front but because it's got that split him she can still have it untucked if she wants to yeah in the back so that's where you've got options now this there are two different materials as well the printed shirts like the one you see right there on Jen and on me and on you it's like a crepe material it is is this beautiful soft textured blouse it's a best selling material for the brand as well as the other one as well that will talk you through I mean look at the movement look at the drape what's incredible about the both materials and in this one in particular is they're great for layering so you could wear now but this is a piece that you're going to wear this is not a one season style great transition as we do want to you know pull the arm sleeve up get a little bit more short sleeve looks it's getting warmer out but whether you do want to wear it or wear right now if it's a little colder throw on sweaters over it right throw unglue cardigans the denim jackets the Bombers you know there's nothing it doesn't work to really have fun I also threw one of our Vince Camuto sweaters over at the other day when I was like playing with some looks you know why it was a little chillier I'm in New York City so every day it kind of depends what is the weather today so I really wanted to throw something over me so you have that opportunity because they are white they breathe really well and they glide across your body as you can see with us I mean the movements incredible just I mean it really is it flows with you but not too much it's not too much volume just so you know the two that we're wearing are the two most popular so far today and that's the dot so Casey's wearing it in the the black with the white dots which is pretty much all the rich black dot rich black dot and then the one that I'm wearing is the Pearl ivory floral yeah and that's the one with more of your blush tones so if you want to maybe do the opposite we've got the ivory dot or we've got the red floral and then you've got your solids and the solid is more of a Rumpel fact that's exactly right so this is a best-selling Rumpel material again look at the white weight how it drapes so incredible it really just glides across the body I was saying that this is pajama dressing at its finest but your arms thing is such a trend right now but ladies don't we all just want to walk out of the house in our pajamas we need to look good why we do that so something like this you could really sleep in I mean it is so cozy so nice I love how soft it is again skin it really is I was even saying I could see myself like wearing it right now and then heading into the warm weather and throwing over like my bathing suit at the end of a beach day easily easily and while you while you're looking at that I see a lot of you are asking questions on HSN Facebook page Casey how tall are you I'm 5-2 okay because Judy and Maria were asking would it look good on a shorter person she's five yes okay so I'm 5-2 I this is a size small but here take a look what I Lincoln was really nice about this if it's not overpowering on me right so you get the nice front I can tuck it in if I want to I could even have a little fun and tie it or I can tuck everything in because it's a lightweight material and also I actually not wearing anything under this right now okay so if you're concerned about that in some of the colors you can wear a tank top if you feel like you want to for more additional coverage I think you have a tank top on I do and I don't so it just really depends but I am 5 – I also can wear this with a little cute sneaker if I want to a little tennis slide or great sandals coming up so it's fun that you can really wear it so many different ways yeah but I love creating with the new season especially would transition dressing those outfits that I don't have to think about I can leave them on a rack and I know no matter what when I am busy when I need that effortless look I'm stressed out I don't have time to create this like great you know interesting alpha in my head I can put this on with different accessories and every time create a different look create a different vibe and it's the seasonless style so these are those go-to looks they make you feel good about yourself when you are busy yeah you know and just need those polished pieces yes because we always do need a go-to I'm a big proponent of that because everybody's life we've got a thousand things going on and the last thing you want to have to stress about is what am I gonna wear because I still have to look presentable when I walk out the door yeah so if you choose to go with the solids you're seeing wisteria which is so pretty and it might be a color that you don't have but every time you see it on somebody agree say oh my gosh she looks so pretty I feel like with cereal really brightens up the face I do too you know also that bean color – they're really brighten up the face I feel like it's time to add on those colors to your basics and have fun with the spring to me I'm like this is such a great Easter top Mother's Day where you want to get out of your darker colors and head into something a little brighter for sure so if you like the solids you're gonna go with Styria or that Havana blue we also have a solid black and then we've got a mint lime which is also another bright color again these are your brighten up colors these are the ones where no I didn't get enough sleep and yes maybe I have a cold but I look good I agree you know I feel like this is something I would throw on for quick school drop off with leggings I would then head home throw on this beautiful work pant yeah I had right in to the desk you know any means yeah and then I would run errands and I had to a kids birthday party here in the park of the weekend the same reason I also say that too about this top is there is one really special thing about Vince Camuto clothing including this top this is a 100% machine washable and you can hang dry or dry it whatever your preference is which is incredible so I have a little kid at home I'm working all day and I feel like no matter what when I walk up and walk in the door and something lands on me I love that I don't have to stress about it I don't have any extra money I'm shelling out to the dry cleaner because I can do this myself and that is so nice you know you don't need to save your nice blouses and leave them in your closet just to stare at that these are pieces that you can wear and that you don't have to stress over and I love that I'm now I'm able to get these polished looks and really use them no matter what if it's casual if it's a little dressier and I don't have to worry about keeping it clean that's very true I mean it's and that's why we we are so happy to have this as a today's special and it's been two years since we've had a Vince Camuto blouse today's special so today is the day if you want the look that Jen is wearing she's obviously wearing the Vince Camuto blouse in that beautiful red floral she's wearing a skinny girl Jean she also has a bit that's a Vince Camuto satchel which is yeah thank you and Vince Camuto sandal so she's pretty much Vince Camuto head-to-toe and it all was pulled together by the top by that really nice today's special top blouse so if you want the blouse you can get it at a today's special price now if you buy an additional one that we do have a bonus buy if you buy if you want let's say you want to let's say you want the two that I'm wearing the ones that I'm holding you pay the today's special price for this one and you can take $10 off the price of the next one so maybe you're going to get a print and a solid maybe you like the polkadot and the floral completely up to you however you want to do your combination but do it today while you can get a today's special price and while you can also get the bonus buy prices yeah and that's incredible again I think that this table is the perfect option to really pick two different prints or a print in a color whatever you're looking for because they will look different every time you style that for sure and if you're just joining us and you're looking at our today's special and you're saying wait a minute this this is really a top that we got early samples and a lot of the hosts have been wearing it for the last several days because really nice coverage in the front really exceptional coverage in the back this has 30s long Casey is 5 – I'm 5 5 I know I look all tall and statuesque but I'm only 5 by our models they're laughing at me because they're like now Tam your little our models are a lot taller and so you can see how the same blouse works on all body types and shapes and Heights and with different bottoms yes as well I love it it's loose around the girls you know nay mean like there's nothing that's restricting me which is so comfortable I hate that I'm worried about a top at a button opening there's no buttons here there's no restriction the girls are able to breathe very comfortably and as you can see in all of the models it looks easy and effortless and put together me particularly I also love the movement I get within the shoulders if you're out there and you're lifting you're getting in and out of a car it's warm out this is not gonna stick to you this is gonna breathe with you it just ever so slightly glides across the body for me being five – I love some loose items like this it's really forgiving after I've had my second kid you know and I like that I have that movement here but it's not too boxy and it's not overpowered it's still giving you me the shape that I'm looking for but the comfortability of a looser blouse it has just like you see it on the models – you know it really still giving them shape I think it makes you know the top of you look really nice and then the split home just brings it in ever so slightly to get that nice movement for sure I mean everything about it is just really good can we talk about the arm coverage again because that's big issue and a big deal that if you have a top that maybe shows your arm more than you want to you're likely not gonna wear it because you're not gonna feel nominal if you have a top that maybe cuts your cut your arm or hit your arm in a place that makes it not flattering you're not gonna wear that top either this one is angled it's angled it has a nice forgiving opening so I think you kids you in the way a little bitter we have a whole more opening right here so it's nice that you get that large opening because it allows you to move there's nothing tight back here you know so you get that great movement but also that great cover to the back of our arm yes which is so nice and needed for a lot of people yeah what's awesome about that is I feel like you know when you see a top and you get that pulling effect that care yeah I like that we don't get that in the stop because you do get that additional room so you're able to move you can pick things up you can bend down I don't have to worry about you know being in a store at a grocery store and bending down and showing my behind I love the movement I get in that easy roomy back side this is good this is a really good one and again has been very popular let's show you the print and the solids again so this one is your float your red floral that you've got here we've got your pearl ivory floral this is the one that I'm wearing and this is very popular and if you love like the blushes a little bit of Gray's there's a little bit of like a topi olive in there just really pretty this reminds me of cherry blossoms I love that I was thinking you know right now what a great trip you know I know a lot of the cherry blossoms have are blooming and people are taking a lot of trips this is a great vacation table it really is I am going to take this it off the hanger show you know this is that show you something that pearl the pearl ivory dot yes this one is the rich black dot we've got it in solid black we have it in Havana blue this one is your mint lime this is Havana blue and then Casey's showing it to you in Syria this creates nothing I mean it's light as a feather yeah you could pack a million of these they're not gonna wrinkle I get to the hotel hang them up wherever you're going if you're on a train you're on a bus you're on a cruise such a great top because you know you have so many things going on we always like to pack our days and when we have a trip planned so this is something again you could change your bottom change your shoe wear from day tonight I also love when I travel I don't want to be in things that are gonna stain or wrinkle and this is such a nice wearable top that it is easy to layer yes for sure and so as and we're showing it to you again in a few different ways and look Tiana changed into the the solid black again front tuck into a nice pencil skirt and then she kept the back untucked so give her coverage and you know for a lot of us that's just more comfortable that is it's a great um you know whether you like I feel like that outfit can go to work I can go to a cocktail party yeah how about a date night with your girlfriends so such a fun look and the versatility of that she can go throw that on with some jeans and some sandals the morning after nobody will though so you talk so when you were talking about great travel top yes everything you just mentioned in one carry-on bag yes because that's the outfit I was always envious of the ladies who like showed up and I'm like how are you in one bag whether it was a work trip or weekend with friends I'm like how do they do that they have Trident your pieces in their wardrobe they what works for them and what's gonna stick with them and they're busy they're on the go they don't have time to create you know the most glamorous insane outfits these are pieces that can take you and they simplify your life you get up in the morning maybe you're feeling a little larger that day you're not feeling as well about yourself this is going to hide those little imperfections that you're feeling even though it's probably in your head but we all feel like that someday somebody's were not our best I also feel like if I'm under the weather I just want something so cozy and these are the pieces that do that you know you're gonna throw a little cardigan over it something a little jacket whatever it is you don't get the bulk underneath I always love that layering feeling but I hate feeling you know like something's tight underneath because my shirt was pulling those are such silky materials that they blend no wait no bulk to anything so they're great for layering as well throughout the different seasons or just wanting to get air conditionings on and I know that you are when you are looking for a great blouse I love it as you were saying when we started the presentation that Vince Camuto really is a blouse house meaning they really do specialize and giving you a lot of different variety but really making everything wearable to how we want to look and feel every day this one is an poly and elastane blend so you've got that great light lightness to it there there is a light and airiness yeah that I am particularly fond of that's exactly right look at the movement you get with these tops I mean they just flow I was saying earlier I'm during the midnight hour when we kicked this off my family recently got back from from Disney how perfect what this Hopf have been you know it's hot there but you want coverage you don't want the Sun beating on you you don't I mean you're looking for that high-low net date a nice shirt and this would have been that perfect idea machine washable it breathes with you the flow is incredible I love how it again it glides across the body so nicely yes you know and it doesn't stick to any of your curves that you're you know a little sensitive about so we get that nice movement but it really is that go to stop that I mean for me I love it all the colors materials and the print I do too and you mentioned it earlier there is no button right there that can gap open because that's like the worst have you ever worn a blouse where the button for whatever reason it just was either in too high or too low and it would gap right there yeah this there is no button because gaps it makes you look like you're a little heavier almost you know even if you're not so when you get something like this and the girls have that breathing room yeah it really does slim you out a touch and you can see that elongated and lock definitely and you can't see inside the blouse nobody looks to the side and say oh I see everything nope it is just now you see why it's so popular okay so I know you might if you want a couple of them remember that our today's special price when you buy one you get the today's special price when you buy your additional one you can get what we call our bonus buy so you buy the today's special and you can take two dollars off of the price of the next today's special blouse that you pick up so it would make this one 49.

95 but remember after today the bonus Buy goes away and the today's special price goes away and the blouse if there are any remaining is automatically going to cost more so if you're looking at this and saying okay blouses are I love that blouses are back because for a long time everything got a little bit very menswear yes absolutely there's nothing a dress and a blouse just so feminine they are so feminine and I'd love that we can wear our favorite bottoms so if you're a denim girl or a few like a trouser this is the top that goes for you if you want that legging there's nothing that it doesn't work with I love the elongation we also have the matching great pant it's you know there are double we pet which you'll see on some of the girls as well so if you want to match it back and have a tonal look there's different colors that work directly back also with the cardigans so whether you want to buy the blouse or an entire outfit there's different options that you can that you can look at okay and so now is your time you're gonna order these and extra small to 3x and I'm gonna ask Jen do you know what size you're wearing Jen is wearing an extra small and tiana do you know what size you're wearing the large Tiana's wearing the large right there in the center and then Kenya do you know what size you're wearing large can use wearing the large as well I asked because some of you on HSN Facebook page were asking so if you have questions ask us here and we'll answer them live on air for you and that red skirt you bets loving the Reds really great just you know when you have I see this all the time when you have pieces that pull everything together yeah like you said it simplifies getting dressed it's not about adding more torque that's exactly right it's having the right things in our closet I agree if you had a late night if you were up all night and you just don't have that energy to try to find something that's different they've haven't worn in a while again I always say go to your go-to is your go-to s are your safety zones you cannot go wrong and no matter what when you are busy when you have a lot going on these are the pieces that you can throw on those are the outfit completers that are effortless dressing so whether you want to put it with a flat or a heel a denim a trouser or skirt you know it's your go-to and you can write differently you can talk the entire thing in leave it complete out or have fun and do it like even a front tuck half because you get that spray that great split area yes I mean again if you want to try it maybe you've been watching the presentation and you're saying I want that blouse do it pick yours up really great in its fit you just throw it over your head so you don't need to fiddle with buttons which is such a help we don't buy a new bra you don't have to depending on what color you get you don't have to wear anything underneath it's completely up to you you you don't need help getting this one on or off because it's not tight you're never wondering is it is it showing too much in the back because you've got that nice 30 inch yeah that drop on the bottom and then the front I believe is 28 inches in the front yes so you've got as this as Eric our stylist in the front she said it covers the cookies after the front and it covers the behind in the back you're good to go that's so funny so true though oh my gosh it's hilarious really fun really fun so you decide you want the prince or do you want the the solids and the print is more of like a crepe kind of material and then the solid is gonna be that Rumple material so it's got a little bit of texture here it's not the kind of thing you have to like iron completely yes yes agree yeah you know there's nowhere that you cannot wear this you know we even have graduations on the horizon coming up after Mother's Day and these are pieces that you can wear that you can style differently you know you can dress up or dress down another thing I really love about this blouse is sometimes it's actually because I am five to a blouse could be overwhelming on me and the only way to wear it with the quiz would say like a heel in a slimmer pant what's great about this is it still just glides over the curve so it's not very boxy so you're able to wear it with a heel a wedge or a flat or even a tennis nikka yeah so I love that I get that easy options of a blouse like this because again it's not boxy it glides over the curves which is really slimming as well okay so I know that our clock is quickly running down but it's been 2 years 2 long years since we've had a Vince Camuto blouse today's special so I love that we've got it for you today you have a chance to get them and we do at this point still have all of the colors and all of the sizes so you order your regular size extra small to 3x you're gonna get it if you want the solids you can get it in in wisteria in black in mint lime and you see all three of those colors there and also in Havana blue that's your other solid color if you want the prints you can get the pearl ivory floral that I'm wearing or you can get the radiant red floral these are your two florals and then if you'd prefer the polka dot look then you can get that pearl ivory dot or the rich black dot completely up to you and if you can't decide because you'd like a few of them when you buy one today's special you can take $10 off the price of the next one it is our bonus buy so these are new these are exclusive prints to us yea at HSN and go ahead and pick yours up and you're gonna see it throughout the entire day this is six five three four four zero that's the number to get those home and quickly I wanted to mention on the pant a look at those from Vince Camuto as well that pant is just a really easy kind of pull-on beautiful pull on it's a great there's it there is a zipper fly but it's like a nice slim pull-on page and it really is yes and I love that it's a front fly so it's very easy incredibly comfortable and this is again a pant that you can dress up you can dress out it works so well from the office you know to dinner and a great back to our today's special top definitely and you saw it in ivory Navy and black also have it in coral sunset which is the red one or peach Bellini which is more of like the the blush one yeah okay so we've got them all for you it's your double weave pant and you've got an inseam on that of 29 inches you'll order that one in extra small to 3x sorry let me grab this real quick okay here we go we're taking a little walk on over I had to bring you with me because again if you have questions ask them live on HSN HSN's Facebook page and we will answer them for you there we have a wedge for you which is a demi-wedge it's just a small heel and this one is called the Eisley leather amazing sandal from vince camuto this is new today and you're seeing it there in the silver and it also you're also gonna see it in that beautiful new Navy incredible love Navy we also have it in black and in warm white yes and what's a little interesting about these is that gorgeous hardware I love those circle details the great studying around it as well and what's really fun about some of these colors is you actually get a mix hardware so on the beautiful warm white you get that silver and gold and the same thing on the black version as well we can hold those together yes so you can see that so it's so fun you don't don't worry about whatever door you wear because you get it's like a twofer you get two for one the silver and the gold mix so we've never done it with the mixed Hardware before and I love it because it really you know I feel like it it's a little lighter to the eye when you're walking on by hmm what is that and everything which is really fun for sure on the Navy in particular and I'll show you that as well right here you actually have a silver in a gunmetal tone for the hardware which is really fun very nice and very unique it is really unique and then on this silver version let me grab that for you okay it's actually completely all silver which is really fun with the entire metallic sheen here you know I the is Lee is actually when it's our demi-wedge this was actually a customer pick we brought it back with this gorgeous new upper I love the cross band on top as well yeah let me put this one down so you can show you the Democrat okay so look at that it's that gorgeous demi-wedge what's impeccable about this is you get that beautiful snuggle pad right under your heel area you can have that beautiful heritage crest and just look at that I mean the balance you get there's that feature you get the padding all the way down to that beautiful toe area and then it really does hold your foot in place so the straps are strategically place you get that perfect toe loop really holds it in gives that it security you're looking for and the gorgeous cross band so as you're walking on by this is actually going to hold you in place your foots not gonna be slipping out you know I always say you know if you're with the grandkids and you're running across the street you need the security of a shoe that can get you up one point A to point B you get that nice additional little height and what's great about that height is it really takes that pressure off your back you spend a little taller you feel a little good for me I'm only five two so that demi-wedge is a lot it's one and a half inches so you've got like you said you're not flat to the ground because for some people we're being completely flat doesn't feel good it does little bit of lift you're gonna order this one in size five and a half to ten eleven and twelve medium and wide widths which is so nice that I love that when we can bring you even the wide widths because those are the ones especially when the weather gets warm and our feet start to swell a little bit more we really appreciate the idea that if we need a wide that we've got a wide width you're right and this shoe you can only buy here this is a hundred percent exclusive we brought this back we're so excited to bring a perfect fresh sandal as we're heading into those warmer months it's spring summer and beyond for me this is always one of my favorite shoes to pack on vacations as well because you know we don't want to bring too many shoes with us and this is a great from day to night type of size it really is I like that you said from day to night it's gonna be the one maybe the only one that you yeah maybe you bring a sneaker too for when you're gonna work out which we never work out on on vacation don't say Berkeley we always bring it right we do have a lot of extra room my dad might be overweight I should take that out I love these I love the fact that they're exclusive to us – yes I mean Vince Camuto is a national brand you see it in the biggest department stores but you're not gonna see this one and the fact that you've got it you talked about that cross that cross band along the top so it's holding you in and you have the toe loop so you're not going to walk out of this what I love about that look and you can see it right there on the foot as well incredibly slimming to the foot if you have imperfections on your feet this shoe really masks them for a sandal it gives your foot that structure it's looking for and it takes the eye away from those imperfections for me I see that beautiful architectural look with that wonderful diagonal band the beautiful colors really accentuate any manicure or pedicure that you're looking for and it's really nice that you do have some support yes you know for me I'm not I do feel like my body is not as comfortable in a flip-flop I need a little bit support and this is a shoe that gives it to me and you can so this is going to be your opportunity to pick these up these are an event price because the normal price is about $20 more there are over $100 Nikoli they're about $109 our regular price but you're getting them today on 4 flex payments of $21.

98 are the Navy is gonna be silver and gunmetal on that hardware but it's it is very subtle so it's not gonna be too drastic a little bit more dimension yeah definitely the the warm white is gonna be silver and gold and then so is the black it's gonna be that really nice silver and gold look as well and again these are 100% of padded insole you you get that extra little qu'il pad I like to call that snuggle pad right under the back of your heel because you are good beating on your back you're not gonna be living on your toes so then you have the beautiful padding all the way to the bit to the end of the toes that gorgeous toe loop hold your plate hold your foot in place more like a security blanket for your toes instead of just the thong yes and it feels more love a shoe where you're walking around which I like you know it's not your your your typical little thong sandal that you get a pedicure in this is a lot for your in a bang for your buck and I also say you know even if you're a guest of a wedding why not pop this silver one on for the rest of the night to have a little dancing I agree I was thinking when I saw the white and when I saw the silver I thought the same thing yeah is there are there are those invitations that we're gonna get that are in the garden there in the backyards coming up yeah you're walking on a football field you can't be in high heels on you I love the idea of a Debbie wedge I also feel like there's never enough seats at those events so there's a piece yeah and in a while so you don't want to be in a super high shoe so what a great demi-wedge you still look polished you're not gonna be sweating your feet are gonna breathe with you yeah this is a hundred percent all leather upper as well incredibly soft against the skin that gorgeous hardware detail this is jewelry furphy I love that you get that added you know that kind of accessory is this is something you could leave at the front door you could throw it on you know I know a lot of offices depending on where you work and Bea's more sandal friendly these days but it's still not a flip-flop and then it's right great because this is a shoe that's a good point I'm glad you mentioned that too and so you have a chance to get these a medium or wide widths so ice five and a half to size 12 exclusive to us here at HSN thank you so much thank you we're gonna see you back at 9 a.


yeah 9 a.


stating clothes we've got so much more fashion marla wynne is coming up [Music] it's Customer Appreciation Month and it's all about you for the entire month of April we're showing the love to our HSN card VIPs with exclusive perks like VIP Monday's get a special offer every Monday in April let's enjoy extra flex on everything all month long not a card holder no problem open an HSN card today and get $20 off your first item search HSN card on hsn.

com for all of the details of our exclusive VIP offers thank you for being an HSN card VIP [Music] my favorite part of the day is when I get to talk and shop with you well you are watching HSN this morning and we are in the midst of our spring fashion edit and it's what we do every Thursday morning getting us ready for spring now before the break I promised you Marla Wynne and I'm a woman who delivers on my promises because my alarm did not go off this morning I get a call from downstairs grants Ginsburg and I'm like expletive expletive expletive so I'm here not slightly caffeinated but very happy to be here but this skin of my teeth yawn panic right so there you go Marla has brought along because you can't talk about spring fashion particularly without having these beautiful dreamy pieces like this duster cardigan and this is from when layers so if you are not familiar with Wynne layers this is a category that Marla has created in her brand because most of the time we feel most comfortable when we have those layered pieces that can really just kind of work with everything and that's what you see there on Tiana in this duster she's wearing it in the sand right we have sand we have canvas and black extra small through 3x I find this one's really generous I sometimes will wear an extra large I'm wearing a large in this so why did I do this in who cares right first of all I want you to look on the inside of these garments because that's always my obsession look on the inside do you see how there's not a single seam that's exposed that's all these are all French seams a French seam is when you take the fabric and you literally take the raw edges and you fold it in as opposed to just using a serger or something like that and it makes it a much more elevated piece I did this for a number of reasons reason number one is I am what I like to call a sand ferret in the summer all I think about is how do I get from my hotel room to the ocean okay without being seen okay so everything I make for the summer is about could this be a cover-up so first of all this is a wonderful Polly it's a poly chiffon throw it in the washing machine throw it and the dryer but is you just saw I mean you can dress this up dress it down it works for all ages I have thrown it over on occasion when I have a visitor okay I'm just then it also looks very nice over a nightgown it's that sort of hot in here and I love it just to run around all day and you look fabulous in it with a dress as I love the way you came out and just went I like this it looks beautiful on you how you doing this morning so we're like wait you're like an extra-small and I'm so not but I think we both look great in this so for me this is that throw over third piece because let me show you why if I take off this top first of all you know it's this thing that I'm like you know like I'm salting and peppering the steak and I finished and my arms still swaying in the wind so I just I have an arm thing I think it comes with like a certain birthday you just suddenly decide you have horrible arm something might actually aren't that bad right but I'm insane we all if we come with lady parts I think there's a little insanity that comes so what I love about this is they just throw this on and all of a sudden not only have I done that trick but I just look more put together whether you wear it with a jean you're wearing it with my little flatter if it ain't good morning this thing how you doing so Kenya's looking beautiful in the black and I love it with a pair of flatterfit pant which we're going to talk about yeah in a bit so what you want this for your in where does the bathing suit cover-up you're gonna wear it on a date nice you're going to wear to the office wear it to church wear it with jeans it is the ultimate throw over summer kimono we called it a duster cardigan to me but it's really a kimono I agree I love it I love dusters you've heard me call dusters secret weapons it's your secret weapon when you're you have on the simplest of outfits you throw on that duster and did you see when he Kenya came out it was like I'm here drama it won't show swelling this sorry I want to show you one other thing you can do I do side slits in everything right okay so this is another really fun way to wear this so when you do it this way happen you know this is what happens when you get me up before 8:30 9 o'clock in the morning I apologize I forget everything you know so one of the things I love about this is you can first of all whenever you have those side slits they're so wonderful because they really make it look like I mean you do sort of like and no work is just so teeny but here's this you know it's very slimming to do this and if you're more body con and you want more shape and you don't want the flow I love the way this looks I think it's just an elegant simple look and it still covers your derriere you still get me you spent do your modeling things yeah thanks but sure not only thing 42 inches long but even if you are a little bit on the shorter side this is a duster that's not gonna be too long because some of them touch your ankle what do you know why a duster is called a Dustin why because originally they were referred to as pieces that went very long and did dust the ground Wow right so you can look good and clean right but here's the thing I mean it's that's a fact but here's the reality I make these this length because I know we have a lot of petite customers and I want them to be able to wear it but truth be told yeah if I was selfish and just made it about me I would make it go all the way the ground I love that look I think there is something the longer it is to me the more elegant it is but this way whether you're 5 2 or 6 2 it works for you for sure extra small to 3x you can machine wash this at home so you don't need to send it out because with Marla's pieces and if you are if you haven't tried any of her her pieces even from the wind layers line you might oh those are a little bit too elevated maybe I have to send them out to the cleaners nope they are made to be worn and easy to care for I also wanted to mention because maybe you need some layering tanks and we do have the essentials the two packs stretch layering tanks and we've got a lot of colors for you also you'll notice that Marla's colors are not overly button bright and saturated they're all very wearable and neutral neutral calm calm yes yes since I'm not I use calm color since I am anything but calm I find the colors oh right it's beautiful so I want to make sure if you need some really great tanks and these have a nice sweet to them Tamara so that you don't feel like it's squishing you and that when you sit down you kind of get that I call it the Michelin man's wife effect so they're really wonderful they're made in the same ran spam that I used for all my tops they're beautiful and you're getting two of them and you're getting two of them they're 25 inches long and you've got 4% spandex 96% viscose in those I want to share with you that we've got a showstopper for you and it is the pants that I'm wearing the flatter fit pant with the slit and this there's a little slit no I doing Hepburn you know straight leg I did a survey a couple of years ago and I asked my customers what's your number one favorite fit in the pant and two interesting things tops and bottoms your favorite according to the survey and over a thousand women responded as a v-neck with a 3/4 sleeve and a straight leg pant with a little side slit so we did it you did and look at it on Jen she's wearing that one in the canvas right it's like you like your wife it's my wife it is like an unbleached canvas so she's in the white I'm wearing them in the canyon Rose and that's what you see right here here's the pair that you saw pared back with black which was so nice you've got your black that you've got to have we also have the lilac is a beautiful color especially going into Easter and by the way look at it with with the canvas color that I'm wearing in Siobhan's and they just think it's so beautiful and by the way if you go onto hsn.

com you'll see with every one of my collections there's all sorts of mix-and-match tops that'll put it all together for you this is the ombre blue which looks incredibly ugly and you're thinking what in the heck is that the color is gorgeous the pants is inside-out and I'm going to show you why in a minute but first I wanted to talk about the white pants okay Oh in sizes and sizes sizes 2 to 24 women's we've got average and petite well I am petite which I'm delighted about I think these run very true to size some of the cuts that I do with this flatterfit fabric because this is really you know we call denim denim and then there's different styles flatterfit is really about this fabrication which has 22% nylon and 3% Spanish a something a lot of us are afraid to wear right white pants right because something's going to show through well I love these pants for just this reason they are my go to summer white pant and the reason is that I'm sticking like this whole black pant into this white pant and you can see that you can't see mm-hmm so that is that's the trick to these they're a wonderful weight perfect for summer they're a rayon nylon span and they have do you guys have the video for these queued up by any chance let's see if we can pull yeah there you go so much so here's what I love about these they fit and flatter I don't care if you're a parent Apple a summer squash a kumquat whatever you think you're shaped like it's the rise in these that's so great because you know you can surly that muffin top at the bakery it's just the perfect rice and that funny panel that was in the ombre blue that is actually an athletic grade mesh that gives you some life support this this is what's important the ward recovery 4 to 5 inches of stretch and recovery and when I went through I had to go to legal at HSN to be able to make that claim I can say 4 inches of stretch okay yeah but to prove recovery sitting in someone's office doing the splits for a long time and it just it what's really great about them is that they do fit and flatter all shapes now let's talk a little bit about fit because I can see something right here oh my darlin these are too big on you do you see this when you see a pant excuse me for where I am here do you see this yeah come in this is how you know when a pant is too big on you when it does this and you have too much room here that means you would go down a size in these okay how do you like that we probably don't yes okay well because here's the thing here's what's ridiculous you are so slim that I might might not have a small enough pair I don't know what do you have on here will you eat will you eat more for me but what is incredibly useful is that you are wearing one of the cute kimono tops that we have to go with this I love this top to bottom look and I love this kimono so you get to go down a size what size do we have it for us we start with size 2 okay we do have a smaller size yes I knew it I knew it I do have a small enough size that's right in the wrong we just sit for samples we don't always want people to know because I don't want them to think it fits all poufy who fee you are in the perfect size mm-hmm you look great what size are you in you're in the for who's got my twos I bet my chews are right there or something and what size you in 14 so I this all day yesterday and I'm going to say it again now we are the exact same size right Kenya no exact same size except she's taller yeah younger and it all holds together better right like I see these girls changing then they're like taking things off and taking these on I'm like I remember that and now I take it off and there's like oh you know so I'm jealous and I'm just being clear about it there's wonderful things to this time of life but my boobs aren't two of them I say this all the time we need to have a camera behind the scenes because that's where the real show is but you know what but you look good you pull it all together what that's what great bras are for and it's what great clothes are and I say listen we all have our little piece of insanity that says this doesn't work for me it doesn't right so I kind of think about what are the predominant I call them icky bits that really bother women so one of them is this area in the tummy and this pant does that for you I am perfectly honest if I feel like because I don't think you should shop so much your size you should shop your shape except in pants you have to shop your size okay but some pants are not cut to accommodate for example a pear-shaped woman who's gonna have a much thinner waist and a lot more curved right but with the four to five inches of perfect for a pear-shaped woman what does the apple woman do the Apple of a shaped woman's biggest problem is it's all here right she's just lay a little apple and the interesting left usually very thin legs right yeah so the problem is okay well great that it covers my hips but but what about my waist it's that same four to five inches look at that let me write half the size so that is the same four to five inches right so that means a pear-shaped woman can wear it so it is all about the stretch I wear that I wear 14 in these very comfortably if you're super thin like oh she's like I don't know you may smell enough pants I got really scared that maybe that was the two and I was just totally making a fool of myself I feel so much happier now but the point is if you're super thin and you want to go down a size you can't go down a size right good to know so shop your shape or sure you know think about it and we do have them to 224 women's we've got average and petite the petite inseam is 26 inches the average inseam is 28 inches I like that these are you do have that stretch one of our customers on hsn.

com was asking about it and are they stretchy yes as you were seeing 3% spandex and 22% nylon weights think think about okay so I am the most anti shapewear person in the world oh I just think like you know in the 70s we kind of burned it all and thought we had liberated the universe and we were pretty cool so he's that was this is the you know flower children were not wearing shapewear and and now all this stuff is back and I just feel like it's sausage casing them I hate it I don't want you to have to wear it but what I do want to do is give you enough nylon span and it's the nylon and Spanish ape wear is nylon and spam that's what it's made out of those two fibers together work so beautifully to hold us but not hold you in the kind of way where you sit down and you're like you know you know that little unbutton trick you're right or you just feel like you're spilling over the top you won't feel the this in these and I will tell you that this pant I mean it's just two lays in a place for your tush but this simple product is what built my business there Flannery's reason because it's about fit on the bottom and fashion on the top we've sold hundreds of thousands of these now I mean hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them all over the world they work in every market I'm in and that is because they truly do fit and flatter every woman for sure and if you want to get the look you can do you can do literally marla wynne from the shirt that you see there on kenya she's wearing a dg2 blazer she's wearing the marla flatterfit pant she's got a Vince Camuto sandal and a Dooney and Bourke satchel it's a great look wait and the necklace oh our Llewyn as well so really like you said fashion on top fit on it is all about that think about it if you have a bad fitting pair of pants it's all over you you know there are so many things that can go wrong with a pair of pants and I won't get graphic but you know I'll know what they are and the thing is it is hard to get that right fit and I'd like to say to people once I get you into my pants I'm gotcha because it's the most important thing getting you into the right pair of pants and we would not have been making these now for anion eight years all over the world yeah it's my number one best-selling silhouette mm-hmm try them try them out you have a money-back guarantee here at HSN you've got an introductory price we have them in black which I know for many people that's gonna be the one that you try no no no no not this time of year go for the canvas I'm sorry but there is nothing nicer and crisper and more beautiful I really and I'm I my closets like the black hole from hell I mean I've got a ton of black in there but my favorites for this time of year yeah the white and the pair of the pair these are my in in order of love yeah you're looking at it the canvas the pair and the canyon road right that I'm wearing right and then throw just a little bit at Easter holiday I just love that lie like right and I love okay yes great ice I never know okay whatever thing I want to point out with try B will be a little preview for you tonight on the list we have this in two different colorways and another version of it this is probably the blouse I live in the most I use this so it I made it in crepe I've made it in chiffon I've made it in mo doll and I love it layered up I love it this time of year this is the gray stripe it's a great look I would have you go up one size in this because you're like me you're really busty so I go up a size because what our what our buses do is they just they they rise it up right and so that's one of the things I did why I made layers you and I are both wearing the same tank right so those of you who are generous dad you know what that does right like everything you short in front and then I kind of feel like I want to walk around like this all day yeah I don't know really why cuz my pants fit fine but it's just sort of like yeah I don't know so I made all of these different layering tops whether it's a chiffon does anybody have yes you've got the chiffon on see does the business yes we're both wearing it because we're what we are up here and I love this blouse on you you can bounce it out and that I love so whether whether you're gonna wear the flatterfit with chiffon on top or you want to wear a piece like this Komodo I think going into Easter I you know we've got Passover going on Easter's coming up yes this is that perfect no it's spring I've got it together but I'm not trying too hard that's right fashion on top fit on bottoms yes I the flatterfit pant they are our showstopper we're giving you a chance to get them at an introductory price so take advantage of that average or petite size to 224 women's and Marla thank you thank you and I'll see you tonight on the list definitely and you can keep shopping we've got so much more coming up on the other side of things [Music].

Spring ANTI-HAUL – Fashion & Beauty I will Not Buy

[Music] hi everyone today I'm going to be doing an anti haul video and if you don't know what that is it was created I believe by Kimberly Clark who does these great videos I am definitely not as funny but I think it's a great idea as you guys

know if you watch my channel I very much believe in buying less and thinking more about your purchases house which is kind of with crazy promotion of mass consumption and fast fashion which obviously I'm not into so I love the idea of flipping the script and instead talking

about things that you're not going to buy so here we into new season there's always new fashion trends and talk about buying new clothes and beauty products so the first trend or popular clothing item that I've seen a lot of that I will not be buying is the

slogan tee and now I really like that people are expressing their beliefs and thoughts and I think especially with just so much political turmoil in the world I do think that it's cool that people are making a statement but for me personally I've never liked writing on t-shirts

don't particularly like the style of it or people reading what's on my shirt but I really appreciate that people are using that to make a statement and I think it can look really great and also be effective at starting conversations I just prefer to do that in different

ways and I you can say that just because I personally wouldn't buy something not that I think it's bad it's just not for me or my style next are the really wide leg pants which I've seen a lot of and well I think these can look really amazing

on some people I just think practically they wouldn't work so well in my wardrobe I really enjoy playing with volume and different silhouettes but a lot of the pieces that I currently have are quite large or loose on top like large sweaters drapey cardigans looser t-shirts so I

feel like if I also had really wide leg pants then I would just kind of be drowning in my clothes especially as a person that's fairly short I find that I do have to be careful with how I play with volume and I prefer to have more volume

on top I'm not opposed with them maybe in the future but just with my current closet I can't see them sitting in well and I would have to rework a lot of my wardrobe to accommodate them and to have lots of different combinations the next fashion trend that

I will not be purchasing is ruffles on anything I've just never been a fan of Ruckle I can't even think if I've ever owned something that has had ruffles on it it's just not a style that is appealing to me and the last clothing item that I will

not be purchasing for spring is anything pink I've been seeing a ton of pink bright pink new pink I've talked before on my personal style video how I don't believe in following rules about colors that you can and can't wear or seasonal color palettes I think it's really

about wearing colors that you feel good in but pink for me is not a color I feel good and I think it's because I have a lot of pink undertones and get redness in my skin and so if I wear anything pink I just look really pink and

I've never felt good in anything with pink so next onto some beauty products I will not be purchasing and the first is a primer now I used to really like using a primer I use the one hundred percent pure luminous primer I believe it's called and I really

liked using it but through trying various products I realized that the reason that I liked using the primer was because it made the concealer I was using work and I found that if I have a concealer that works better with my skin and if I'm taking care of

my skin properly then I don't need the primer the next beauty product I will not be purchasing is a bronzer now browser is kind of a staple beauty product especially for spring but I'm completely over using bronzer being very pale I used to always want to look more

tanned but I've grown to really like my super pale skin and I no longer have an interest in buying bronzers and the final media prize I will not be purchasing our sheet mask and I feel like these are really popular I see them everywhere and I reason for

not purchasing them doesn't have anything to do with the product or how well it does or doesn't work I just feel like there's a lot of waste that comes with them because not only are they individually packaged in a larger package but as far as I understand the

sheet mask also just gets thrown in the garbage after but to me that just seems like a lot of waste and I'd rather use a DIY mask or something that comes in a jar or just less packaging so I hope you enjoyed this video please give a thumbs

up if you liked it and let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more of these or not also I'd love to hear in the comments about something that you will not be buying thank you for watching and thank you so much to those of

you supporting me on patreon and I will see you in the next one [Music]

HSN | Spring Fashion Edit 03.21.2019 – 08 AM

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com [Music] well you are watching HSN and we are glad that you are and you are tuning in at the right time because this is our spring fashion edit we do this every Thursday morning it's a two-hour show we start at 7 a.


on the East Coast and this is the second of our two hours I'm glad that you're here because it is officially spring now so if you're saying okay I'm done with winter even if it's still a little chilly outside maybe you're looking for some new things we've got it for you and I'm Tamara hooks and I'm gonna be your host and I'm gonna be shopping right along with you too because there are some things that I need in my wardrobe so whether it is fashion we've got our today's special coming up from Marla Wynne and also the top that I'm wearing from is also from Marla Wynne and here is a little bit more detail on that today's special it launched at midnight thousands of you picked it up already and this is your stretch twill flatterfit pant and I'll tell you pull them on and you don't think about it again you just feel good so whether you're going to work or going to play or going to travel or anything you've got a pant that you can count on I here are the colors we've got them for you in black we've got canvas which is like an ivory color Canyon Rose is the one that I'm wearing we have lilac gray which is a new color we have ombre blue which has got a kind of a gray feel and then we also have pear which is a really nice almost like a chartreuse kind of look so we'll give you all of the details there and you'll talk to the designer Marla herself we also have some really great jewelry coming up in this hour as well and I'll say when I say jewelry there is one gentleman who comes to mind his name is Paul would so great to have you he is really an arbiter of style and we love that Paul has joining us to give us a little bit of sparkle as we start off this hour this is your absolute round and baguette San Marco bracelet we've had this in the past so many of you have had a chance to pick it up that you've given it the customer pick status and we have it for you in three sizes we've got seven inches seven and a half inches or eight inches so how do you like your look of diamonds to drape that's how you decide your size that is how you decide to decide now this is the number one selling bracelet we have ever had with absolute and when you see when you see this you're gonna understand why I want to start in the back and I just want to show you the flexibility of this beautiful San Marco it moves it twists it breeds that arbors with you can you do this with with any other bracelet that you have but has this many stones the answer is no well that comes down to the to the craftsmanship but look at these beautiful absolute stones you have them alternating with the baguettes that are set on the bias and then the beautiful round look at the sparkle look at the radiance look at the shine look at them next to my diamonds natural diamonds these happen to be flawless D stones these look better and that is the magic of absolute and that's why women love that that's why we reached for it because these are the kinds of pieces that when we get that sparkle when we get that big bold look we love it I paired it next to you my diamond line bracelet this was a gift right you can't tell that these are not genuine diamonds you cannot tell because they sparkle they hold their own they look just as amazing and look at that I mean that's a beautiful look I love the fact that it's got some substance to it it's got some shape to it the way it's got the baguettes just kind of herve almost like they curve around your wrist this is a clearance price we took $100 off and that's right that's the amazing thing because because hundreds of you actually thousands of you who bought this at full price and hundreds of you have reviewed this with me I think there's 20 perfect reviews which is really rare on a probably to get folks to this to agree or disagree on something what you've all agreed on is that this is the most substantial most gorgeous most sparkly beautiful bracelet you have ever seen and now that it is on clearance price now it's the smartest purchase you will ever make because you're saving $100 which just rocks my world what I could do with the extra hundred bucks also the the ring that you're seeing right there on Aaron that's coming up as well and since you're saving so much money on the bracelet you might as well go ahead and get the ring the ring is 24.

95 you've got a million-dollar look would you do for just over $100 total when you include that ring this bracelet if this redundant natural stones are D flawless quality would be hundreds of thousands of dollars hundreds of thousand of a house a nice house in a nice city that's what this would be in natural stones okay most of us can't spend money that way in fact really it's only movie stars and and royalty that has this I'm gonna tell you a little secret do you know how to tell when the movie star is wearing absolute stones or natural stones in a piece like this how do you tell you look for the security guards around them you look for the person going she's on the move more than one for a bracelet like this they were probably before gigantic guys right on black suits with earpieces on like this making sure that that bracelet didn't go anywhere most of the times on the red carpet what you're seeing are facsimile pieces because security Wow yeah well it's because in order to insure an important piece of jewelry like this you have to have the security I was actually at a wedding once where the mother of the and the onda jewelry store wore four million dollars worth of diamonds and she was out dancing with her daughter and her new son-in-law and there were four security guards dancing with them it was the dumbest looking wedding I ever saw I would just worn absolutely because I think this is a little over the top she wanted people to know she had him as soon as the night was over they went right back in the store vault they weren't hers this is something you get to keep and wear every day and they are they're not natural diamonds but they become your diamonds it becomes your diamond bracelet because what good is it if it's gonna sit in a vault or a box on a shelf because you're too afraid to wear it because you spent so much money with these you're gonna wear them and love them and when people comment on your bracelet you're gonna say thank you and you're gonna kind of chuckle to yourself and say and I saved $100 and they look just like natural diamonds and they are these beautiful baguettes these are also beautiful channel set baguettes and you've got round pave stones so because you've got that alternating look it sparkles in a way that just having like one flat look couldn't possibly say oh yeah can we show it next to your natural diamonds again and that is an important bracelet you have isn't it because those are beautiful stones it was it was a gift when I my first Mother's Day gift okay so that's why you did good I can tell a good diamond from across the street that's a whole bunch of good diamonds but look how beautiful they look next to absolute and vice versa these beautiful bracelets from absolute will absolutely compliment the Diamonds that you may already be fortunate enough to have imagine wearing these with your wedding set imagine how the wedding's that will pop when it's next to something this beautiful I'm gonna tell you one more secret when diamonds were first discovered they were prized because there was no other stone on earth that had the radiance the sparkle the shine no other stone and so when they found them people were like ah this is magical that's why they were prized today they're prized because they're expensive and rare that's why people who it's a diamond these actually shine more shine bright like a giant bright like a absolute because it's actually more fire more radiance more Sparkle more bang for your buck and if they found these stones if they found these stones today like when they found diamonds originally they would say oh my gosh no stones like this this is the valuable stone that's right exactly because what it does it's the look of the most perfect diamond which most of us with our own two eyes will never actually see in person we might see it on a screen or in a in a magazine but to see an actual perfect flawless diamond most of us will never see them know but you saw my ring I mean they're chips I'm in the diamond business so I have to have some perfect diamonds okay they're chips that's all I could have look at the sparkle of my real natural diamonds next to absolute absolute outdoes the perfect flawless Steve stones and you're choosing whether you wanted in seven inches seven and a half inches or eight inches and you're not paying more because if they were natural stones an extra half-inch would probably cost fifty thousand dollars and you're gonna enjoy wearing it and you're gonna enjoy all the comments and compliments and maybe you do I learned about bracelets I never used to wear bracelets until well it's been about ten years or so but my aunt taught me about them yes she always said that bracelets are jewelry that you wear for yourself because bracelets and rings you can actually see your earrings you can't see them like when you're driving and somebody cuts you off you just listen to your beautiful absolutes and think to yourself well they're a jerk but look at my jewelry Tyler look how good I'm gonna blind them with my jewels enjoy that bracelet let's move on to the ring because if you want the whole look that you see there on Erin she spent just over $100 because that ring is 24.

95 today a regular price on it was about $50 which is still a great value but it's a perfect company meant to go right along with your absolute bracelet the bracelet we only had set in sterling silver that's all we had remaining but in the ring we've got it for you in the sterling silver rhodium plated we've got it in the gold plated over sterling silver and the Rose gol plated over sterling silver which I just love that you don't see it very often it's still so fabulous in classic now I can tell you in my office every single gal in my office now owns this bracelet and this ring a lot of them waited for the clearance pricing I'll be honest with you but every single gal in the office owns this and loves wearing them and loves wearing them together and you know when you wear them together when the event is about you then you wear the matchy matchy jewelry okay okay if it's somebody else's event if it's someone else's wedding don't outdo them let them be the star well unless you're just not friendly with them but otherwise if it's your wedding your dinner party your date your birthday your wear the matching matching that's the time to do it but you can't make that choice if you don't have them you don't have them and so I love that we do have all sizes still available on that ring less than $25 and I know you're gonna love it Paul thank you thank you as always we've got so much more including the perfect strapless bra for you it's coming up in just a moment [Music] the thing I love most about shopping at HSN do I have to pick just one I'd have to say flex pay it allows me to get the things I want now and make monthly payment without any interest or fees I got a new mattress for the guest bedroom fabulous cookware set for my sister's wedding and a little something just for me flexpay gives me the flexibility to buy what I need now without the stress of having to pay for it all at once and no interest be that layaway well you're watching HSN and welcome in and if you're just tuning in we're in the midst of our spring fashion edit for you I'm Tamara hooks I'm your host and we have an award-winning bra for you it's a bra that you can wear with straps or without straps and if you are a woman and it's difficult for you to find maybe you're a little bit fuller in the bust and it's difficult for you to find the right bra I want you to give us a few minutes we've got curvy Couture the strapless sensation multi-way bra and its award-winning as a matter of fact one of the best strapless bras of 2019 by Cosmo this is big it has been featured everywhere and you can find it in some of the bigger department stores but you would pay more than what we've got for it for you right now we're gonna talk about what makes it great and if you're a little skeptical I want you to meet our guest she's gonna give us all the details her name is Evora Russell she is the vp of marketing and sales with curvy Couture and Evora great to have you here thank you thank you for me I know some women are saying who are fuller busted they're saying yeah right yeah perfect strapless bra yes read the reviews yeah it's spring yes shoulders out no movement totally moves with your body and actually honestly you can sort of bounce I love it and you see not everything stays everything stays in place and I think that's what's amazing about this bra and everything is in the technology of this bra the key designer door allows she's a genius I'm making bras and strapless bras are her thing what you'll notice everything about this bra is comfort support and stay in place okay it's lined with power mesh for breathability you'll see the two very soft bones right here to prevent your body from collapsing you know we're a little fleshy on the side mm-hmm so we don't want to collapse and then what you also find here is that the wire is encase and very soft cushion okay so that you don't fill it against your body okay and so when you're sitting it can form see your body right right very comfortable and soft okay okay these are all and if you are looking at the bra that you're about to put on right now you're probably thinking you know I you see a difference here look at Laura look at how great is it's amazing and the bra is not falling down in any way no no no no like spillage no listing once you put it on it stays in place I literally wear this bra for 10 hours on the plane at work with or without the straps and honestly you really don't need the straps for any reason but if you choose to you can wear them straight halter one strap okay whatever suits your fancy now this bra comes in either the black or the bombshell nude and it comes starting in sizes 34 Triple D 244 H and when I tell you that you cannot find a bra like this in a size H cup you trust me read the reviews they will tell you so comfortable stays in place you moves with your body uh-huh no spillage and that's what you're seeing different ways to wear the straps because you can it can be strapless or whatever you need for that outfit but that's the important part is the way that it's contoured for your body so that it because what's the what's the issue it collapses on the side laugh it's uncomfortable underneath your bleki you were saying it's got a contour here our body's not straight why why is are broadly straight along the bottom exactly and then our designer has curved it to curve with your body yes and another really important aspect of this bra is that the wires kiss right here so that you don't go east-west you're not spreading your contained your lifted yes but not pushed all the way up right just lifts because a lateral lift a lot of times with strapless bras or fuller busted women they feel like they're just being pressed down right that's not what you want you want it to you want to be able to wear the bra comfortably so even if you're skeptical because I know that a lot of people are right try it you have a 30-day guarantee if you want to send it back but get it home and put it on and finally wear a bra that was designed for fuller busted women that actually fits and actually works and we're gonna show you how to help to choose your size because there is a Brock chart there but call us or go to hsn.

com and take advantage of the flex pay you're getting this brought home for $27.

50 for a really great bra absolutely absolutely and it's prom season it's wedding season it's cold shoulder season it's spring season so it's that time to have the right strapless bra or buy it for your daughter that's going to prom trust me the fuller busted girl cannot find a bra that fits like this and you've got it here this is an award-winning bra and that says a lot when it comes to something that we're gonna wear every day four hours a day it has a big job to do it's got to hold its up it's got to be comfortable it's got to stay in place we don't we don't want to do the shimmy we were talking earlier about like shimmying that is it nestled in place it stays in place it moves with your body right so I feel like I can make my entire day no problem actually today I was pulling on my dress but not my bra right beautiful look on this I love that it's nice and smooth and it's gonna be one that you actually look forward to wearing because I have a really good friend in Northern California she says if she has to wear something with a strapless bra it's like the worst day of her life it's just the most unbearable right but with this try it out and you be the judge all you because you'll never really know until you put it on and see what so many women have raved about see why this has been talked about on blogs and all over social media why this is an award-winning bra Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Magazine mention this bra and don't forget it's just so beautiful – you can't really find a strapless bra that has this molded lace and the molded lace also helps with the support and lift right and we talked about not being double boo being or having a shelf with your strapless bra you just want it to be natural to your body that's right that's right natural comfort feeling good all day okay springtime yes and just so you know again the sizes start at 34 double D up to 46 H if I am saying your size if you're in that range and you're saying WOW finally something for me do it go for it I wanted to show you this also because of or and I were talking before the show if you if you are some of maybe a larger size then you're not gonna see this this if you're a triple D G or H you won't see this extra shelving you'll just have a smooth pad that will just allow your breasts to sit in the pad naturally okay you don't need the extra lift for any particular push-up of any sort okay right and that's very clear and in case that was the only thing that's keeping you away I want you to try it it feels good it's not gonna collapse on you on the side it's not gonna it's not gonna be around your your waist and it's designed for your body so enjoy this I love that we've got it for you it's hard to choose a color because they're both beautiful so it's whatever you're wearing this at the bomb show nude and this is the black they're both classics no they go with anything absolutely and trust me you will not be disappointed if you buy this right I know you're gonna love it definitely six five four six eight four right that item number down I know we do have to move but Evora thank you thank you so much [Music] all right we've got so much more for you and it's HSN's best in beauty week and you can go to hsn.

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com where you can find exclusive Beauty deals from brands that you love up to 50% off all week long so definitely you can continue to shop for amazing beauty with us now we are in the midst of our spring fashion edit and for the rest of this hour we are going to talk about the amazing design and beauty that Marla Wynne brings to us of course you know her as a fantastic fashion designer but did you also know that she designs jewelry all of the jewelry that the models are wearing and we're looking here at the marquise shaped domed ring she's wearing it in silvertone it also comes in black we've got sizes 5 through 10 now this is the deal this is new this is exclusive and all of joy of Marla's jewelry sells out a lot earlier than we always expect so if you love this ring I wouldn't wait too long and Marla good morning good morning sweetie how are you I almost sufficiently caffeinated but not quite I was gonna ask did you get 20 minutes of sleep last night I know right this is like it's a marathon it's a marathon and I will caffeinate but in the meantime I have to tell you this ring came in and I was like you know when you design something and you wonder how's that gonna work and I have to be honest with you there are times when I come up with things and it comes in and I'm like because they have you know my manufacturers have to make molds and things in there are times where things come in and I'm like oh I'm so sorry that was such a bad I had such a bad idea because if you've got to go from a drawing to a thing yeah right right so this one was one of those where I was kind of like yeah I hope we're gonna be okay on this one but I love it I just love I've been wearing it non-stop because it's bold without being in your face right right and I do like bold but not in your face yes you know I like it my clothes I like it my jewelry and it is so comfy right because it's a long ring and you would think I don't know is that gonna feel good but the shank on it is very narrow it moves back right into a nice narrow shank right and it's just a so it's really easy really small I'll up now I do these say it's not a high polished metals I like a slight patina and then I don't know this is my I love this piece this in black come on it's just cool I mean it is just cool it's the kind of ring that somebody would stop and say you know what it's just I've never seen anything like it's the kind of thing that your daughter comes to your house and knows you need to have it to wear on air and she steals it oh is that what happened that that would be something that occurred in my home so like if you have a daughter I don't have to lock up my good jewelry for my daughter I have to lock up stuff like this yes isn't it a fun piece it's the thing you don't see pieces like this this black piece for example if you've got a you're wearing a black white summer look I just love this pop of black I just think it's so cool and so much fun and I love this ring and I know I'm gonna experiment with it in shiny I want to see how that finish works with the black I think it's cool and I got to do it in gold too I love it but I love it in a matte I love the grey anything different it's matte and it ties back like you've seen right now the teardrop necklace all of the metals that I do kind of work back to this like metals I have a few pieces that I'm working with you know shiny metal finishes but you're gonna love this it's easy I like it on my middle finger mm-hmm and I also love it on this finger I do too right Susanna and I were discussing which finger we'd like to have it on you know of course when I told her I'm wearing it on my middle finger she did a whole five minutes on that everything we get off here every time we get off air we I think we're going to be fine we're gonna be fine no we love it that me and I had a show about two weeks ago I don't know what happened but we were just we were just so naughty and she just on here she went it's been so nice knowing here but what's fun about the jewelry is that it mixes and matches it's really reasonably priced look I try I don't try to be something I'm not I'm not where he was semi precious metals I'm not where he was semi-precious stones this is meant to be fun it's an accessory to your wardrobe and it's meant to be easy comfy but it's a WoW piece and I will tell you people will say they where to get it we really will they really well and it's gonna be one that you wear all the time I love it even if you're looking at it right now you're thinking that's nice I'll put it on a couple times yet you're gonna wear it and it's gonna be favored it is my new go-to $39.

98 enjoy and just so you know Marla's jewelry always goes so fast so I don't want you to miss it now we still have our today's special that's coming up in just about seven minutes from now okay it is the stretch twill flatterfit pant which I am wearing and I'm wearing oh and by the way I want to wear the way I just will I'll save the bass surprise but I used to tan towel correctly last night and I am no longer like glowing in the dark and I'm loving this so much more because it's got that cute little side slit yes and last night I was like the great white hope I mean what a mess was I I mean I'm so white they could have turned off the studio lights and used me for illumination well that's that's why we have the beauty of tan towels it works bless you the inventor of tanned house I thank you just so you know we are simulcasting live on HSN facebook page so if you have any questions about anything that you're seeing with marla in this hour including the today's special ask them here and we'll answer them live on air for you yeah let's talk about this shirt so I love this shirt this is from my win layers collection yeah now what distinguishes win layers particularly as we move into the summer spring and summer months is I use a lot of chiffon I use a lot of dry Athena's fabrics and I try to bring you some novelty and this one has it this is isn't this an incredible chiffon so it's got a slight crinkle and it's got this very gated stripe in it it's a style I've done many times it's just a simple poncho piece but it collapses into your body it's a go-to in my wardrobe this is our crepe which is our signature crepe that a crepe georgette that we use throughout our collection and you do one of the things about layers is you're gonna layer it up and you're gonna layer it down so we have it put in three great colors this is the shell pink which I love oh and by the way can I am I allowed to do well who cares if I'm glad I'm doing it do it – I can't like what are they gonna do get you know one of these days there's gonna be power they can pull me off look how beautiful it is with our look at how beautiful when we do our pallets we think about everything you might buy from us in a particular period to make sure it all works back and then we've got it for you in black black we also have it in cloud you know that's the one that I'm wearing right now you will layer this so how does layers work layers starts with a column so let's go over and check out well I see you decided to put clothes on I mean this girl walked out this morning and I went well aren't you just boobalicious and she's so confident right like I just be like and she's like just like Hello this is all me so now this is all her but dressed sorry I know it's not nearly as entertaining but here's what I love busty girl looks great on her but you're gonna layer it what are you gonna do we have to pack tanks in round span same round span that we make everything out of very high quality you can wear that under it you does anybody have a chiffon underneath I wear it with a chiffon tank so if you go to hsn.

comm look at wind layers you'll find all sorts of cool things to put under it and then oh oh you are wearing it say okay she's so good she's like my oh shut up and look at me because I've got it I've got it on and you do and you look great so what you've done is you're wearing it as a jacket which is adorable and you can see now my piece is how to wear them right extra-large for 3x but here's the thing once you say always when you look at my clothes and I don't care what it is I want you to stop thinking about what size and I and I want you to think about what shape am I and it will tell you what size you're gonna always start with what you think you are so for example I am an extra-large in a really flowy piece depending on what I'm wearing yeah I may go down a size or up a size it's how you want it to fit I like a large this piece it's got a lot of flow hello my jewelry girl how are you sweetie oh goodness see the black one would be so cool with this right like right don't you think that's just a cool way yes very sure it's like it's also like my warrior princess thing right so the black is absolutely stunning and you've got the little 2-pack tank underneath what you're gonna do all summer with layers is you're gonna find that you can let put the chiffon piece on like you see over there and in the cloud you can wear the black you can wear black and white together you're gonna mix and match the colors and the way you wear it is super easy the fit is easy you cannot screw it up all you want to do is think about how do I like it so like your bus sticker yeah I saw that we all here's the thing because you're super busty you could do an excel if you wanted a little more length because your boobs take and I that brought is amazing I want to go get one right yes I often just feel it's the end of the day goes honey right well you do be our model for it I know you'll and he'll I'll put it on under my clothes okay but you know I'm somebody who like backside bed insist by by I just don't know but if you're super busty you may want to go up a size if you want the extra line oh right but other than that true to size oh let me tell you how to take care of this yes well you don't oh you throw out the washing machine you throw it in the dryer if you iron it you'll screw it up don't even think about it it is comfy it is elegant and by the way yeah look at the inside of this well let's show these are all French seams okay so what a French seam is is it's where you have no exposed fabric and it's not just that a stitch yeah it's all hidden so every single every single like even on the sleep like everywhere it's all French seaming which is you know God is in the details people say the Devils in the details uh-huh it empty me it's all about the details and all mother-of-pearl buttons even though they're covered up like I could I could you know improve my margin little bits here because everything's in pennies in closed right pennies in dollars pennies but to me to put plastic on I want every part of what you get from me to be beautiful beautiful so even in a covered placket I'm gonna use mother-of-pearl which annoys the heck out of my manufactures think Marlin no one can see it I can see it I know what's there and we appreciate it as the women who get to wear your clothes because if everything is an experience the fact is if I'm not you know I can I can open the buttons like you can see the way that Tiana did and wear it as a jacket I can close them up I can belt it I can tuck it I can just put it on the same shirt and that's why this is a silhouette that is always popular today it's an event price and you've got three flex of $21 so that means you can use any major credit card and get it home and try it out black cloud is gonna be the one that I'm wearing and then that shell pink which is I love and if you've ever bought my shell pink yes it matches all those pieces you about two three years ago in Shelby I don't know how you do it I'm glad you do I don't really do it an amazing team of people see that's how I do it thank you also underneath that poncho shirt you're gonna want to wear something okay and but you know I would suggest staying at home I'm wearing the 2-pack of the this set I'm wearing the 2-pack of the stretch layering tanks and I'll tell you even Marla's tanks are not like your basic tank that you find out there they are so silky soft they've got amazing stretch to them they fit well but they don't squeeze you in like a sausage okay now it's time for today's special if you haven't had a chance to get yours yet now would be the time if you want a great pull-on pant that you can wear with anything and anywhere Marla's got for today's special [Music] so let me tell you because to have a pant as a today's special it has to be really great it's got to be a pant that universally everyone looks good in universally everyone feels good in and for that reason you don't see them come along very often matter of fact Marla hasn't brought in a today's special pant in about almost four years now so this is perfect timing for spring and it's officially spring so now we need it I was gonna go find that groundhog and strangle it but I do think I feel spring you gonna kill the groundhog it's like you do not disappoint me I'm ready for spring but it is officially spring and we're ready for it this is gonna be a really great stretch twill it's called the flatterfit pant and we're gonna explain why it has that that name that it really does live up to but you're gonna order this one in Canyon Rose this is the color that I'm wearing we have it for you in this beautiful canvas and this is gonna be your lightest color it's like your ivory it's called canvas you've got to get black because this is gonna be your everyday pant in front of Marla we've got pear okay right and even I who you know my closet I have to tell you the truth is it's still pretty much the dark hole from Hell but I love these P thing pear that we do I keep because I love this as a pop of color it's like a neutral pop this is our blue it can go gray if you want blue gray okay so blue gray and then you could something new the lilac gray lilac gray which i think is such a lovely color it's just perfect going into the holidays this is XCOM you're gonna order this one in sizes 2 to 24 women's we've got petite and average and you pull it on and you're done you know I don't I don't know why I would you know there's a few pants I do wear I do a side zip all my pants have stretch I don't even know why I put zippers in my pants I because I don't I don't want any bulk anything I here's the thing fashion on the top fit on the bottom that's why I like that fashion goes on the top and you can play with sizing on the top right you can go up a size down a size whatever you got to get it right in the with your pants now there is two ways to think this pant so my true size normally I am a 16 or 14 I am a 16 if I want a trouser fit and I'm a 14 if I want a slightly more fitted fit okay right so I'm wearing the fit more fitted one this morning okay right and of course I now have tan ankles because of the miracle of tanning talents last night I went I said oh isn't this so cute and then I went oh I'm so sorry I like you know like hello okay but now I feel beautiful and I love these for so many reasons first of all can I just show you something we talked about the stretch in this here's the thing this has 22% nylon and 3% spandex I have decided that nylon and span is like the Botox of clothing okay right what do you do you again I want to get rid of my wrinkles and I wanted to like people number and whatever it note I have wrinkles okay and ahh but I love what these do because they've got look at the stretch of this to give a boy a real yank I mean like like like be afraid I'm gonna let go okay now a they haven't ripped isn't that fortunate right and nothing right I haven't even hurt no because we stretch threads see that's something when you wonder why things cost money you can do thread that doesn't stretch and then you know sometimes you put something on you hurt yeah that's yeah because you didn't get it right inside this is some power mesh okay power mesh is literally what like pole vaulters use you know to keep things in place if you know what I'm saying so I think if it works for them ladies yeah for those of you who pole vault you can wear these pants but in case what you really do is like go to the store and go visit your kids and family and work what you love is this little tummy holding right it doesn't make me feel like look I am what I am you know I am the size that I am and I'm very comfortable in my own skin I tend to make fun of myself but I want these that are comfortable but I'll give me a little ho right but I am NOT gonna wear shapewear and one of the great things about this is that we kept the rise perfectly okay so you don't get that muffin top leave that thing at the bakery the hidden panel we just looked at and just holds you lightly it doesn't make you feel like you know I go out and I'm like I've got a girdle on that four to five inches of stretch and recovery let me tell you something at HSN you cannot say that on air if you don't like go through legal and really prove that it is 4 to 5 inches of stretch now I've had two kids and gained about 70 pounds with each of them so I can tell you I'm personally made with stretch the problem was recovery never went back that's why I want if God redoes the human race I am like there's a suggestion box I'm gonna say give women a little nylon span would you dude I was like carry the kids right but if we're gonna do this we need to go back to our original shape not all of us have that elasticity yeah that's right but our clothes our clothes make the right choice and that's the deal with this Lucia and that's what I love now you can wear this so many different ways so I'm wearing the white pant with the drama kimono right which I love I think it's fair it's a it's a very elegant look but I've got my little tenis on cuz I can't right now where my cute little flats cuz I hurt my little toes but I love the look I love kind of mixing a high-low so I've got my drama kimono you look great this is our drama canvas drama jacket and by the way you can Roush this the way you're wearing it and you can also Unruh so it's a box here look I wear mine boxy but it's cute as well with when it's ruched but a beautiful combination the pair was the black and the cloud for sure now does this go into you know other seasons as well so this is a sweater I brought in I don't know two months ago and it's a cotton it's a cotton viscose so it's all seasons but you can layer this up with the ombre blue and it's another great look and by the way this is the first necklace we ever did yes but this is a new finish on it I just have to say that it's a bit shinier it's it's more of a gunmetal II silver yeah and you should see the gold the gold oMG is that Oh Marla Ginsburg [Laughter] it's too early for this but absolutely adorable layered and you're wearing our poplin shirt which we'll talk about in a minute oh but you can this look once I get you into these pants I own you I own you do you know why because tops you buy different tops are different types are in chains right once your that's she's your jeans that's your girl rights right okay so it is the same thing with this pant once you find your size and decide which you want to wear right you will unless you like your unless you really love going to the store and you know take you know your pants and then the light is always good and then you walk out to a complete stranger and good does this make my butt look big right these make me look fat well here's the great news about these they come home you can see if they go with everything in your wardrobe you will find your fit we have been making these pants now for I think almost eight nine years yes it changed my business profoundly because people love them and by the way if you go into hsn.

com all of our other flatter fits are 6990 and you've got these today for less than $50 right and it's again all of the colors that just blend in mesh in with everything that you're gonna be wearing this spring and summer and even into the fall winter I should also say this is the best-selling pant from Marla and it's your today's special and like I said for it to have a pant as a today's special it's got a you know check a lot of boxes as they say it's got to be a comfortable fit it's got to be universally loved by everybody it's got to make you look good and also feel good when you wear it you know what else she done it does here's the thing how annoying is that you get a pant you look in the mirror and you go oh yeah good and then you go to lunch with your girlfriends and you sit like this and you talk way too long and if you're in you know part of my gang you may have had so wine too much and so you know you know you sit there in the schmooze and you schmooze okay could I have an espresso because I got a drive home now we got to spend some more time cuz we had a glass of wine okay we sit and we sit we sit we get up and what do we have bad knees or baggy bum that's right not but nobody has ever said oh please give me bagginess I don't think and if they have I like are you yeah so it's just it's a great pant that 22% nylon 3% span is the magic in these pants it is why they're called the flatterfit pant because your shapewear and any of your sort of undergarments or your bathing suit what's it made out of nylon and span that's what holds you that's what supports you and this fabric has that built in so you get that support from head to toe I am wearing a size 14 Catherine and 18 and so I gave Cavs a choice of the 18 or the 20 she picked the 18 because she loves more fitted trouser which I think looks lovely on you my love mm-hmm and so you're looking at the we've got the pair pair we've got the lilac gray I'm in the canvas and you're in the black that's right oh I got my purse with you oh that's nice is that your bad oh no I thought I'd sell someone else's please could I please please somebody bring me some of those else's clothes I gave you sell those really girl go get yourself some coffee look this is our bag you've got to check out the reviews it's brand-new it's rubber and it's light it is so lightweight I can carry it with my pinky and it's got my little signature tassel and it's just too cool for school you got it that's so great right the only other colors you don't see there are the ombre blue and the canyon rose and that's the one that I'm wearing here so you've seen all of the colors we've got petite and average size which is so great right that's right size to 224 women so you can really across the board you've got 3% spandex in here you have a pant that I love that it's flat along the front it's called the flatterfit because it really is because I'm not messing yeah tell us the story I'd call it my mom I'm really really excited my manufacturer says we have found the most amazing fabric because we were challenged in fact by QVC in the UK said to us we need a pant that won't get returned when people watch TV that was literally the challenge so I can went back to my manufacturers and said I really want to do I want to go to London regularly we need to open up that station and they came to me with this fabric and it was amazing and I call my mom god bless I still have both my parents oh and I call up my mom and I got mom I need to make this amazing pant cheese or what's so amazing about it I assume it covers your legs and your lady bits I said yes mother it will and she said well what's amazing about it I said well it just it just fits and flatters this fabric is amazing instrument honey flatterfit gotta go and so it became the flatterfit pant because that's exactly what it does it fits and flatters I will be honest with you throughout the day I understand and believe in shopping your shape I really think that your size is irrelevant I'll cut out your shape okay right and then apple shape too has the same issues as an apple shape 22 okay and so we need think about doing a TSE near the thousands of thousands of units are coming in you want to make sure that you're offering the customer something that's really gonna fit and flatter everybody I'm so excited that we're doing this because everybody needs a great fitting pant yes oh oh and I have to show you about the white pant okay oh and I'm glad you are because the canvas color the white color right most popular this morning Oh girls I'm so proud of you yeah now if you haven't bought into it yet right because you're like oh my underwear Wow I can hear you isn't that amazing even before I've been to Starbucks um look at this so I'm putting a black first of all there are lights under here that if I didn't have makeup on it would be frightening and okay so this is this is effectively a white pant look at this look at this you can't you can't you don't know which one and I didn't put one leg in but I put two two legs in so your underwear will not show which is it because frankly not a good look right right everyone's why I see women with just the wrong foundations and I'm just like now it's like either they didn't turn around or they don't have any friends okay I guess somebody didn't tell them you know there's elastic at the top of this so there was a woman on the flight coming out here I wanted to do an intervention for her she was wearing pants that were too low of a rise but okay that's just my personal opinion and then she went to get something out of the overhead no yeah and she was a woman of a certain age like right and not a skinny mini and so down came the pants right to the crack yes ma'am and I was like really you're a thong girl thinking like oh honey like you know you've got to get the rise in your pants right you want them to hit right at your belly but right now your belly button just listen I'm I wear well I'm proud to say I've lost 10 pounds on my keto diet but I I carry weight here yeah if this were any lower you would get that wonderful look yes I just did that on TV but but but that's the thing that muffin top does not make me feel good that's right and it's not about me it's about the rise in the pound right that's really what makes the difference yeah so you want to make sure that that rise comes up and gives you that coverage and you don't want to be the lady searching around in the overhead compartment and no and this holds you right it's not gonna go slipping down your trishy we kind of chuckle about that because we've all seen those fashion faux pause but this is thing nobody wants to look bad we don't nobody's know we just have to have access to the right clothes and that's why the today's specials so important and if you want to get this look what you see Erin with she's wearing a Vince Camuto blouse really cute she's wearing the today's special the Marla Wynne flatter fit pant and then she's wearing some really cute wedges from Frankel Sarto so a really easy look like I told you these pants are these are the ones you're gonna reach for Sunday through Saturday going to work are going to play going to somewhere special or going to nowhere special you know what because they're gonna be there so copy that show up event you can cut you can fall asleep in these pants and they stretch with you well these are for waiting this is this these there's not a way these don't stretch and it is that 22% nylon the 3% spam those two fibers you look at fabrics first of all all fibers are not created equal you'll say oh this is cotton well there's cotton and then there's Egyptian cotton you know what I mean and this how many threads you know and and what the what the size of the yarns are and what goes into this is so interesting because on the outside you feel the viscose it feels like a nice clean twill but on the inside if you feel the inside of this pant it's got a smoother feel that's because that's where the nylon and spanis because you want it next your skin because that is what is going to hold you okay and you've got it it's our today's special the price is good for only one day and after today they will automatically the price will automatically go up so if you are if you're watching and you're saying I want to try them whether it's for the color or the fit or the comfort what the style whatever the case is call us or go to hsn.

com and order yours and you can get them using any major credit card it's called flex pay and you're paying $16.

66 for your flatterfit pant because ultimately what that's what you want your pant to do is flatter your body that's why we have a thousand different pairs of black pants still looking for the perfect black it is the number one criteria women I would say over 45 because they do start to shape-shift a little just wait till you hit menopause you're gonna have fun not and and so to be able to have a pant by the way and I don't know about you guys but you know my weight like fluctuates a little bit I love that the shape shift yes it with me and they they'll stretch and they'll recover but you need to have that fit on the bottom I say fit on the bottom fashion on the top fit on the bottom flow on the top I love these pants they're a little Audrey Hepburn ish yes particularly if you buy them true to size I can't get that little trouser look or go down a size as we have this morning and get a you know so that sort of tighter skinny pant you can't lose that's right it's a personal preference that's right it is so true to size and I know all of our ladies who are watching who love you love Marla's line I know you've already picked up your today's specials but if there's as you're watching and you haven't tried anything from Marla's line yet from marla wynne or marla lair or when layers this is gonna be your time to jump in and see why everyone raves about Marla's collection why you see us here the hosts on air wearing it all the time matter of fact I was I wore my Marla Wynne pants in today and the stylist thought they were hers and I said nope those are mine these ones I wear and by the way I really want you guys to write to me I read every review I love the good ones but the ones that really interest me are the bad ones because that's how I learned you can also write to us at Marla Wynne calm and by the way just a little special something something for you girls it is spring I want to celebrate I want to celebrate with you so if you go to Marla Wynne comm sign up for our email so we can send you our look books with special announcements one lucky winner is gonna wear it when a head to toe spring outfit that I will curate specifically for our winner so please get in touch with us it's Mario Marla Wynne calm and and all you have to do is sign up for our email we're gonna do a random drawing and you could win oh I love that little spring present I like that because Marla you really do you read reviews you listen to what people say you listen to the feedback but Marla always brings her her eye and her attention to detail and everything and that's what it's about it's not just another pant it's a pant that was years in the making to get right every time this is the best-selling pant from Marla's collection we haven't done it as a today's special in nearly four years but we've got it for you now and we've got your basic colors we've got canvas black or I'll even call ombre blue that's a basic right and then you can have a little bit by month color right here is fine and by the way I love seagrass which is what I'm wearing I think the seagrass and the pair together oh nice are just beautiful right very nice but white with the pear is just lilac gray or the canyon rose tell us about this color it's a new color a new color well I just felt like you know I wanted to have another color that popped but I didn't want to be ridiculous I feel like the pair is my out there color for a pant I didn't want to do great boring for the summer myth I didn't want to do that and this to me was a beautiful way to move into spring and summer I love it with white I love it with a white poplin blouse I love it with some of the pieces yeah look to me it's just very elegant dressy but gives you a little bit of a pop right and what's amazing about it is it goes with other colors so beautifully so oddly it is almost like a basic color but it is new to my collection I do tend to put a little bit of sort of gray tones in a lot of my colors certainly not the pair why do I do that because I know how much black people have in their closet and by putting that little bit of grey in there a lot of our colors even though they even in the lilac you are able to mix it so well with denim with your little denim jackets with anything black in your closet so it all mixes and matches and this really is gonna be all year round for you yes it is and how do I take care of that oh yes that's right because you so easy you throw it in the wash yeah and that's right in the wash yeah stick it on a hanger yeah and you let it dry okay we can do that yes even I can do that okay so dude right honestly I am essentially lazy when it comes to dressing because I spend my life thinking about clothes movement so in my personal time somehow that feels like work so basically the way I pick things is what's clean uh-huh right and in the summer I have a ridiculous amount of white poplin shirt it's like a stupid amount like probably 40 why I've never gotten rid of one of my poplin shirt Wow and I wear a poplin shirt every day with a different color pant that's it okay cuz I never have to worry about I mean I'm just I'm so lazy that way but you listen when you find what works why here it's easy you'll find that we have as women we have a closet full of clothes and what are we wear what the same thing we were the same thing it's licit we always want to look good do you know why the drama kimonos do so well because you can throw this drama Colonna over anything anything and it elevates it but it's easy so you look like I'm so glamorous yes I in Paris and I'm a designer oh yes no no I changed the cat letter before I came you know so but I can walk out of the house looking like somebody does that for me yeah I but I have no Magical Elves I would like some Matt I would like a live-in magical elf but I can't find wine look listen if you find one cinder why don't I spend in my house just wasn't that magical more uh fish you are hilarious we do glad that you're here Marla is with us for another full hour too so definitely stay sir do you haven't had enough I know another cup of coffee and to order your today's special because the pants really if you haven't tried them yet and if you're wondering are they really gonna be good are they really gonna fit my body your semen for all of us like the reviews and we're all different heights and shapes and sizes we're all wearing the same pant and it works we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna get some tea and some coffee and we're gonna coming right back for a full hour of Marla way [Music] G by Giuliana is for the confident fashionable amazing woman she can expect to feel comfortable she can also expect a lot of compliments they'll be asking who are you wearing [Music].

Spring 2020 Fashion Challenge Via Zoom Call With Another Blonde Traveler

Bonjour tout le monde, how are you doingtoday welcome back to à la Parisienne it's Farah here.

So I have a very excitingvideo again it's my second challenge.



So today it's the contender is going to bemy good friend Jessika and she is living in London.

So we did again a zoom calland Jessika and I met here in Paris four years ago so and we've been followingeach other on YouTube we initially started following each other on YouTubethat's how we became friends and then we met in Parisand she moved to London so we have quite a long relationship and so she's likeyes one of my good friends, and I so I challenge her she is a very talentedblogger you should check out her blog she goes by @anotherblondetravelerso we will do another video on her channel of course so check her outafter.

I'm gonna read you the trends that she gave me right here.

All beigenumber one; gold chains number two; puff sleeves number three; ruffles number four;and colored leather (number five).

So we're gonna hop on the zoom call and I'll see you there.

Alright it's recording hey how are you I'm good how are you I'm good I'm goodyeah so you're sitting in London I'm at home for the past five weeks I think.

A lot of fun yeah we've certainly seen a lot of these walls.

Yeah I know, yea me too a lot of these.

Sothank you so much for being on my challengeguys this is Jessika so I'm gonna let Jessika tell you a little bit aboutherself voilà take it away Sure um so I can start with how we metactually I know Farah from YouTubeand I had also a beauty channel which I don't have anymore but and then she cameto Paris where I was living at the time and we just connected and we've beenfriends since I think it's like nice to meet people true online and stuff likethat because you already have that connection and that thing in common andit's been so lovely to have this connection with you tooyeah I mean even know when we're far it's still nice whenever we get toconnect and yeah now it's funny because I live in Paris now and you're in Londonso yeah these were so connected yes and it's not that bad with the Eurostar yeahbut yeah and later when I was in Paris I decided to leave my youtube channel andkind of go more into the Instagram path so I have an Instagram called anotherblonde traveler which is basically on travel and lifestyle mental health andthat's about it so I'm not really in the fashion scenelike you.

Are you kidding, you know your IG is gorgeous.

Guys, you have just check out her Instagram she postssuch beautiful pictures from all around the world and I really really love yourcontent and even now you're starting to make youtube videos again and I'vealways loved your content the way you create so it was like a bit more hard Iguess to create content for cuz it's a lot more effort right yeahsometimes I'm not motivated so I don't post as much as I should.

But I thinkInstagram is quite hard to for.



for me I find YouTube more an easyplatform to create for ironically and so for me it's the opposite you do moreeditorial style shoot as well yeah so I guess in a sense they require look ofmore effort as me I'm literally just putting my personality out there sothere's not much effort that needs to be put cuz I'm the one coming up like withthe location and everything and I'm like okay and I'm just like having fun Idon't need a photographer I just grab my boyfriend.


Well my boyfriend's been in training because you will see he's filmed the outfits.

Oh well, I filmed mine on my own so there's not a lot of movement.

Oh that's okay, yeah I'm notmoving a lot either just like turn and up and down so yeah so with that letstell me about the trend you chose I gave her five trends for spring 2020 so youchose one of them which one did you chooseI kind of chose the same color palette and I went into the neutral I havepersonally been loving this trend a lot and I think a lot of people are reallyenjoying it yeah – I really enjoyed it – yeah I love colors so it was a bit nicefor me to step out of this and is the one I could make work with my wardrobebecause one of the rule of your challenge is actually that we have towork with what we have.

We have to work with we have exactly yeah.

Yeah so Ican't wait to see so show me you have to share your screen with us so that I cansee your beautiful look.

Oooh cute! So cute.

Ah I love! So cute.

so tell me about your outfit like what how why didyou choose what you did so basically I started the outfit with the whole whitelook and the goal was to put my white blazer on top of it to have like a realone color but I didn't fit in it anymore (laughs) Aaah it's so cute with the the beige I love it! And yes I just started with this and then my white blazer didn't fit and then I was like oh but I have thisbrown one and I've been enjoying also the headscarf trend and I think Iangular way to wear it quite cool because it reminds me of likeS Club 7.

It's very 90s I was just about to say I love that.

And then like bigchains are back.

I love the chains I need to get myself like a chain necklace Ireally really dig that trend right now yeah it's so funny because I bought thatlike so long ago and it was like in one of my bags and my closet and I knew Ihad it and I was like you know it's trendy now so I just dig it out and justa little clear crop top which I think goes pretty much anything that are makeit a bit more casual and then I wear it with a pair of basic heels I think itwould have looked amazing with some you know the new flip-flops heels that arein trend but I didn't have any so I don't know about this new flip-flopheels I need to I need to know more but you just don't.



Maybe it's not like in myhead right now yeah, but yeah I really like.



The in-between the toes shoes butthey're kitten heels.

Oh those! yes I really do they would look amazing for like abeach vacation or you know yeah but they would look incredible with this outfit Iagree.

Yeah, but I didn't have any no I went but when I had I really liked yourheels though so once you chose they're so cute tooand they're really cute and super uncomfortable which makes them not really convenient to go out but.

So are fashion shoes always like that so cute yes sobeautiful but not practical right? Exactly, but yeah so I think this is Ithink also could this look would look nice with flat sandals and just go tothe market or something so I think it's a very versatile look to be honest and Ilove these color for spring and.



Yeah it's so fresh I agree andlike you said like the the one thing it's really working so yeah goodjob I really like your outfit.

Thank you so, so are we going to yours? So i'm going to stop sharing.

Yes so you can stop your screen share I will .



oh .



Hello! Hello someone's making an appearance.

Someone's making an appearance.

okay I'm gonna share my.



ah yeah, here.



so, let me tell you a little bit.

Which trend did you choose? Okay so before we go I chose the all beige but I wanted to put a little money twist on itso I I had like this like beigey snakeskin skirt as you can see and so Ipaired it with that will I'll play the video so you can see the whole outfit soI paired it with these shoes because I really liked the hardware with that andI'm so into like hardware and I'd like to make feminine things more hard and Iact this is actually a skirt that I put on top of the dress and I just put abelt around it to make it look kind of new and fresh.

That's cool yeah I wasn'texpecting it to be a skirt.

Yeah? Thank youYeah so no bra but usually that doesn't go down so well outside but you knowwe're home so.

I mean I never have a bra, so.

So this is the look and I think if you'rewalking it would look really nice because you can see you know the panels.

Yeah and the different layers kind of moving.

Yeah it would I think yeah so I thought that it could be a really likecool different different look so.



I think it's pretty nice to layer a dress because we tend to just put a jacket or something you know just kind ofdifferent yeah I think this is original way to layer the dress, and I think it looks really cool.

Thank you thank you I yeah I just triedsomething and I'm glad it worked because I wanted to use the beige skirt and alsothe dress and I was like this is a conundrum so well using what we have tolike create a different look you know like that's the that's the challenge hereso I don't have a black belt unfortunately or you can also switch upthe brown for the black belt that could be cool too.

But Iike the brown.

Oh yeah you like the brown? I like the brown in here because I think it complements reallywell the skirt and the dress and I like when like things are mismatched abit ya know I try not to put shoes bags over you know belts I try to always kindof break them apart so I think it's we have the the silver from the shoesworked with the belt and then the black from the shoe also works with the bag, so I think it all works well together.

I'm glad you like it I would say it's more interesting I guess to havelike a little contrast why not contrast really it'scomplementary but it's not like matchy matchy yeah and I think that that's agreat side of fashion is that you can have fun and well I liked about thechallenge you've put is working with what we have showing yes trendy piecesin your wardrobe you know? I actually yeah because I've done this challenge nowyou're the second person I did it with and I really had to like dig outthings which was so nice because you just keep put things away and you reallylike it's a good opportunity to kind of like find your clothes againlike really redefine your clothes in a way so it's fun.

Yeah, it was the definitely fun and yeah as you said like digging because we tend to keep to play with thethings we just bought because we're like oh it's so amazing its new but yeahlet's come back so it's important to navigate around what we have as wellbefore buying yeah healthy healthy shopping habits right yes I'm not goodat it but I'm reaching for it.

Me neither but actually this quarantine has been areason to do that so that's what I wanted to incorporate that part in thischallenge because it's it's a good way to use what you have I think I've likereally re-thought my buying how to say my buying habits after after being meyeah after being in lockdown.

I haven't bought anything, can you imagine?Except for.



, except for groceries oh no me I've bought plenty of stuff my conciergebuilding and seeing me collecting packages and I'm just like “Hiii.

” Okay yeah so this is like the two maybe the two extremes like the person who doesn't buy anything theperson who loves to buy because I have friends like yo.

But most of it wasn't clothes though.

Oh okay.

I think I think it's like being in myhouse so much I'm seeing what's not functional? Yeah oh that's good.

Yeah I bought like some jewellry boxes or a basket for the toilet paper in the bathroom you knowlike these kind of stuff oh but that's good that's making your home nicer I like that I would I would do that but I don't have a big enough flat tobuy anything for.

Paris flats are something when it comes the size.

Sothank you so much for being on this challenge girl I really really lovedseeing your outfit and for you to be on here we have a challenge on Jessica'schannel too which we're gonna film the video for now next if you want to alsocreate this challenge you can hashtag it as lifestyle and yeahdefinitely try this out find trends in your wardrobe and recreate like we didand it's a lot of fun do it with a friendit is good so thank you for having me on your channel oh it's my pleasure thankyou for being here so I see you in the next video darling, bye! Okay my friends that was the challenge let me know in the comments below how you likedit and if you are a youtuber or Instagrammer and want to do thischallenge I challenge you to get together with your friends and find atrend in your wardrobe pick five trends give it to your friend and let them dothe same to you find one trend and share and if you do this challenge be sure topost your pictures on social media or share the video down there so I canwatch with this tag #LIVEstyle I'm gonna put it right here and don't forgetto check out Jessika's channel isn't she fabulous Ireally loved this girl and she has really really an amazing Instagram soyou have to check her out and check out the video next that we didtogether it's a different concept to this challenge but really really greatas well I had a lot of fun creating the look on there so with that um, give thisvideo a big thumbs up if you're liking these challenges so I know you're onthis journey with me be sure to subscribe if you're new and I will seeyou in the next video take care of yourself, à la prochaine fois.


Spring Break Haul | Fashion over 40 Spring Trends 2018

Hi guys! So we're back after two weeks off of springbreak.

Our kids had different spring breaks, so wereally missed filming for the past two weeks and hanging out.

Definitely missed you.

I missed you too.

Glad to be back.

Well we did enjoy some great family time andwe managed to fit in a little shopping.

So we thought it would be fun to kind of showyou some of the things we were able to pick up on our different trips.

And for me I actually got to go to Orlando.

I got to hang out with a childhood best friendand they have lots of yummy food there but one of the great things about Orlando is theyalso have some really prime outlet mall shopping.

So we did a lot of that and was able to.

This is one of my purchases that I got.

I love tote bags and for myself I have suchdark clothing in a lot of my wardrobe so I always have a black tote, a dark brown totebut what I was really missing was something a little bit lighter for spring time.

So this is what I ended up picking up.

You know totes are super versatile you canwear it casually hanging out and you can just shove everything inside of a tote.

Oh yeah and your kids love to hand you allof their junk to put in it.

Exactly! And the fact that I was able to get a reallygood deal on it.

Just makes it that much better.

So what did you end up getting? I am actually wearing one of the pieces Ipicked up.

And we actually went to Charleston South Carolinaand they had some great shopping there.

Great eating of course but some great shopping.

They have an area called King Street whichis all boutiques and really cute little places and my daughters and I were just having aball.

So I actually stumbled on this little turquoisetassel necklace.

I just love the color.

I love pairing turquoise with other brightsummer colors, like cobalt blue or fuchsia.

So I figured this is something I'll definitelyget some use out of in the spring and summer.

And it was also a good deal on sale.

Good job! Yea! I'm rubbing off on you.

You totally are.

The other item I actually picked up was atthe Express outlet mall; was actually this shirt.

And you know I usually do not wear florals.

That is so me! Like I totally would steal that shirt! You can borrow it any time.

Pink and floral! But I like it because it's a floral patternbut it's a lighter floral so it's not too in your face.

And you know of course the portofino convertibleshirts, you don't have to iron them.

And you know I don't have time for any ofthat.

So this is something I thought was perfectfor spring.

I felt like the color matched well with myskin tone and you know.

I love it! don't be surprised you see me wearing onejust like it.

Cause that's all me right there! Very cute! Well the next thing I found was this totebag.

You know I love mom bags too and it fits allkinds of goodies in here.

And the thing that I thought was really coolabout this is that it's actually reversible.

Two bags for the price of one.

That's super cute.

Yeah so for spring and summer I thought thislight color is really pretty but when it gets to be fall I'll definitely be swapping itout for the darker brown.

So I thought that was really cute and a goodlittle suvenieur.

Does that have a little tassel actually? It does have a tassel which is actually oneof the spring trends and it has this little purse.

Funny thing it only clips when you're wearingit on the other side of the bag but it is really cute little pouch that you can useas a wallet and throw in there.

It also has a magnet closure.

You better be careful.

I can see your daughter going in there andtaking it out of your closet.


Yeah she really like it.

And the last item I picked up was this reallycute Tori Burch belt.

Of course I have every shade of black andbrown and patterns but I really wanted something that was a little bit brighter and lighterfor springtime.

And it is actually reversible, so you justunscrew it from the back and flip it over to the other side.

So you know now you've got a good deal becauseyou've got two belts for the price of one.

Look at us we've got a theme going.

Two bags.

Two belts.

We are always so in sync.

I know.

I love that.

That is totally my shade.

And I love the fact that it is a statementbelt but not too in your face.

I love it.

Super cute.

And who doesn't love a Tori Burch belt.

And they can't see it on the camera but ithappens to like perfectly match with your shoes.

Yeah super cute.

Yeah that wasn't by chance.

It was meant to be.

Well I did get one more thing.

My last thing I picked up in Charleston wasthis scarf.

Which you know I totally need more scarves.

Well you can't have enough scarves.

Especially when you live in Florida.

But this is a summer spring scarf and I justloved the colors and the floral print.

I love something about turquoise with redis just totally my thing so I picked this up and I actually wore it while we were inCharleston with an all white jeans and a white tee.

And I just love the combination and reallyspringy and I can definitely see myself using this for summer so you know that's how I justifyit.

One more souvenir.

So it was a fun successful spring break forboth of us.

And the more you add to your wardrobe; isthe more that I'm adding to my wardrobe.

And I have a feeling that we are going tobe seeing some of these items in lookbooks.

Oh absolutely! Well I'm glad to have you back.

I'm glad we're back.

Spring break was awesome but I definitelymissed our time together.

So now we're going to have to do a littlelocal shopping.

Yeah maybe we should do something like a scarf, you know like different ways to wear scarves or something.

Oh I like it.

Well we definitely have plenty to choose from.

Well guys if you like this video please giveit a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe.

Yes we would love for you join our MommiesMakeup and Moscato family and get to check out our new fashion videos we have comingup for you.

See you next week.

Alright, bye!.

HSN | Spring Fashion Edit 04.25.2019 – 07 AM

3, 900 [Music] well April is customer appreciation month here on HSN and all month long HSN cares is giving away $1000 every day to charities nominated by our customers so today's charity was chosen by Angela Marie Perez she nominated cancer and careers who empower and educate people with cancer to thrive in their work within their workplace angela became involved with cancer and careers when she was diagnosed at 38 and looking for help balancing career with family and with her cancer diagnosis now she shares her story at their events to champion the program she says when I found cancer in careers it offered next steps it was a gateway to information advice and community all on my own terms the organization's strength was giving me back my power thanks to Angela cancer and careers will be receiving today's $1000 from HSN cares and visit HSN cares page on hsn.

com to learn more about all of the charities that have been selected this month all right and now it is time for our big spring fashion block stay with us [Music] all right so spring fashion we do this show every Thursday morning starting at around 7 a.


and usually we've got two hours which we do today but then we're gonna extend it one more hour because Giuliana Rancic who has our today's special which I'm wearing this great jumpsuit is gonna be with us so this is gonna be a lot of fun now we are gonna be simulcasting live on HSN Facebook page so if you have any questions you can ask them there and we will do our best to answer them live here on air so if you're looking for maybe some fashion for spring jumpsuits tops jeans we've got some really great jean jackets from Diane Gilman we've got some jewelry coming up we even have skincare from Plex Edurne we've got it all for you and I hope that you can stay with us and shop and this is gonna be a lot of fun but we're gonna jump in and get it started shall I head on don't you guys look good we're gonna get it started I'm gonna head on over to our rack so that you can see how great erin and tiana look in the dg2 v-neck tulip him top and what's really great is that whether it's with your traditional jeans your colored jeans or anything else you decide to put on bottom this top is gonna be beautiful Tiana has it on in the teal and Erin is wearing it in the ivory I'll also show you aqua raspberry and blush extra small to 3x is the way you order and Shivan Sarna it's looking so great thank you in my dg2 loving that whole spring vibe and a horse this is a gorgeous top isn't it feels delightful on the skin and also these colors pop back to some matching jeans we have for you those are coming up and if you're familiar with the dg2 brand you know that this is clothing that makes you look good and feel good but it's fashion-forward it makes you stand out and it's going to fit like a dream so you have yours is really soft pretty v-neck you also have that tulip bottom which is an overlay of the fabric in just really graceful crisscross design on the bottom and that tulip hem gives it a lot of nice interest there's flow because this fabric is designed to do just that instead of cling and that's the Aqua here it is in the teal that's what you've been seeing on the on our gorgeous model and then over here just peaking over here there's the raspberry here's the blush which is a true blush you know that's your signature color Jam I love and then and so you see them all just beautiful flow beautiful movement and I like that these are a really perfect opportunity for spring because they do have a sleeve that just gives you a nice kind of softness to it right it's $34.

75 that's the event price the regular price will be 42 which is still a great value but when you can get it for 34 why not matter of fact you can get it on flex pay for 17 dollars and 38 cents and these are all exclusive it's so interesting of course we know Diane and dg2 for the jeans but the tops she creates them kind of hand-in-hand absolutely so there's a vision for how you're gonna build these wardrobes and outfits and this is one that's gonna go back to a lot of the jeans that we have for this season because of the matching colors and stories and tonal ideas here but when you want a top that's going to have a soft bell sleeve the sleeve isn't too dramatic there places for that yes right but this is that dressed up tee that's why it's not called a blouse nor is it really called a tee at the top yes it's the top and of course dg2 is very famous as you said for the jeans with over 14 million pairs spoken for here at HSN it's a lifestyle brand that brings you incredible reliability if you think about it the performance is always there but then you don't really think about a fashion line and reliability but think about it if you could put those two together wouldn't that be terrific and that's exactly what dg2 is by the way she will be here tonight at midnight is a launch of a new today's special very nice that's exciting yeah I'll be here tomorrow morning so you get a chance to kind of jump in and get some pieces and then get geared up for today's special for tomorrow what what I love about this tulip him too in addition to the fact that it's just soft and feminine is that it kind of gives you that illusion of that have that front tuck yeah which you front tuck to kind of show off some shape but this gives you the illusion of it without actually having to do the front tuck and figure out am i doing it right you know is it laying properly it's just all done for you and the top would look really great with these skinnies these are your up lifter pull-on skinny jeans and look at you I'll show you the colors and then there's technology built in super cool technology I love the pack yeah so we've got coral yeah it's very pretty so creamy this is your yellow sunshine we have aqua very nice and then do we have let me show you the other colors the one in front of you is a little bit confusing because that one is black oh yeah it really looks so great okay you soft wash back okay then we have the chambray mm-hmm we also have B as this one B I think that's the indigent to go and the one I have right over here which is a bit slightly lighter a man on a galloping horse isn't gonna be able to tell the difference and then we also have it for you in this shell egg shell which is a brand-new color this season this isn't that nice yeah it's not khaki it's not white it's very good with blush yeah okay it was like a cameo color shell yeah the seashell color I get excited we've got average petite and tall extra small to 3x on these so there's the so here's a pair of jeans that I'm gonna show you inside out and why it's because there's special technology built in is we've just been seeing the derriere is going to be lifted in these jeans that's why they're called uplifters you simply pull them on there's special technology built in to give you a really comfortable lift everybody's looking great front side and back and on the inside is Tamara think of a pair of shaping bike shorts that are just the back half working to lift you that is exactly what you have built-in shapewear built into these jeans to give you definition and to give you lift so this is actually cotton and spandex that is really carefully formulated to give you that not smashing okay but lifting okay and that's built in on the back it's sewn into place right here on the side seams and then in the front you have your favorite dg2 jeans plain flat front no button no zipper total smoothness and it doesn't feel bulky when you're wearing it I don't watch it and you don't notice when you're wearing it you're not gonna see some line of is there something under the Jean nothing at all just nice and smooth with that uplifter built in so it's if you are saying I thought I had every pair of dg2 jeans but you don't have the uplifters try them out I love that it's an easy pull on there's no you know it's nice and flat there's no like zippers and buttons or anything like that just a nice easy flat front which is fantastic and we're gonna show you how to get the look as well so if you're looking at the girls and you're saying okay that's that just casual cool look this is the way that you go take a look at Nadia she's wearing the peasant blouse which is dg2 we have the cheese belted it I believe that's an ADA belt she's got the dg2 Jean a Dooney and Bourke satchel she's wearing a Charles David pump she's ready to go rocking it and those are everything is available and she looks very spring doesn't she yeah it's so sophisticated at the same time for sure and it's simple remember we are simulcasting live I want to say good morning to Deborah Laura Cindy and Christine and Christine says hi Siobhan hi Tamra happy spring fashion edit thank you Laurie was asking about my necklace Laurie my necklace is it is a multi strand necklace from Danielle from Danielle Nicole that's the name of the brand you can check hsn.

com but I don't I think this one it might be sold out but it's one that I love all the time so the brand is Danielle Nicole just in case and if you have questions ask us on HSN Facebook page and we'll answer them live on air for you but when you're shopping for the Jean and maybe you're saying I want to branch out and do a little bit of color this would be the time to do it worse permission granted right you can stick with your darker you know wine and black and Gray's maybe in the winter that's fine but this is your spring/summer idea of just fresh and very the word is refreshing Tamra that's it it's just like a little umbrella drink by the pool so that's the that totally clean front and back you also have special seam details here on the side I don't know if you can see it on that one but they're like inverted Chevron's that lift the derrière so that's all built in very strategically to give you even more lift there's that slice of that pie right there triangle and it's designed to help with a lift this is the kind of pie that helps your body look good yeah with no calories yeah exactly I'm glad you mentioned that and pointed that out because for those of us who are not designers sometimes we see stitched work and we think oh that's just for the law decoration for decoration but it actually is doing something for your body and that's why some jeans look so good on your body and maybe some are not as flattering look at that there's this is just a really strategically placed bit of fabric that helps lift those seams help lift you know sometimes you see all that seaming on bras and all that that helps to lift it well hello this is helping to lift the derrière right here and also you're getting smoothing and shaping but also definition it's not flattening oh hello it's lifted I don't know that's the greatest re that was not even on purpose it gives you a beautiful shape let's move on no pockets are needed actually in the before with the other brand those pockets actually make it look how disproportional yes shape your same woman's same day we all know this model who's a regular here at HSN she looks fantastic in the after yeah just is it possible that she could look younger from a pair of jeans it is and because she has something that fits her body and that's that deal it's so funny I've learned so much about jeans yeah Jean shopping Jean buying which jeans are right for your body and for so many years when everything went really low rise and then the pockets started to get lower all of a sudden we weren't as confident in our jeans because that's when we started to ask do these jeans make me whatever my butt look big or make it look flat or make me when you have a jean that comes around to the natural waist it fits you the way it's supposed to and it's not distracting in any way right you know that's when you know you found the Jean you can see tiana came out I have a feeling that today is gonna be one of those days and I mean every time Tiana walks out it's just wow I'll have what she's having that's right right effortless dressing that makes you look like you have a stylist you have an in-house designer and you do it's diane gilman dg2 and the team and here is a way for you to get color to stand out you don't have to blend in but it's also not about like what was she thinking instead it's like wow where did she get that yeah that's sort of what your target is if you're that kind of competitive shopper who loves to have that kind of reward and feel good payoff and it makes you feel good for yourself that's the main thing yes dg2 is a place that you will find that over and over and over again and I like that we're showing you the colors were showing you the traditional denim colors as well and we'll show those to you live and in person for sure but if you like a little if you want to brighten it up because you see those there on naughty and you're saying yeah I hadn't thought about doing a yellow but you can totally do it maybe you were when you saw Tiana and she was wearing those in that really pretty aqua color and you thought well I hadn't thought about that but yeah and then don't forget there is also a coral so that's spring that's maybe over Easter you saw a lot of you know everybody kind of brought out their vibrant colors and it just makes you smile and if you don't have those yet then go for it today I love that you can even roll them up to give you a different kind of look we've got petite average and tall inseams we have extra small to 3x these will fit your body beautifully because that's how they were designed and it's not about you know designs and names splashed across the back it's really just about a wonderful fit and these are as skinny but I just there's something about the way that they're cut that doesn't seem as severe as a original skinnies I agree with you and the way that we're showing it to you if you go with a size that's a little let's say you're not as full through the leg and you could cuff it the way we're showing it to you and it kind of looks boyfriendy yeah a little bit of a boyfriend feel for sure but you know if you've shot by color I know you do I shot by color sometimes I'm in the mood for red and then I'll you know look like red on hsn.

comm and everything will come up that's right I love pink not a secret hi nice to meet you my favorite colors pink I'll shop by pink look if you are color confident if you are like ooh everything peach is me yeah you don't find great peach jeans every day that are you know really dg2 she's color confident we love having things that are personality statements that are that are compliment pieces but it's also as I said about you were feeling good in your own skin in your own jeans and then oh let's talk stretch yes stretch and recovery must-have this is what the dg2 brand is so famous for it's called an uplifter Jean just to give you the flashback this is the panel built in to these genes that give you shape and definition we saw the before and afters and what this piece of powerful fabric can do for you in terms of shaping I'm not gonna call it slim wear right because that would sort of squash yes but this is shapewear yes help you with that shape and it's right and it's only in the back area just right here yes and you don't you want to put it on again it doesn't feel like you're wearing a lot underneath your jeans it you're not gonna see any line of demarcation it's not gonna show nobody knows that it's there they just know how you look really good Wow you just look you know when you're wearing something that's right for your body I was just talking with a friend earlier I said it doesn't matter the size it's just all about the fit and when something fits when it really fits your body you feel different that's when you look in the mirror and you say you know I like what I see so it doesn't matter the size on that extra we do have them for you and you order the size it's gonna be right for you and then you put it on and just look good that's all you have to do after that so if you love the look of the brighter colors you're gonna go with aqua yellow coral or eggshell if you want your traditional denim colors you're gonna go with the mid-tone that you see there we've got indigo we have chambray and we also have black which is like which is like a gray color it's a very washed this is black it's a very washed color but maybe this is how you do black when it's in the warm weather that's exactly right so if you feel like you know you're jet-black in the middle of May is gonna be too heavy then here's how you're rocking it you wear it with your black accessories you wear it with pastels and you make in white always and you make it very spring appropriate look at that with the ivory I like that classic spectator but in a modern way right so and then that peach that blush color with the coral jeans super-anxious yeah totally scrumptious and then if you wanted to do the the I call it tea stain in my head eggshell eggshell wanted to quickly show you a vision here because that works back with this even though the jacket is white there is an eggshell color within that jacket from dg2 when you see it close-up jumping is super modern and I'll tell you if this eggshell is something it's not white and it's not tacky exactly it is it's a creamier color and so maybe that's something that is missing from your wardrobe and I like that we've got it because we don't always see it like hardly ever like is in I don't think that we've ever done that color in a dg2 collection until this season so it's brand-new if you are a collector you don't have eggshell I hope I hope continue to see it – it's lovely isn't it very ladylike and you're right it's a nice alternative to khaki and white for sure and we're showing you kind of really kind of dressed with pumps and with high-heeled sandals and things like that but don't forget these are your jeans these are the ones you're gonna throw on and run around in and travel in and go on vacation and go sightseeing in these are your jeans they look good you're gonna look good in all of your pictures but these are the ones that you're gonna want to put on because they feel good on your body and they help your body to look their best and you don't have that you know that may be that lapse and confidence of are these okay you've got them on two flex payments of $25 these are new these are exclusive you don't have these yet please go ahead and try them and again we've got to talk about that stretch because the stretch is built-in so that they are gonna feel good always always you're gonna feel great they're performing for you you could be tired at the end of the day your jeans will not be jeans will not be and also it's nice if you want to do color and you know your like blue jeans would be too casual I think colored denim dresses things up for sure I think so too and you know it kind of really gives new meaning to jeans and a t-shirt totally because you know it's so funny when you kind of sit back and start – I love to people-watch do you do though yeah totally everywhere at the mall at the airport oh my god best people-watching but you see you start to see a sea of the same white t-shirt or black t-shirt and jeans and that's it and it doesn't take much to add your own stamp on something your own personality on something even if you're doing a t-shirt and jeans your t-shirt just happens to be blush your jeans just happen to be coral right all of a sudden it's a statement it's it's a it's a whole personality statement exactly and it's you're presenting yourself to yourself in the world in a very confident way so here's the uplifter technology it lifts at shapes at holes as I said it's smooth it doesn't squish and it defines that interior body support panel is advanced technology part of the fit solution technology capsule division within dg2 to give you that confidence coming and going where you feel totally supported and ultimately up lifted sure we're gonna give you a chance to go ahead and shop I know we do have to keep moving but you can keep shopping zero seven nine zero eight six is the item number again we're simulcasting live on HSN Facebook page so I want to say good morning to Christine to sue who are also joining us as well and sue was asking are we gonna see any red jeans today no red jeans today we do have a red jean jacket for you that's coming up in just a moment also I want to share this with you we always talk about the benefits of our HSN card but if you don't have one yet you're missing out so you can call us or you can go to hsn.

com to apply and when you're approved you can save up to $20 off of the very first purchase that you make when you use that HSN card and but that offer is going to end at the end of April so April ends and five days can you believe it's almost May 20 19 disturbed it's going by too fast we have the virtual stretch printed denim jean jacket customer pick on hsn.

com we have it for you in this beautiful white floral Christine this is for you this is the red floral look at how pretty that is we have your chambray striped floral so stripes and the floral print in front of Siobhan she has the chambray Paisley and then we also have that pretty yellow oriental floral very this has the white crowns on it yeah elegant extra small to 3x and you do have 3% spandex in these so this is virtual stretch and usually in virtual stretch jeans the bottoms we go down a size for me personally like I have on the extra small right now I like to go with my true size and a jacket that's my personal experience that's my personal preference and I like I'll leave it open maybe I'm gonna put a sweater underneath it and obviously my jeans you don't put sweaters underneath it so I just like that extra play and because it's virtual stretch it bounces back it stretches it's so flexible this is that favorite fabric from dg2 and favorite fabric in a jean jacket mm-hmm so the patterns make this extra special in the yellow which you have the crane the it's almost like a ink drawing right yes and there's these exquisite cherry blossoms chrysanthemums and the white crane and flight all signs of good luck then there's the striped mid-tone I think is that comb in Tibet out of the red red red floral straightest chambray the chambray striped floral okay so that is right behind you there Tamra so that's a scatter print where the it just looks like a bed of flowers that are thrown about tossed about a little bit of a seersucker feel and a very bright very spirited way to wear a denim jacket that isn't too floral in case you're like I don't know if I don't want flowers all over the place it's just got the splashes very very carefully placed on there I like that you mentioned seersucker cuz you're right that's right on the money and I really like seersucker such a great vibe we don't but and it does kind of have that that vibe to it which is cool so that's the chambray striped floral and how do you wear it you can wear it keeping everything underneath it very tonal tone down and just like the jacket be the star a hundred percent because there's a lot going on with a jacket especially when we look at the red one like the one I have on and the all-over Paisley so this is not a time where I would do a ton of accessories I would just as you said let the jacket be your fashion and your accessory yeah for sure and these are the kinds of jackets that you you know they are your look they are part of your look so when you go into a room or place of work you don't have to take it off it's not that kind of thing you leave it on you push the sleeves up you roll them up you keep it unbuttoned or you could button this up because it's not one of those real big clunky kind of denim jackets if you are near your computer please read the reviews because this is a customer pick and it's always nice to you I love reading reviews it's always nice to hear other people's opinions on pieces like this but read the reviews customer pick status you've got three flex pay which means you can use any major credit card and get these home for this jacket home for $22 and 14 cents and if you need a little oomph to your wardrobe because everything is solid and everything is maybe kind of basic or kind of neutral go for it you have your we're calling this one the white water color and this is the one that is based in white but you do have green and red and a little bit more of that stone color in so in terms of jeans like what which jeans whatever could I wear yes yeah it does work doesn't it eggshell if I want it to do that oh you're seeing the yellow which has yellow white and black you could even put grey with those as well so there's so many colors in each jacket it lends itself to what we already have in our wardrobe to pair with it right you can anything white on the bottom is gonna go with all of these and then any Blues are gonna go with your Paisley and with your chambray red floral stripe there the yellow is the most intricate the most intriguing the most different but I have to say the red one that I have on also cheers me up big-time yeah right red white and blue baby I made no wrong I like it enjoy this one it's six four six five zero four that's the number to get that one home and you can get it on flexpay for $22.

49 so enjoy extra small to 3x all right we do have more for you and our we're gonna give you a quick look at our today's special we're not gonna have a full presentation until next hour but it is it is from Giuliana Rancic thank you so much and you can see the jumpsuit from Giuliana Rancic is gonna be in your choice of we've got solids we've got prints it is just that super comfy stretch knit great jumpsuit that you can wear with everything and if you don't want to show your arms or if that's the only thing that this may be keeping you away then just pop on that cute little um cardigan that you can pick up separately we have all sizes extra small to 3x double extra small to 3x and we even have it for you in petite average and tall and that one is coming up in our next hour it's also what I'm wearing as well so you can go ahead and start shopping though if you want now we've got fashion this morning we've got fashion this evening with the list with Colleen Lopez and we're gonna give you a quick message on that right now the list is your go to guide for our favorite fashion and accessory finds of the week we have the best styles handpicked just for you join us every Thursday night to see what made the list [Music] G by Giuliana is for the confident fashionable amazing woman she can expect to feel comfortable she can also expect a lot of compliments he'll be asking who are you wearing designer Diane Gilman is coming back to HSN the Jean Queen returns with the new today's special her first ever patchwork Jean fashion and comfort in a fifth it flatters any figure watch live and see her entire collection at hsn.

com well you are watching HSN and this is our spring fashion edit but with fashion comes jewelry and you're seeing diamond a diamond eternity band ring and we've got colors of diamonds we've got stackable diamonds and what's really nice is that you can comfortably wear no matter on which finger you can stack your diamond rings and just have something that's special and a little bit different as well I want to first draw your attention to the colors of diamonds that we have for you because we've got them for you in champagne we have white blue and also black diamonds on the each ring that we've got here we've got sizes 5 through 10 available and I want to show you those as well because do you see this is the white as you can see very very pretty we've got the blue right there up front we also have this for you in the black diamonds as well as in the champagne diamonds and champagne are a little sort of like a warmer kind of a honey color I think traditionally we know the white diamonds because that is the most popular and I predict that it will also be the most popular for this ring so if you love the idea of wait now I can stack my diamond rings now I can wear them on different fingers instead of just on the ring finger because it's 6990 it's kind of hard to go wrong on those you've got three flex payments of $23.

30 we brought them in in sizes 5 through 10 these are all set in sterling silver going all the way around and you have and I'll show it to you on the white you have this very pretty do you see that this very pretty detailed work going all the way around the ring and it just gives it some extra oomph now these are total carat weight of about a quarter carat and which i think is perfect for a staff a bullring because traditionally when you stack rings together you you wouldn't stack necessarily bigger thicker wider rings together traditionally when you stack to kind of maybe make a statement or two we're on different fingers you would want a smaller more delicate eternity band and that's what these are we have them if you do have an HSN card you can get an extra flex and get these home first get your ring home for $17.

48 but just beautiful colors of diamonds it's so great that we can bring you things that are more difficult to find out in the stores I like the white diamonds in particular just because they just have a beautiful glow and you can see I put the white here and I put the champagne here and if you want it to wear you know maybe a ring on your ring finger or on your pointer finger maybe you want to I always have a like a ring on my pinky finger maybe it's gonna be on the middle finger I don't think that one's gonna fit but you get the idea maybe for you you're planning to stack on your thumb which I see a lot of some rings as well which are a lot of fun whatever the case is when you have diamonds real diamonds real sterling silver at a price like 6990 it's hard to say no to that so enjoy white diamonds black diamonds blue or champagne are your choices there all right I wanted to also share with you we do have colors of diamond earrings and these are gonna be two different choices for you so you can have your almost half carat total weight point four nine carats total weight or you can have a full carat total weight the half the nearly half carat 85 dollars and 90 cents Wow that's a phenomenal value or you can get the full carat weight and that's total carats meaning on both ears $129.

90 and we do have three color choices we've got the the champagne the ones that you see right there all set in sterling silver we have the Kashmir gray which is beautiful as well and we also have black diamonds and those are the ones that you see there and on the top that's gonna be your full carat and then on the bottom those are gonna be your I say nearly half carat because it's point four carats total weight and that's completely up to you in terms of the size that you want to go for let me turn these to the side so that you can see these are a Jay hoop style and when you are looking at them they just have a beautiful lightness to them a sparkle to them the fact that it's a Jay who almost looks like in certain angles it looks like a traditional oval hoop but it does kind of stop right there at the base of your earlobe so all you see is the sparkle of that diamond and when it comes to earrings you hear me say this all the time that earrings have a job to do the job of an earring is to bring light to your face they're like your own personal lighting system so when you've got the sparkle of a diamond nothing sparkles like a diamond nothing gives you just that feel of just the beauty that a diamond does and you're seeing it even the black diamonds have a sparkle that maybe other black stones just don't do you'll notice that these are and I'm going to share with you all the way on the side that's that Jay hook these are gonna be for the pierced ears only and whether you're going with the black diamonds because you're maybe particularly intrigued by that or maybe it's the cashmere which is a great I mean look at that it's got the look most closely of a white diamond but it just has that subtle almost silver kind of cast to it and these are called cashmere diamonds set in sterling silver which makes them look even wider even brighter and that's that sparkle and then I'll move over to the champagne ah aren't those beautiful the full carat a hundred and twenty nine dollars and ninety cents and just a really great little something for yourself a little gift for yourself it doesn't have to break the bank and they don't if you're looking at getting the full carat it's $25.

98 that's the flexpay if you are looking at getting the quarter almost the half care at the four point at point 4 9 carats it's about 21 dollars on your credit card but either way you're gonna get a beautiful Sparkle either way that these are the kinds of earrings that you can wear every day and it's not gonna be too much or it's not gonna be too glitzy even if you're not really fully dressed up these are the kind of earrings and diamonds that you could wear with your everyday shirts your everyday blouses your everyday kind of casual or even loungewear but you have a little bit of a sparkle and it's just a little something for you you can see the appraised value on these are upwards of five hundred and sixty nine dollars you're not spending anywhere near those prices even our regular HSN prices are good but the fact that you're getting them for even less makes it better so if you want to go ahead and pick those up get the full carat or get the 0.

49 carat total weight and you can get them in black diamonds cashmere diamonds or champagne diamonds now it is our Customer Appreciation Month and we do recognize that there are a lot of places to shop so we recognition to shop with us here at HSN so during our customer appreciation month of April we've got a $25, 000 so stakes so you can enter every day up until April 30th which is only five more days and you could win we're gonna get one lucky winner $25, 000 so go ahead and enter there's still time all right so this is our spring fashion edit we talk fashion we talk clothes we talk jewelry we talk beauty and we talk Footwear and right now we've got Clark's for you a really great wedge and we also have a ballet flat coming up as well but a really great wedge that if you're looking for just a walkable comfortable shoe from a brand that's been around for nearly 200 years they really are experts in feet and when it comes to making your feet feel good Clark's is the one to reach for and we've got this beautiful leather sandal it's a great wedge that is 2 and 3/4 inches high so it's not gonna be too high for you to walk in medium and wide widths starting with size 5 going to size 12 and we have half sizes and you've got an introductory price get these home on flexpay for $17.

50 and you're seeing them there in the white we also have them for you in black in tan in blue and blush and metallic and we'll show you all of those up close but Michelle proton o is joining us hello with Clark's she is the specialist from Clark's and Michelle these have already been so popular here at HSN yes so this was a today special about two weeks ago and it was amazing everyone loved it I wore them pretty much for 15 hours that day and I'm not gonna lie my feet were so comfortable I drove home in these I didn't rip them off the second I got home this is that wedge that is just so comfortable and it's so fashion-forward I mean it's kind of unexpected from Clark's but we really know how to marry fashion with style for sure and you and you see that and you see that in every you know whatever the variety of shoes are so as you're looking at these you're seeing some of the lighter colors that was the white the one right in front of Michelle is that beautiful metallic which if you want something that's gonna be neutral that goes with anything for sure we have them also for you in the is this one the tan no that's okay so this one's the blush yes we have it for you in this beautiful blue and it's like a mineral blue it's not like a shadow yeah for sure this is the tan if you also wanted another neutral and then this is that black very kind of I like the cutouts because it kind of lightens up so it doesn't look like a heavy shoe when you're wearing and it's not a heavy shoe because of that evie a outsole so you have that cork wrapped heel but it's evie a under there so it's super lightweight and then you have all the flexibility I mean normally a wedge is not flexible look at how how flexible that is on her foot I mean you go to any department store and pick up a wedge and it's not gonna flex that easily mm-hmm and then you have our ultimate comfort footbed in there so that's that heel to toe cushioning it's our ultimate comfort footbed you can see here all that cushioning when I press down on it it feels like you're almost standing on like a memory foam mattress it's purposeful padding where you need it most it's four millimeters of all of that comfort and it's not gonna flatten out over time it's anti bacterial bacterial and time it's gonna wick away any moisture so you don't need to when you're worried about your feet sweating in the summer I know here in Florida we worry about that sometimes but you no need to worry about that you have all that technology built in for sure and you can see that I love that you see the layers so that you can really understand when you put the shoe on you say wow why does it feel so good yeah I mean this is these are from a brand that's been around for nearly 200 years and did I read appropriately that about 200 pairs of hands touch each shoe before it gets to the market place it's crazy I mean we we analyze everything our designers make sure that they're using the right stitching and all the stitching is done by hand we have extensive fit tests and a very extensive QA process so it's not like you when you get a pair of Clark shoes you're just getting a product just thrown in a box I mean we really analyze everything and make sure that we're giving you the best product possible for sure that's why we've been a company for 208 almost 200 years and and I like that when you put these on there's no break-in period they just instantly feel good oh my gosh they are so flexible right out of the box yeah and which you can't say about a lot of shoes and even sandals but you can say them about your Clark's look at that flexibility now I mean that's and that's where your foot flexes when you walk and so you know if your shoe does not flex where your foot flexes then your shoe and your foot are having a fight exactly and no one wants to be unhappy I mean think about all those events you've gone to where they're pretty much ruined because your feet are not comfortable I mean when I look at pictures of my weddings I've gone to I don't want to remember I was so uncomfortable when those shoes I want to remember being comfortable and not even have to think about my feet and with this wedge you could wear this to a wedding I mean especially the metallic that would be like gorgeous for a wedding it's so funny that you mentioned weddings and I was in a wedding my one of my best friends this was years ago and I threw the shoes away during the reception I went into the ladies room and threw them away luckily we were near the beach so I could just walk barefoot but the shoes were just so uncomfortable I couldn't take it I literally wore them for a couple of hours just for the wedding and that was it and I'm sure they were so expensive you know I will never wear them again and I wouldn't even say you know give them to somebody to have their feet hurt as bad as mine we all have my feet hurt story because of shoes that weren't appropriate appropriate for us but not when it comes to Clarks exactly and once you try Clarks you're hooked I mean I've been wearing Clark's for over 10 years now and it's pretty much all that I have left in my closet at this point like you said I've thrown out the other ones because I don't want to deal with that anymore I'm a mom and you know I don't have time to deal with all of that I want to be comfortable when I'm out and not dealing with you know bunion pain or rubbing or any of that so it's really just all about that comfort for sure and that's what you have here and you're gonna order these in medium or wide widths which I always like that there's an option there because maybe over the years your feet have changed a little bit or you mentioned like bunions maybe you have issues with the sides of your feet and it's just so much better if you don't have to squeeze into something that's that's going to maybe rub in areas that you don't want it to you order sizes 5 to 11 we do have half sizes and Michelle for somebody maybe who've never worn Clark's would I just order my regular shoe size yes true to size okay but you know what also I love about this is that you have this hook and loop closure so if you have a skinnier ankle or a thicker ankle this just can be totally customizable you know it'll if your feet swell during the day so you can make it a little bit looser so that's another great feature we do a lot of hook and loop closures at Clark's for sure and as you're looking at those again you see the metallics there are several neutrals I would even venture to say that they're all pretty neutral I mean you can't go wrong you can't so whether it's the metallic we've got the white which is not a stark white so I don't want you to think oh gosh it's gonna be too bright it's not I like a whipped cream yes we have it for you in the blush typically when we think of blush we do think a little bit pink this doesn't have that pink in it it's just a really clean nice nude blush we've got it for you in blue which I call it mineral blue because it's but I think it's gonna look great with jeans definitely that's for your denim girls for sure this is the tan and you're gonna see these on Erin in a moment and I love them with your summer dresses and then we have it for you in black and if you want to wear black in the summertime in the hot weather it's nice that it's not a bottom the sole is not black that outsole it's just lighter if you love the look that you see on Erin look at how great that is she's wearing a Vince Camuto dress she has on a curations hat she's wearing a patricia nash bat how cute and she's wearing the Clark sandal that were talking about I mean I love that log she's comfortable she could go to concerts she could go to the farmers market she could go traveling I went to the big the big amusement park here locally yesterday that would have been perfect there I mean and in those shoes she's not counting the hours to take them off right and that's the thing about wedges to you you feel more sure-footed in a wedge but normally like I wouldn't wear a wedge during the day if it was from another brand I would put on my flip-flop or my sneaker but with these I can wear these all day in tonight because of all of that comfort built in here absolutely and so as you're shopping and maybe you're thinking yeah I do want or need a new sandal for the warm weather these are an introductory price and we took $10 off of our regular HSN price you've got them on four flex pay which means you can spread that payment out over any credit card or over for credit card payments using any major credit card and get them home for $17.

50 and if you're saying I can't buy shoes without trying them on you are trying them on you're just trying them on at home without any pressure without you've got 30 days we do an EZ return so if for any reason you want it to return them there's a label in the box you just pack them back in the box put that label on and send them back and you get your money back which is great but you have a shoe that was made by really buy Footwear and shoe experts and foot experts because brands don't stay in business for nearly 200 years if they don't know what they're doing exactly I mean we are the leaders when it comes to Footwear we're not the followers and this is just a prime example of how we have come to bring out more of our style we've actually started as a slipper company in 1825 but we've still stayed true to that Comfort DNA but added all of this style especially in the last few years for sure and so as you're seeing those again you're going to be able to wear these with anything because I like that the way that the strap comes around first off they're easy to put on because it is a hook and loop and then that's it and they don't come loose you're not it's not like a flip-flop where your feet are gonna kind of hit the back of your heel if that's not something that you appreciate and I like that they don't come around the ankle because for someone that can be an issue right that's not digging there's no digging with many buckles on the ankle here you don't need to worry I actually don't even unhook the hook and loop to get these on I can just stretch it out a little bit and put it right over my foot and if you don't you know like to deal with it hook buckles this is that perfect shoe and look at that asymmetrical design with those laser-cut details those actually don't go all the way through so you we have this soft microfiber fabric on the inside see if I get you can see it here yeah bit better so you're not gonna feel any of those little perforations there and that a symmetrical design is so flattering on the foot and makes your foot look a lot slimmer than it really is actually very nice I mean a vamp to it comes it down perfectly and hits right where it should it doesn't it really elongates the leg the way that the vamp it's you on your ankle you see that I like that there is beautiful design detail but it's not overly done and it's not too much that one it's gonna take away from your outfit but or two that you feel like are they to like times specific like is it to spring 2019 specific right as long as you're you know you can still wear the size shoe you're gonna be wearing these this is not going out of style anytime soon and it's less than three inches on that heel I always say anything 3 inches or below particularly below 3 inches is gonna be an easy walkable heel so if you wear heels and you're used to wearing them and you usually wear them higher you're gonna like that this is a heel that you can comfortably walk in still gives you some height but you don't feel like you've gone over to the edge of dressy you know what I mean if you you mentioned if you are going to occasions this spring and summer a sandal is appropriate because you're going to like a garden wedding or a garden party or things like that family reunions this is gonna be great because it is a wedge and you're not gonna sink down into the right into the grass you have all that stability and then you have that rubber outsole – so you're gonna get all that great Griffon traction you don't need to worry about slipping and sliding around and I love how we did the wedge and that cork so it makes it very transitional for day to night I mean you could wear this with even a pair of shorts during the day and then at night with any of your dresses maxi skirts and you know what's great also if if with a maxi skirt if you need a little bit of lift to get it off the ground or Romberg like you're wearing yeah this gives you gets you off the ground but still keeps you comfortable and that makes you not feel like you're wearing a really high heel yeah and I like that too and cuz that's the first thing I thought when I put it on was oh these are it's a heel it's almost like a heel without being a high heel you know what I mean where there's some times where you do need a little bit of lift because of what you're wearing right but you don't really you're thinking I can't wear high heels all day with everything I have to do you mentioned that you're a mom I am – just kind of running around you want something that you're still gonna look good and you're gonna feel good in your feet are gonna appreciate and it's just gonna work for your outfit so go for it from the collection by Clark's your beautiful joy leather sandal and black blue blush metallic tan or white medium or wide widths size 5 to size 12 including half sizes and those are introductory prices so that's not always going to be that price that I want you to get too comfortable with that take advantage of those this morning now Michelle has brought along one more item from Clark's it's not a wedge this one is for those times where you do want to wear a flat maybe that's more appropriate for what you're doing that day and this one is your Graceland Mays leather flat it comes to you in black we have Navy this is our tan we've got pewter and Michelle is holding on to the blush very very pretty on that we've got medium and wide widths size 6 to 12 including half sizes yeah so this is a gorgeous flat this is new for us this spring so the Graceland refers to the bottom at Clark's we named all of our shoes from the bottom up ok so the bottom is the Graceland and that's a 3/4 of an inch heel so normally in a flat you don't really have a heel you know you're completely flat to the ground so we gave you just a little bit of lift so you're not gonna feel that ground beneath your feet you know with flats you often feel the pebbles you know there's no support you're not gonna have that with this shoe and then look at that upper it's a gorgeous soft buttery leather there's no break in time required with this and then that ultimate comfort footbed that's what we are all about at Clark's is that most comfort it's that purposeful padding where you need it it's the soft uppers full length cushioning so we didn't just give you a little bit of cushioning you know around the heel or just around the toe it's the whole way from heel to toe and those there was adorable little cutouts just really give this a feminine touch I mean I love this flat the basket almost looks like a basket weaving here in front so you've got some great breathability there yeah and then we even added a little heel collar cushion I don't know if you can see it because it's mm-hmm see so look at that it's a little bit of a cushion that's gonna wrap around the heel so think about those times you've worn flats and you end up with band-aids on the back of your ankles at the end of the day because they're so uncomfortable this no band-aids required right out of the box it's gonna be so comfortable yes and as you look at that I mean everything about it the first one I first picked them up I said that's exactly what I did I went Oh flexible these are great these are your travel shoe mm-hmm they just are and to have a closed toed Shooto when you're traveling yes it is and it's nice to have a closed toed shoot too I like that you've got a little bit of that open feel because of that woven design right there on the front and you have a little cutouts along the side right back of the heel as well but I like having a shoe like this when you travel for if you are flying you have to take your shoes off right at points or maybe even when you're on the airplane you take a shoes off but you're on the go let it slip on slip off there's no bending down there's no having to deal with something came a loose you don't even think about it and these can truly be your runaround shoe these can truly be the ones that you always you know kind of maybe even your go-to shoe we've got an event price on them which is nice as you're saving some dollars there and you've got three flex pay so you can get them home for $22.

50 and we've got them in medium and wide widths and it's so important to have you know how they used to eat flats used to be your backup shoe but these are so pretty they can be the main exactly you could commute in these to work you know think about those times you've gone people go to work and they commute in their shoe and then they change once they get to work you don't need to do that with this shoe you could wear this for miles and miles and then keep it on and you're gonna want to keep it on it's not like you're gonna want to throw it off the second you get to work and it's so comfortable it's actually more comfortable to wear this then to be barefoot yeah that's true because you do have obviously you've got a little bit of a lift and I know some women he'll say being completely flat is not comfortable for them they want just a little bit of a lift but of course you also have that cushion and support underneath your foot right and you don't always need to wear a heel to be dressed up or polished you can still wear something just as adorable as this and feminine and still look dressed up in Polish mm-hmm because you know what doesn't look good is when your feet hurt because you can see a woman whose feet hurt a mile away and you just feel for her but when you have these on you don't have to think twice I mentioned yesterday I went to the big amusement park and between where we parked and the entrance gate it had to have been like nine miles and I'm not even exaggerating now we didn't have to walk the whole thing but you do have to you know walk to certain points and go up stairs and go up escalators this is the thing when you have on a comfortable shoe you not thinking am I very yet right can I sit down where is a seat what you know you're not thinking those things you just put them on and go live your life and you look polished as you said exactly that's what we wanted Clarke's we don't want you to be uncomfortable and think about all those events that you've been uncomfortable we want you to remember them and be happy your happy feet happy life yes sure and and I like that we had the wedges for you and we have the flat so there's a little something for multiple occasions or for different women who are shopping who are walking I'm sorry watching and saying you know what I don't wear heels anymore I just flat I just don't do it so maybe you're always on the lookout for a really great flat that can work for you that has a little bit of oomph that's not boring that's not going to bring down the look of your of your outfit or your style you've got a little bit of I like this little cutout cutouts package your cutouts you have the woven design right up here this is all leather and a great quality leather and the pewter is actually a suede with a foil overlay so this is applied with a heat so it's not like a sparkle that's gonna come off on your hands it's all applied with heat so it's really gorgeous yeah I like that too let me let me pull that over so that you can see this is the only one that is it this is the only one that yeah isn't that smooth leather it is but look at how pliable and a future is the new and the metallic is like the new neutral yeah and you can wear that with pretty much everything when you don't know what color to wear no metallic this is good it is and again you're not gonna feel every little pebble that you walk on go ahead and pick yours up medium and wide width sizes six to 12 including half sizes from Clark's a company that's been around for nearly 200 years Michelle thank you saying yeah and you can keep shopping and I know that we do have to move because we still have a lot of fashion to get to but we also have beauty here at HSN as a matter of had beauty with benefits here's more information we're thrilled to work with QVC and HSN on beauty with benefits you know us from our stories about lifestyle trends but many of us also have cancer stories my mom's been cancer-free since 2017 and I'm a thyroid cancer survivor now help brave people living and working with cancer shop beauty with benefits and your purchase supports cancer and careers plus get amazing items and the Skip would purchase back [Music].

Fashion Guest: Spring Hair & Makeup Trends

since it doesn't feel or really even look like spring outside we're finding ways to feel good about the way we look this year and we are so excited to have Jessica Mae founder of Warpaint international here with us in studio along with director of education Katy wrote and

of course we have some beautiful models with us as well so good morning to all of you and thank you so much for coming in good morning so let's start with kind of the idea behind these spring models what we're seeing with the trends right now Jessica I'm

gonna pass that off to Katy because she is the hair expert with you we'll go with our first model so our first models Lindsay and I will have you stand up for me Lindsay please so a lot of times we see a lot of like really pretty clips

and brooches in the hair that are nice and sparkly but this season we're seeing more of just the hair itself and adding things into the hair like beads I'll have you spin around for me so what we do with Lindsay's hair is we did a really nice pretty

updo with this I basically leaved in a string of beads just to give it some accent and you can really dress this up with colorful beads if you want to and with this we just went with clear ones so that it'll catch the light in something that we

could see for prom season maybe coming up for a lot of people who I know are peeking out their dresses and getting ready to go to prom absolutely be a great idea for prom as well great and then our next model Christine I'll have you stand up so

Christine we have more kind of that boho chic style going on with this we did a chain braid and I'll have you do as nice a spin for me so this is basically just a play on a braid it's a different way to braid the hair but again

without going with clips and brooches and sparkly things we added accent by doing a braid and how long does something like this take well that took me about 10 minutes oh wow so nice and first someone who's looking for a hairstyle that won't take as long even if

they are going to a professional Jessica for people who have never heard of you what exactly do you guys do and what type of services do you provide so we are working to international beauty agency we do on-site hair styling and makeup application services for special events weddings

nights out on the town photoshoots corporate lifestyle events we come right to your house or your event venue and you can have a subscription service yes if you want to get any of these looks at home and you're somebody that goes out a lot we do have a

membership service which it's preferred pricing so if you are gonna be going on a lottery you have a lot of speaking engagements it's a great option for you great and then we look to our model yes so with Audrey what we did is we did the nice sleek

and straight which we are seeing a lot of this season again it's really painful hair itself rather than putting embellishments in the hair with jewels and sparkles that is very simple and I think anyone at home can do that that trend all right well thank you to both

of you for coming in and thank you to our models for waking up early with us in our next hour we are talking about makeup so we will touch on that in about an hour Jason well if the only dose of spring we can get is from the

great hair styles there that's that's something at least yeah spring will arrive eventually and it's a great time to update your look we're talking about the hottest makeup trends right now and summer we're hoping for maybe even some summer too with us from Warpaint international is founder and

creative director Jessica Mae good morning and we also have makeup artisan of the year Maya Petter Chesky good morning and thank you so much for coming in all right so we are getting ready for spring even though it doesn't necessarily look like it outside Jessica and you have

three models to show us some examples of what we can look for and we are thinking about our spring look absolutely so we have miss Lindsay here and she is modeling our summer Bridal look so maybe some inspiration for you I have my attention so because her hair

is just very gorgeous and kind of garden-party ask we went with that same theme for her makeup so it's just very angelic and kind of whimsical pretty natural yeah just really natural with a little bit of a pop of kind of a purple lavender on the corner of

her eye and then she's also wearing my favorite Bridal lip which is karma from elixir II okay great will Lindsay will have you take a seat and then we'll invite Christine to step up in Maya do you have more on this look and she has some very distinctive

eye shadow she does yeah so for Christine weird doing a super-fun and bright blue teal smoky eye it's just a really great way to brighten up the eyes brighten up the face a little bit and what I really love about this look if you want to take it

into the office with you you can dilute the shadows back a little bit make them not so bright or go ahead or even just take that teal and blue color and use it as a liner and Jessica this is something that you guys offer as part of your

services you can do a monthly subscription or maybe if you have a daughter who is headed to prom yes this weekend or yeah next couple of weeks yeah so I'll come right to your home and get them ready and we offer both hair styling and makeup services great

and then our final model is Audrey this morning and I absolutely love Audrey's lipstick yes I'm obsessed so her lipstick is lakshmi from elixir II and I'm really excited because we're going back to seeing a lot of skin not so much heavy full coverage foundation but really focusing

on beautiful dewy light finishes so like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer for the summer is great so if you are someone who maybe is a little bit nervous about wearing a pop of color especially with the lip color I think it takes people a while to

warm up to it what advice do you have for people at home yeah definitely so with this with this lip color you could not apply as much I kind of powdered it on a little or packed it on rather a little bit this morning but I'm lip gloss

and that same color is a really great way to incorporate the color with not so much of it being as concentrated so work your way up to that start with the lip gloss it's a little bit more sheer and then what is the price point for someone if

they are maybe thinking about it oh my daughter wants to have a fun look for prom yeah so make up application start at $75 and an updo hairstyle start at 100 great all right well thank you to all of you for coming in you all look fabulous this

morning and maybe maybe this will get us in the mood for spring since we know the weather does not at this time Jason and Ken no doubt about it every time they're here I ask if they can do a hairstyle that puts more hair on my head they

haven't they haven't figured that out yet

spring fashion

by the way folks the first day of spring is now less than a week away it is coming up next Monday the 20th if you can believe it it is here and it is a wonderful time to refresh your wardrobe with the right staples that are perfect for wardrobing spring now here to walk us through style options to help you with the season that blooms is manager of retail luxury at the Galleria Megan Bailey Megan it's always great to have you and you are popping in pink if I was talking about spring I needed to kind of just shed the black and kind of just give you this wow moment so and Megan you're the luxe girl so the looks that you bring us they're a little more expensive they're on the higher end they are yeah so I mean I think we just kind of wanted to show you what you can do if there's pieces in here so you don't want to get the full outfit but maybe there's some you know some of the separates because we understand you know their investments and you and you want to be able to but you know also as I do my own spring cleaning and I'm pulling the garbage out of my closet that I typically wear sometimes I think you know it for what I could spent on four or five say bad shirts that I never wear you get one piece you really love and that's the thing I'm showing you some timeless classics and then we're kind of giving you some updates on those so get some inspiration to get us into the industry mode yes yeah why don't we start off with our first model Thanks yeah yeah yes so let's talk about her look so Bex is head-to-toe Max Mara and they're known for just wonderful traditional classic silhouettes and this is is definitely one worth they've taken it and they've given you this awesome bold pattern so the dress is sleeveless and then they paired it with that very sheer blouse underneath oh I see thumbs and basically it kind of just gives you a new dimension of the look and I will say her belt this belt is super cool because it kind of hides you know your midsection and really cinches in your waist and it just adds to the to the whole look and then she's paired it with a with a tan kind of tote and then great chunky sandals is there a rule when you're mixing prints and patterns because I think that is so incredibly hard to do I don't think there's anything that you can do wrong because it's really going to depend on you but I think the key is pulling out key you know colors and tones okay so that the full look has one story I think that's where people get messed up and also the classic silhouette I think gives you license to go a little crazier on that pattern yeah and then again with the belt that's it's a basic black belt so that really pulls to look together so on top or bottom she can have a mix but the black pulls it together when I looked at these these all three of those pieces can be worn with other clothes your closet so leave next Meijer awesome lilies step right up let's take a look love lilies look and she is head-to-toe Saint John and I love that we've paired kind of what people might think is a little bit of a more mature fashion house and we paired it on Lily and she's really giving you kind of just a fresh wow look in this I think what you think Saint John do you think the traditional st.

John goodness yeah no no this is definitely I mean if obviously is a classic jumpsuit but then to do it in this just bold delicious red which is so uncie's and so on-trend I think you know honestly it's it looks fabulous I'd wear this to work I'd wear this to go out it's got the slit sleeves which seem to be a hot day at that is kind of st.

John's way of showing you that kind of one shoulder out but again that's what can still make you be able to take to work yeah exactly as you just mentioned you could you could wear this to work and be conservative enough for the office in fact but it's fun enough that you could wear it straight out to half the hour and we paired it with just a little bit of a gold adornment detail and she looks great when you got to have some attitude with that okay our next model is Sophia Sophia want to step right up wow those are some really tall shoes they're so big I think you don't walk in since inches every day I mean at home I do not at work the world is my runway so this this look is head to toe from the Webster and this is one of my favorite looks because it is so playful and it basically shows you a lot of the trends that are super super super hot right now the redefined white shirt this is a white shirt that you can literally pair it with anything I mean you can wear a skirt you can work the trouser you work with Jean and we've paired here with a very wide leg high-waisted trouser and it's giving her just a lot of look and I get it but do you have to be 6 feet tall to wear this like ink stuffing I don't think so but I will say I mean the the pant is going to elongate you and it's going to look like you've got legs for days and then we just did an extra pop just for fun with these even if you're that curvy girl don't shy away from the wide leg pants I would say try them on first just assume that every wide-leg trouser is going to fit because it may not but what you will see is I think then you've got to play with the top don't have it so billowy if you are curvaceous have something that's a little bit more form-fitting up top great tip sorry I just have to stand next to you to see how tall you actually are in this outfit I'll drink a lot very nice thank you our last bottle Charlotte Charlotte I live for Charlotte in her red hair oh she's gorgeous and this look is head to toe Polo Ralph Lauren so just a classic and I love everything about this look I mean obviously I live for leather I don't have it on today but normally I would those leather pants oh my gosh yes well I couldn't tell if it was like a denim made to look a little metallic yeah and they're Navy and they are like our navies they're awesome which is great because I think that's what takes it into spring you're not doing a black you're not doing a brown that Navy is gonna transition into creams and whites and denim which they've done fabulous with the leather go ahead wear this now before it gets too soon right yeah yeah we don't we passing out but I think the color that really lends itself to spring it's so fresh is it did it blaze err I haven't seen that in a while well then you need to go check out polo replicas that's what it sounds like you know it's something old is new again is I think with the way that they've tailored it the detail it's it's perfect it looks fabulous with her look and then underneath she's got kind of that the the nod to nautical but I think it's just plastic Polo Ralph Lauren done exquisite yeah that jacket is very nicely tailored it's maybe a little different than some of the old denim jackets I have in my closet all-american look meets rock and roll absolutely oh she's nice you gotta have some edge to rock this look yeah Charlotte thank you so much and Megan that was fantastic thank you so much for always inspiring us thank you by the way you have some really cool glasses I hope next time you'll wear I'll try I'll show you guys for more info on these looks visit the site listed on your screen or of course you can stop by the Galleria to start shopping so Megan and all of our models thank you again thank you for having us.

Spring vintage fashion with Hello Tallulah | SA Live | KSAT 12

welcome back to ese live looking to spruce up your wardrobe with a fun vintage twist hello Tallulah is a local boutique located in the Deco district special izing and affordable easy dresses that you can throw on and go he also creates jewelry but your dresses are one-of-a-kind you would say she's here today owner Christina you're niggaz Riz to share more now tell me about vintage what makes it so versatile hi I'm so happy to be back and vintage is honestly it's one-of-a-kind it never goes out of style it's never boring and so you can really dress it up or down it's very versatile I love what you're wearing that good example of just kind of putting it all together and just looking fabulous by the way yeah so you have some beautiful models today let's start with our first one this first model I love because it's totally florals and I know you're thinking florals ground-breaking girls are never boring I mean look at this hat it's amazing super you can you know you could throw a leather jacket on it you could dress it down a little bit but it's very ladylike very 1950s and it's perfect for spring super cute I could see this maybe out at a brunch you know a nice little themed party yes Tea Party for sure and you also have a big selection of hats at your place all right I love hats super cute and what about our second model does it have a little connection right yes our second models also sporting a very 1950s ladylike look very cute we got our little basket she's going to a picnic and like I said you can also dress this up or down you throw like a motorcycle jackets and converse and you've got a whole new style I love that and I love how you had that yellow headband to kind of give off of colors the pop of color or I love that and you guys want an award right tell me recently I got this award that you want we recently won an editor's choice for San Antonio magazine's best of issue they named us best place to get a party dress no one else no one else well that's important right definitely true and I love this peach color we had with our next model let's talk about this outfit so this is a little more boho we've got a beachy style going on you can dress it up with some pearls and a cute bag but you can just go straight from Beach to the dinner and it's definitely a 70's style you got a hat you got a coral color and beautiful so if someone goes to your place looking for something for the beach something for a gala like you can help them got it come narrow it down because you do all the hard work right yes and I love to style people that's probably my favorite thing like you come into the store I'm good at picking people size people style you just give me a few clues and we got you trying stuff on I have to say when I went there I said I don't know and you said it doesn't the size doesn't matter because there are so many different errors right and so it just doesn't matter so that's what you're good at so you gotta try stuff on and I like to push people out of their comfort zone a little bit get experiment and have some fun you definitely pushed me and I appreciated it so this is beautiful I love all the colors over here including your hair you look gorgeous so let's talk about this look so this is such an artsy style it's still in the 70s boho but I thought it's still beachy but it's more upscale but you can dress it down with a little bag and a hat and don't be afraid of bright colors of course colors are not seasonal or prints you can wear them all year round I got it so her shoes are a little flat here but if you wanted to you could even go with like a high heel right oh yeah up with some jewels all right you love that in the Hat of course more hat I love your hats so let's talk more about your place so someone wants to go out there maybe get some spring items what can experience when they go – hello – I mean when they walk in I'm hoping it is the ultimate happy place you know it's full of bright colors it's pink purple you know I got my couch it's like inviting people into my home and you events I see here we have your Valentine's Day event you just you're always out there getting the word out yeah I try to the best we have the galentine's event we also have a Mother's Day event coming up nice it'll be on Mother's Day and we'll have hair makeup Beauty drinks and so I like to have it be a welcoming Wonderland of whimsy and okay and for those who maybe missed the top of segment where can they find you I'm right next to the Woodlawn theater in the Deco district 1 9 1 to Fredericksburg Road and I'm open every day except Monday 11 7 ok we'll go check out Cristina she will help get you styled and for more information just head to sa live.

com ladies you look beautiful thank you so much for coming up.