Spring Fashion With Fanyamour Styles

welcome back to the show on the fashion scene tonight spring is here and it's time to update those wardrobes Stephanie is here to tell us a little bit more about what fannia more styles have to offer good to see you thank you happy spring to you we like having you here every time you come in our style game gets a little bit better we realized that maybe we should be a little bit more stylish so we're glad to have you tell us about your online online boutique so my my boutique is local I do local deliveries and I actually have an event coming up a little pop-up shop so because you know when online shopping some people love the online shopping other people like to actually physically touch the clothes try it on and you're gonna have some other vendors there for them to shop from yes so I am going to have a next Saturday from 3 2 p.


to 7 p.


okay at the hyatt place on Haywood Road and I do have different vendors and I will be releasing my new spring collection awesome so get your shopping on next week and try that out they can follow you on social media but they also can go to the website any more styles funny amour Styles calm in my website well that's my website but my Instagram it's funny more styles as well she keeps it updated so you can always look and see what time and speaking of website we got to talk about the outfits that you have today tell us about your outfit starting off okay look polkadot actually yes so my outfit is called connect-the-dot it's a two-piece outfit I think it's great when you go to the beach when you go on vacation you could be a cover-up for your bathing suit it can't be that yeah cuz it does have a split a little split on there again you can take it out girls night date night just any type of event you can wear it any time I like that one in our next model here so I have her wearing the tropical jumpsuit I think this is perfect when you're going to Jamaica with a girl or you're going to Mexico you know a lot of people may come with a trip like it'll come with some tickets to get a thing no one day I will be like that yes and I also have heard this is the vacation to piece it I love that color I have that color on anything that's been in the studio any pieces of clothing yes and this is very very common like the very cute common outfit on the top you have kind of like off the shoulder and then the little knot at the front cute cute outfit awesome and you gotta have the body to wear some of these oh yeah you gotta be ready for it yeah and I love that that yellow yellowish inspired color because you can look like a school bus real quick don't look like that you guys look these are just three of them I mean the new outfits that I will be releasing at the spring papa what are some of the trends you're seeing we've had some of the fashion folks come in and a lot of floral prints a lot of like bold colors yes oh I like a lot of bold and I love prints so a lot of my new collection has a lot of prints also I will be provided with bathing suits and I also have plus sites as well for bathing suits cover-ups I'm breaking it or something for everybody again and can remind us when your pop-up shop is it's April 14th from 3 to P 3 to 7 p.


next Saturday at a Hyatt Place high right here in Greenville and Haywood Road again find you know more styles calm you can take a look at all the styles that she has available and keep up to date with you can't make it to this pop-up I'm sure there will be more leading into summer so definitely go check that out Stephanie thank you so much beautiful models thank y'all very much have a great weekend and we'll see y'all next Saturday.


Hey guys! Yeah, that's really- that's really not going to work for me.

Because you guys are my pineapples.

my juicy little, sweet little, prickly little squishy little, overripe pine- What am I? That was too far, that was.



Excuse me.

As you can see, I have a bag here, probably bigger than myself.

Things got a little out of control today.

Today, me and Duncan went to the “WEGO WEGO T.

” T.

For T-shirt.

Exhibition in Harajuku, and the kind people at WEGO were like: “Hey, wanna go check out our stores? We'll give you stuff for free.

” And I was like: “A-Are you sure?” And they literally just let me have the biggest shopping spree.

Thank you WEGO, they didn't say like: “Make a video and we'll give it to you for free.

” They were just like: “Wanna- wanna pick some stuff?” And I was like: “YES!” And then I was like: “Is this- is this really ok? Like, um.



” I'm getting ahead of myself But, like, I haven't done a clothing haul on this channel for such a long time and the main reason is because I don't really buy a lot of clothing.

Tokyo is just such an amazing city for fashion and a lot of it is cheap and affordable and great and I just- I love it! I really, I really am passionate about fashion.

But I have been trying to be better about my spending, when it comes to fashion, not because I can't afford it but because, the planet cannot afford it! If you know what I mean.

I talked about it at the beginning of last year, I watched a documentary about the textiles industry, and I was like: “Oh.




I am contributing to that.

” And I tried to become more compassionate about my consumerism.

So, I didn't really buy a lot of clothes, So this is a really big deal for me, and yes, I probably picked too much, but in my defence, I haven't been shopping for a very long time.

If you've been following me for a while, you probably already know that WEGO is actually one of my favourite places to shop at in Japan and like, I don't know how I got so lucky that they offered to give me stuff for free when I, I literally already spend money there, but hey, thank you WEGO! I just wanna say thank you WEGO, they- they're not paying me to do this, but I really want to show you guys what the latest spring-summer Japanese fashion is.

Basically WEGO sell very trendy fashion at an affordable price And.



let's dive in and see what we've got here.


They have men's and women's stuff and Duncan picked up this.

I like it.

He also got this hat.

Alright, I'm gonna try on the clothes, by the way just not Duncan's stuff.

First thing I should show you is the t-shirt they gave me from their new t-shirt collection.

So, I got to choose whichever t-shirt I wanted.

Forgive the reflection on my glasses I know it's kind of annoying but, look.



I just need to see.

I do wear glasses, because my eyesight is a little bit poor.

So this is a very plain, white, slightly oversized t-shirt.

The sizing was free.

It's got a little F here so you know it's free sizing.

And on the sleeve, they have a little bit of embroidery.

Embroidery is a big trend.

It's a big trend all over the world.

And the sleeves say Oh, wait.



I didn't realize.



I didn't realize there was more of a message on here.


The message is, “Follow your heart”.



“Get over yourself.

” We all need a reminder sometimes, right, guys? Okay.

The first item I picked up was this shirt.

I never used to wear button up shirts or this kind of shirt but I've fallen in love with them recently.

Not only can you dress up a pair of jeans very, very easily with a button up shirt, with just, like, a nice shirt, but it also stays casual, so.



And there's just something really nice about being able to just throw on a shirt, and a pair of jeans and just look kind of put together, if you get what I mean.




I really like the embroidery on here Embroidery has been a really big trend recently, and I have to admit, I haven't purchased anything like this before.

I'm pretty excited about it.

They also had a blue stripey one which was lovely.

This is also free size.

I'm quite lucky that I can generally fit Japanese free size things, because a lot of Harajuku fashion does just come in one size or “Free” size And then sometimes you'll get an M and an L size or something like that, but, free size is kind of the name of the game here.

And one thing I can't fit here are shoes.

My shoe size in New Zealand is a 9.

And in Japanese sizing, it's 25.

5 cm.

And it is impossible.



almost impossible.



for me to find shoes here.

Sometimes I get lucky.

Actually, WEGO actually sometimes does like LL size shoes that fit me, so.



another reason I really like WEGO.

But most of the time I'm out of luck, like, the adorable Japanese shoes just do not fit me, which is good for my wallet, BUT.



it almost makes it hard to find shoes, which is why I've been wearing my Adidas shoes all the time.

Moving on, I should probably take this off.

Now my hair is messed up.

And then I picked up another white t-shirt.

Now, I do love- I do love white t-shirts.

Not only are they super easy to style, BUT.



we have cats, and the cat- the cat fur can be a little a little bit out of control around here and the cat fur is white most of the time because both of our cats are quite light colors.

The cat fur is a big reason that I wear white t-shirts, so, I picked up this one.

I thought it was super cute.

There is so much going on in this t-shirt.

And it's all, like, just.




First of all, like, the colours.



YES! And.



I like how it's like: “Are you sure you want to update?” But, “you've got mail.

” There's no option, like I don't really know what's going on here but that's part of the reason I like it.

I am a big fan of things that are just slightly nonsensical.

So I love the colours and I just, “you've got mail! (heart mark)” “Are you sure you want to UPDATE?” It's so Windows '95.

And, yes.

I picked up a bag.

I have a bad habit of buying too many bags, which I've actually been really good about recently, but I saw this one and I had to have it.

Sometimes, it's just really nice to have a bag that you can just kinda grab, put your phone and your wallet in and go out with and I feel like this one, the colour is going to be very very easy, very match-y, with any kind of outfit, the embroidery is super on trend, and really cute, and, uh, there's something happy about this bag.

I really like it.

It's a great little size, and it could also fit – It could definitely fit my phone, a little makeup bag, and my wallet! And that's all I need.




When I'm not vlogging.

I could not resist this holographic choker which also has a black choker, with… It's, there's a little bit going on here! You guys know holographic stuff is my absolute fave, aside from rainbow stuff, And I couldn't resist it! So I got it.

WEGO does amazing accessories, and they're really cheap but they also do really good sales where you can get them.

Even cheaper! Protip.


That is way more comfortable than I expected it to be.

When I see anything holographic, I usually pounce on it and buy it, and.



I saw this! It's, like, a keychain holographic little pouch! and, this is the perfect size for a camera battery.

I just, I just.



I, oh! Can we just make the whole world out of this colour? Except maybe not, cuz I think it would cause headaches eventually, but.



This is.



uhh, look at it! It's out of focus, but look at it.



So, so beautiful.



This is going to be my new battery holder.

WEGO doesn't just have normal stores, they also have this mega, super adorably cute store called W <3 C WC WC.

So this store has more of the like, super cute stuff maybe a lil' bit more girly a little bit more Harajuku, I guess a little bit less main-stream.



and I'm quite a big fan of this part of the brand too, so umm, ok.

First thing I grabbed This hat! Which you can tie with a ribbon at the back.

Now to me, lover of caps, have-er of bad hair days, this is one of the most adorable things I've ever had the privilege to own.

I feel magical.

I picked up another white t-shirt, just trust me on the white t-shirt thing guys, because white t-shirts you just can't go wrong.

You're definitely going to wear them they're definitely gonna match things Cinnamon don't go in there, don't go in there!*sounds of Cinna-mischief* I picked up this t-shirt mainly because first of all, the cute heart detailing in the back gives me life but not only that, it really works with the current trend of wearing the kind of strappy tops the strappy, lingerie-y camisole-y tops.

Cinnamon just sat down.




one of the bags.

Cinnamon is sleeping *laughs* that is.



Cinnamon found a bag and he has claimed it.

So, I got this adorable white shirt with a heart on the back and I'm going to try and style that with a camisole top I saw this.


and I had to have it.

Anything with a shiny print on it you know my eyes go straight to it Like, I just can't.

Let's read this together.


I love the gold, I love the pink, It's such a beautiful colour, I.






Again, it's quite a simple t-shirt.

A lot of WEGO stuff does not go on the small side.



I think I'm pretty luck in that because there are a few brands in like, 1o9 for instance where they have adorable stuff, but like I would never fit into it not just because boobs, but I'm just like my shoulders would be too wide.






it just.


doesn't work, so that's one reason I really love Harajuku fashion like aside from just already loving it, but I do tend to be able to fit it.

That's good.

Even though it is heating up here in Tokyo, I saw this sweater and I fell in love Like right away.

It was actually on sale, probably because the weather's heating up.

It says “lonly baby” Lonely is not spelled right but I don't mind because.


this might, this might sound bad but I've been in Japan too long to be even, I don't even blink when I notice bad English I barely even notice it, like so lonely isn't exactly spelled right, but I, I just love the detailing on the sleeves the ribbon detailing on the sleeves I love it, I love it, I looove it! I'm gonna take this hat off as well.

So at the last moment I spotted something I couldn't resist and, it was thiisss piece and there's the trend of wearing this style stuff over top of t-shirts, and I already had the t-shirts, so I went for it! I thought, let's go a little bit outside of my comfort zone Let's try something a little bit girly I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this like, as is but I feel like with a t-shirt underneath it, it would be really wearable for summer, and probably really comfy as well.

We'll see.

I didn't actually buy many bottoms, but I did get this skirt, and again.






I'm noticing a trend here, but it has the embroidery on it with some swallows, and some cute flowers, and what's this.

This needs to be cut off So, sometimes, sometimes WEGO's stuff is a little bit too small for me but the great thing about the skirts is they tend to have this stretchy elastic so this has stretchy elastic on the back Aaand, I just, yes I was just very “yes” about this, so this is A skirt! I wear a lot of shorts, and I basically have enough shorts to last me all summer, but one skirt! could be good I feel really excited about summer now, and I know it's a little bit silly, it's a little bit retail-therapy-ish but this made me so happy to have some new clothes and I hope that, I hope that this video has shown you a tiny bit of insight maybe into what the current Harajuku style is like obviously these are just the clothes from WEGO, there are other stores, but they all tend to follow quite similar trends in my experience If you like these kind of videos, if you enjoy.


Try-on hauls, or if you, got something out of this, then a “like” helps me out, it really helps me out, and I like to see that you guys liked the things that I made *laughs* If you want to see more from me, you probably already know that you can just subscribe to this channel! (cc.

do it!) and, yeah, we can be pineapples together.

You have to be a pineapple, I'm sorry.

You don't have to be one on pizza, but I'll.



I'll still.








I don't know.




Thinking spring with a great fashion show

well even though we may not be wearing our spring fashion shampoo it's definitely the time of year for some great shopping because we know what lies just ahead around the corner oh yeah yeah new styles are sure to help get us excited about the warmer weather to come that's right in the great new spring and summer styles are now filling the shelves and racks at Dutton general store and Myrtle Mae chic boutique today we're giving you a preview of a very special fashion event with an important purpose okay with this crazy weather we've been having it's almost hard to believe that this is the fashion of the season so we have found a place where we are channeling our spring fever and that's here of course a general store with Cathy Warner and Cathy I know the weather hasn't caught up you're ready for spring here I am all ready for spring but we Hansel's enough of the spring fashion that we had to fly down to the market and buy all new stuff yeah so we've got even more stuff coming and we went a little funky and got some fashions that you might even see on the runway and new york wonderful we love that so let's talk about sort of the colors of this Asian because a lot of the country really has had this relentless whole no boy April snow we certainly need to look to our fashions to watch our mindset one good way to get rid of that is the colors this year are at the pallet of Rights which is so fun and the palace of sorbets which really are the pastels but they're both lightening up your closet and getting rid of that black and gray yeah we like that and so we know that here at Dutton general you are really benevolent you like to support a lot of great causes in our community and in fact we're previewing a spring fashion show coming up [Applause] with two great accessory items that you won't find typically stopped here at Dutton general store are these awesome pillows and these are two a preview a great event that's coming up the jr.

Molly booth guild part of the great benevolent organizations that help support the hospital work here in West Michigan yes you have to say thank you to these guilds they started in 1920 with the first one and they are selfless women who donate their time their talent to make sure that the hospitals have extra things that probably don't fit in their budget yeah and you know we talk about the the work of these guilds they've been around since 1920 yes is remarkable and this is three Gil's all joined together with a hundred and forty years of service yeah and these guilds have by the way raised a million through the years and so these pillows this is one really fun aspect of the work at the Meijer Heart Center you know these are they're fun one of their fundraisers and they actually give these the heart patients so if you are in the friend Lena Heart Center you're lucky to have a place like this this is a pillow they present where the doctor could actually show you where your heart surgery is going on the doctor can sign it all the people who are working on your team can sign it and this is what I hear hurts when you cough after surgery love these like to hold all that cost better yeah and we know they've also been pioneers in lung transplants as well and so this is a brand new pillow and you can see it has the pen attached for photographs okay so let's talk about the event that's coming up it's in early May it's in early May another thing that these guilds do is raise money through an annual Fashion Show and Myrtle maze and Dutton general are lucky enough to be the partners this year in the fashion show it's gonna be held at watermark Country Club which is going to be great so you're gonna have the finest of fun food fashion fellowship we are going to sell all the latest and greatest styles with the guild members as a model selfie supermodels yeah we're excited about that and of course we're talking about limited supply of those tickets so make sure that you order yours today benefiting a really great well they're just a thirty dollar donation and you get all of this plus they have door prizes all kinds of things happening there we'll have a pop-up store with jewelry and accessories and things so everybody should do a little good deed every day your good deed might be a thirty dollar donation to the junior moly that's right supporting the Fred and Lena by our heart center and of course Hospital presented by of course our friends at dungeon hall store and we're [Music] it is fantastic and you know the fashion show is a great opportunity for a great day out with friends for a great cause tickets though are limited and they're selling fast you can get them right away you can buy them at Dutton general store or call Mikey at the junior Molly booth guild at six one six nine four nine zero four zero two tickets are just $30 each the event is Wednesday May nights at noon at watermark Country Club done general store is easy to find on 60th Street in downtown or you can head to their sister store Myrtle maze chic boutique that's on 37 just south of the m6 interchange heading toward Caledonia okay one more great we reason to shop this week April 17th tomorrow is tax day so Kathy wants to make it fun head to either store tomorrow and get a free gift bag with a $20 purchase and a free movie ticket to I feel pretty that's the new Amy Sherman Amy sure / Amy Sherman [Laughter].

Hottest Fashion Trends For Spring: Polka Dots, Pastels, Fringe | Megyn Kelly TODAY

[Applause] so Spring has almost sprung and before it sneaks up on us style expert Melissa Garcia is here to break down the trendiest looks of the upcoming season welcome Melissa thank you I feel like spring is the trickiest season to dress for don't you think that it's very

tricky it is a little tricky but what's good is that there's I think doable trends this season I'm going to show you things you can really incorporate into your wardrobe and actually wear okay what's the first one okay so first we're starting here and I love this so

this is all about the polka dots so polka dots are a big trend that we're seeing the season you know see prints in the spring it's usually floral and it's not a ton of floral this season which is fun we already did floral we did lots of we

had a lot of moody florals for the fall and winter so now in spring it's all that these polka dots and you can mix and match them if you see she has her bag mixed with this great dress firm you can do that you can do that just

seeing the same I was like yell at Doug when he does that to Yardley no see Doug's doing it right when you stay in the same color family you're good to go oh yeah and it's really fun it's flirty its feminine and they give her heel to really

just balance out the whole look she looks awesome super cute with a little ruffle okay so these sort of like gelato sorbet colors so we're seeing lots of mink greens lavender is the color of the season if you guys want to add any it's her skirt lavender yes

and it's hard to tell but it's a lavender it's from Lulu's under $50 it's a faux yeah bolo they're really fun and pretty and then if you really want to do it the way the celebrities and all the runways are doing it this season it's doing tons of

pastels so it's a pastel so in different shades so here again you see the eggs are Bane with the lavender a Big Sur guide and the pink pastel bag she has in the back which is super cute and you tuck it into the front like that he tucked

it into the front a little bit yeah just to accentuate her waist so she doesn't get lost in it because it is the body style sweatshirt okay yep and the whole thing on yeah super really thank you it makes me want to have a sherbert unique right next

up thank you very much not really yeah so fringe comes back every season and AB ladies yeah look at you can show me back there yeah parties in the back here which is really fine look I have this amazing jean jacket from booboo and again if you want

to try the trends I think this is a fun way because the front is not too overwhelming it's kind of subtle but the parties in the back but there's a part this party in the front there's a little party super queue and these are shorts what I love

that they're shorts and a son of super short skirt which is really fun both from boohoo under $50 super in Berlin yeah really fun and cute where could you wear that I mean he could certainly wear that to the club I'm not going to dinner maybe I would

do the shorts out to dinner probably would maybe like alcohol or gym you're in your closet ones is gonna happen we're gonna do segment all about the asymmetrical friends yes so beautiful so lastly is there a little about the cold shoulder sort of sewing a little bit of

shoulder this season is all about the A's asymmetrical look and really job now you know the sweater that shows your two shoulders it's all aware it but this is the more update doesn't it to improve I'm so not like that it's all good but if you want to

do the more updated version this is how you would do it I love this this top is from vici collection so beautiful and really just accentuates your figure and every woman I really feel like feels okay about showing off their shoulders and if they're not you can always

do it an asymmetrical skirt and and the high-waisted pant that these are all around yes they're still around and I think that this balances out the whole look super high waisted full on the bottom and I'd love a monochromatic look too it just lengthens and elongate to the

frame bread away all that now that I could wear out to dinner who totally wear that out to dinner not to eat anything the sort of tech print and it's this sort of over style check print so it's mixing a maxing mixing and matching check principle amount of

all that stuff that stuff to say so her jacket here is from H&M her skirt is from Topshop again we're mixing matching checks but did say the same back again that season of something I would yell at Doug about yeah Doug's good a lot of plan on plaid

yeah it totally works as Laura again stay in the same color palette and it pulls together beautifully and really my head is gonna explode same color palette seam color to plaids that don't match identically it's fine totally fine yeah oh really good you heard it from you later

she looks amazing [Applause] hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

Spring Fashion 2015 Trends – Plus Size Fashion (Part 2)

Next trend on the list, oh my goodness! There are so many of these, that's not even funny.

Jumpsuits! They have been kind of hindering andcoming onto trend like almost there now they'rejust everywhere.

So I have a couple choices for you guys.

These are so much fun.

Here's what I loveabout jumpsuits, they're super easy to wear.

As in you only have one piece for your entireensemble.

Right? But also they're kinda.


they're just kinda powerful like theyremind me of a suit but they're just a little bit more funand kind of versatile.

So I have a couple of options.

Here's thefirst one that I have.

This one is from Ashley Stewart andthis is a good one to jump into if you have not embraced the jumpsuit trend before if you've not worn one.

This is pretty basic and has a nice little waist tie, it's shorter sleeves.

The fabric issuper like, you know kind of flowy and you could dress it up, dress it down so it's very versatile.

But this one is super cute and I love thev-neckline.

Next one it kinda covers up in one area anduncovers in another.

This one is actually sleeveless and thisis from Target and this is from there AVA & VIV (im not sure!) line and this one has again fun detail to waist, which is reallyimportant when you have a jumpsuit, you wanna make sure you still have a waist, Right? We don't wanna cover it up.

But it'sdefinitely a little bit more form fitting and.



but I think that this one isalso pretty versatile.

It could be appropriate for work, itcould be appropriate for play, going out.

So this is another easy one if youhaven't embraced the trend before.

And last one, of course, this one is fromForever 21 Plus.

This one's actually a pattern one so feelfree to jump into the pattern again fun, abstract, either bright or just kindacommanding.

Bold patterns are huge for spring.

They were all over therunways, so this definitely reminded me of those.

This one has a thinner strap, so it's literallylike a spaghetti strap.

It is sleeveless, it's a lot more kind of baggie and less form fitting than the other twooptions.

So this one might be kinda more comfortable, I think.

But I love it.

It's kind of fun, it's chic so definitely something that you mightwant to check out.

Lots and lots of dusters.

Also known as alongline cardigan.

Something that's very long.

To be verydramatic, I have three different options for you guys, okay? So let's take a little peek here.

The first one it's from Ashley Stewart, it's nice and bright.

I chose it because that is something that's very on trendfor spring.

It's either a pastel or a bright.

This one's definitely a bright.

The second one here is from Forever 21.

Gonna love Forever 21.

This one has a fun kind of lace panel in the back so it giveslittle, you know, a little feminine feel, a little kind of unique vibe.

I actually really likeit.

It's definitely something different.

Butagain it's longer so it's definitely the duster look.

And then the third one that I have for you guys is from Lane Bryant and this one is a patterned one so I wanna dethrone a little pattern.

It's not too crazy or too abstract but it definitely involves a nice kind of white maybe cream and navy.

So they have it pictured it with jeans.

These are really versatile.

I think they're more on the casual sidebut I've definitely seen so many of these.

So this is a fun layeringpiece and something that I definitely will be picking up.

(Im not gonna lie) Now this trend has beenone that's always kind of popular for spring.

I remember even my grandma wearing it.

It's gingham and I am obsessed with gingham and I have to say I am absolutely saddened.

The stores that I was looking at, I could not find anything gingham andgingham is huge huge for spring.

So I was actuallyreally disappointed that a lot of stores didn't haveanything.

On the runways this so cute, incorporated in dresses, skirts I mean, you name it, it's everywhere so Idon't know why the plus size industry did notembrace this trend but I love it I was able to find one.

Thank you WomanWithin.

com You're fabulous.

So here I have a it's kind of like a big shirt style and, so I kinda like it cause it's kinda more casual, it's kinda more fun.

They have a couple different coloroptions so you're not just stuck with one.

But I definitely really like it.

This is something that is definitely on my list and I love it for layering too.

So, it's agreat one.

So definitely, this is the place that I found it.

If you guys find this somewhere else, let me know but this is the only place I could findsomething gingham.

So for pants silhouette, culottes are everywhere.

Now I am not a super fan of these because these arehard to wear.

You have to have a certain either bodyshape or you have to have a certain size have the culottes themselves.

If you getthem too tight they don't look like culottes, they have tobe a little oversized.

So, imagine basically a Capri wide leg pant, that's pretty much aculotte.

So I have a couple different options first one is from Lane Bryant these are really cute, they're actuallywhite and they're cuffed.



but I think that they look you know, kinda flowy and fun and they definitely encompass the culotte silhouette.

Okay? So that's the first option I have for you.

The second option, I was able to find apattern which is kinda fun cause I did see these in solids and patterns.

It's from Asos Curve and these ones are a kind of, well, it's pretty much, I thinkit's linen, yes.

It is pure linen so this is great again for spring/summer you know niceand breezy, right? but they're actually stripped.

They'rereally fun and I think that they're perfect forembracing this trend giving a little interest.

Here they have a matching crop top.

Seeif you can pick that up or obviously pair it with something kind of more simple, more classic but definitely the culottes, if you arewanting to embrace the trend and you can rock it then do it.

It's definitely a fun one, feeling the wide leg pants just in ashorter version.

So the next trend that is everywherealso is something that I'm wearing today.

This military green khaki kind of color fabric.

It's in a lot of differentthings.

So I have two pieces to showcase herefor you guys today.

The first one is from forever 21.

It is a jacket which is perfect, very versatile, I lovethat it kinda have the kind of a texture and almost like a littlesheen to it I don't know.

It's super nice, I love that it has the draw strings andit has the tabs on the arms to kinda roll it up.

So this is something that's pretty classic but if you can find something, obviously, olive, army green those are other descriptors for this, I'd definitely pick up something in thatcolor.

The other piece that I have for you guys, it's from Lane Bryant and this one is definitely super cute.

It isunfortunately another jacket that is similar, obviously to the one fromForever 21 Plus.

I wasn't able to really find a, like garments cause there's lots of dresses, there's lots of shirts.

Jackets were another popular way to wearthis color and/or this kind of fabric.

So those are the best two that Icould find so if you guys have something maybe even in your closet like I've had this one for almost, I think almost two years now so it's definitely something that's, you know, better around and it's something you can find but these two jackets I think are theperfect addition to any spring outfit and they bring inthe trend.


HUGE Spring Fashion Haul (Viet Sub)

hi everyone I'm Vee and today I have a huge spring haul for you I threw in some pieces that I got during the holidays and the rest are from the new district you haven't heard the new district it's basically a monthly flea market they have all these really

cool brand and they're originally from Saigon but this past weekend they came at time noise so I thought I'd stop by and pick up some new clothes before we jump into the hall I want to show you guys overall live of the market and a quick I'm feeling

very drink today so we're gonna stop from the bottom the first skirt that I got is just great one from Ghana mixed just a really simple a-line skirt and it has like just cute button details it's very 70s I think a life skirts are very flattering on many

different body types like it helps you as your tiniest point and then it just kind of covers all the jiggly other parts of your body if you have any the next girl that I have is this dark green one from amigo and my mom actually got this for

me I've never really buy anything green other than my bomber's so thanks mom and I love that it has these really cool zipper accents and a front since the skirt is kind of body con I think it's perfect for a night out you don't know naked babies definitely

my go-to brand for overalls so recently I've got this denim overalls I love the true blue wash I think it makes it look more polished and the coolest thing about this baby is that the top part is detachable so you take this out you're left with this really

cute high-waisted denim culottes you have two tops and the first one that I have is this white fluffy one from gihan mix it has these leather press-on letters that says hashtag juice big fall mine is definitely a knockoff from the Jeremy Scott for mosquito collection but I don't

really mind and it's oversized so I think I will look great what is something skinny and more body con underneath my next top is definitely an impulse purchase because it is freezing in her note right now this is why I'm wearing a turban indoor but I got this

muscle tank it's really thin it's from Hika studio but I guess it's okay since I'm going to Saigon anyway next month so hopefully I'll get more chance to wear it then I love the retro coca-cola print and I think this one will look great with denim jeans maybe

boyfriend jeans and sneakers I add one more white t-shirt surprise to my collection and it's this giant oversized one from G my she it has this huge cigarette box I just thought the graphic is cute I love the color combination it's gonna been 2g but it's really popped

out of this crisp white background another top that I got from she why she is this white Montanez sweater is just things such classic logo and since this one is super oversized I like to tuck it in with my skinny jeans or just a cute little skirt my

next topic also white I have more colors coming just hanging there with me I promise I'm going through a polo Freeth right now and this one from us basic just smells like heart because it has really cute little and red embroidery it says anti-you right where your heart

is I like my polo button all the way up and I think this one is just a perfect everyday casual top next up I have a color item yay is this saffron sweatshirt from Kobol clothing it's cropped obviously because you know yours truly loves her crop top it

has these really sassy one line there just says you're a bad bitch I'm a queen I I totally fell asleep in this one as well since it's still soft but it's a little bit thin so for a quarter climate I would suggest later in cropped sweater underneath to

keep yourself warm I've always been a bomber kind of girl because first of all I'm a 90s kid and then Matilda it's my ultimate heroine this one is from gah hah mix it's very moto and very industrial I just love the rugged look right now but it's perfect

it's not too oversized and not too fitted I actually came back to the new district the second day just to get this bomber because I could not stop thinking about it moving on to accessories I recently purchased three different pairs of earrings from me no no I believe

is Kamino they're also so cue the first pair are these awesome serene disco ball earrings there's a little bit chunky but they are actually really liked I think these earrings are statement pairs to add some glitter face and some 70s funkiness to your outfit I love hoop earrings

think of how around four pairs already in different sizes so I thought these heart-shaped cookie earrings are nice to add to the mix no one would be able to tell that you wear hoop earrings unless you point them out but I think it's a little thought that counts

my last pair are these drop earrings with a super fluffy pastel pink fur ball at the end this one I think it's quite a conversation starter I got it in pain because I think will pop really nice with my blonde hair I think this one will be nice

and add some sass to any outfit really the last item is surprise barcode magazine I got this when they were at the new district it's based in Saigon so if you live in the area you can totally get a subscription my personal favorite it's the cover story section

when they write about the theme of the issue and then the travel tip section when they give you the recommendation places to check out in the new city this one is definitely one of my favorite magazines to read in Vietnamese and the theme for this issue is love

yourself I think it's quite important because in the end you're off you've got that's all for my haul for today thank you guys so much for watching if hauls your thing please give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you have

an Instagram or a snapchat my username is feed Alby you can follow me if you were live if not we're cool and I will see you in my next video


(upbeat music) – Alright, so it's recording for sure.

Have my mic on.

And we're gonna do this.

Hey loves, how's it going? It's Anne.

The reason why I have abig smile on right now is because I'm doing a haul.

And if you go way back with me, like way back before my DIY days, you know that, you know I love hauls.

And I love fashion, I love dressing up.

I love self expression.

But I took a break.

I took a break because I washaving this internal battle of sustainability and self expression.

And I didn't want topromote people to go out and buy things because they're trendy or because I like them.

I didn't like thatunsustainable lifestyle.

And I didn't believe it, I didn't wanna support it.

So I have been, in the past few years, practicing on awarenessto see where and why my thoughts and feelings were coming from.

And what really sparked me to want items that are just short-term happiness.

And so, now I have beenmore of a conscious shopper.

So whenever I go out, I really put my, I really put lots of thoughts into what I'm about to purchase and bringhome into my living space.

So honestly, in the past few months I have not bought anything new.

I've just been wearing the same things over and over when I go out.

So I feel like I can use some extra basic pieces in my wardrobe.

And so I bought a few things from H&M that I thought wouldbe really, really cute to include with what I already have.

Alright, so I wanna start withthis pair of pleather pants.

And, you know, just to let you guys know that not everything is 100%recyclable, sustainable.

I can't do that much extensive research.

I can only do so much.

And I can only improve so much at a time, but I am always trying to progress myself.

So if you see somethingthat is not eco-friendly or whatever, then justknow that I am working on always finding the next best solution, but I'm not 100% perfect yet.

Okay, so this is a pair ofpleather pants from H&M.

Most of all these thingsare going to be from H&M because they have a lotof nice basic styles that I feel like I canincorporate with the basic items that I already have in my closet.

So I've always been alover of pleather pants, and I've worn the ones that I had until they don't fit anymoreor they're too big for me or too small for me or just falling apart.

So, this is an upgrade.

I love this because theweather has been really cold.

It keeps my legs warm.

It's a great alternative to wearing jeans.

And it looks good withalmost everything, anything.

These are super cute.

I can wear them withsneakers and I can wear them with high heels if I'm dressingup for a nice date out.

Been dating, yes.

So this next piece from H&M is an olive green sweater.

It's like an oversize sweater.

It's a thin knit material.

It has like a nice slinky drape to it.

And the way I wear this is sometimes I would haveit tie in the front.

Or I would have like a littlepart of it tucked on the side.

So that way it can drape over my pants.

Or I can just tuck this whole thing in.

It looks really good withleggings or with jeans or with the pleather pants.

It's just a really nice sweater to have in addition to everything else.

Here is another nice sweater that I like.

It has a nice oversize sleeve.

It's about three-quarter sleeves, but it's nice and oversized.

And it has a boxy shape to it.

In the back it has buttons.

So it's like a medium knit.

It gives a nice amount of warmth.

And it's something that falls on the body and gives it a nice subtle sexiness.

And that's what I loveabout these basic pieces because it gives the look of the body, the silhouette a nice subtle sexiness without screaming out for attention.

So that's what I loveabout these basic pieces.

This next top, I wanted a more basic top but with a different kind of neckline.

And this looks like moreof a halter neckline.

So I wanted something I couldwear with my dress pants or just wear with jeans.

I just love the neckline on this.

It's just a really nicetop that I can wear under a sweater, cardigan, layer underneath other items or I can just wear as is for warmer days.

Next is this dress.

It's like a tank dress.

A nice heather gray tank dress.

And it just has this nice slim fit on.

I plan to wear these with my sneakers, like my white sneakersor something like that.

And maybe a hoodie.

Just something very casual.

Casual, comfortable, cuteand a little bit sexy.

And then I also bought a set of bralettes.

You know, this is somethingthat you could wear with like an oversize tank top that slouches and showsthe bra a little bit.

And the bralette is almostlike wearing a top in a way.

The bralette almost actslike an underlayer top.

So again, it has a little peek a boo, but it's not like crazysexy with all the lace and you know screaminglook at me kind of thing.

It's just more like effortless, effortless sexiness, comfortable, all that kind of stuff.

Here is another tank.

This would be a tank that Iwould wear over the bralette.

It's very thin, andthen it has a little bit of this detail, ribbing detail.

It's like nice, subtlelight seashell kind of pink.

I like it.

And then here is another slouchy tank that I would wear over the bralette.

It has like a sheerness to it.

So you're showing a little bit skin, but you're not showing too much.

Wear this with jeans.

Super cute.

Next is this minty blue long sleeve top from the Conscious line, H&M Conscious line.

And, you know, it's a basic crew neck top with long sleeves.

A little bit longer in length.

The material is nice and heavy, like a heavy slinkiness to it.

It has a medium sheernessto it which I like.

This would be a top that Iwould wear over the bralette.

And depending on how you tuck it in, you could leave a littledrape or whatever you like.

Again, another basic long sleeve top.

This is like an army green.

You could tie the front, youcould tie the back of this.

Wear it with leggingsor wear it with jeans.

Whatever you feel that day, you know.

And then I have a white version of it.

And then I have this grayhoodie that I want to.



I love a zip hoodie.

It's so convenient for gym time.

Or when I just want to, like leisure wear.

When I want to wear something that is more on the leisure side.

So that is my basic pieces.

Very, very simple haul from H&M.

I don't think I'll bedoing hauls too often because I, like I said, I'm not gonna buy things too often.

But I do enjoy making these videos.

Let me know any ideasyou would like to see as far as fashion videosthat don't involve having to buy too many things.

Like maybe I could shop for my closet.

What do you think of that idea? Leave it in the commentsection below this video.

Thank you for spending today with me, spending some time with me, quality time.

I appreciate it.

I love you.

And I will talk to you next time.


(upbeat music).

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends | Simply Be

This illusion dress by Simply Be just ticksall the boxes for the monochrome trend for me.

It's really, really flattering, it's a beautifulcut, brilliant for an hourglass figure and it's just become so synonymous with the redcarpet A-listers.

So stripes, zigzags, checks, all these kindof graphic monochrome styles are really, really cool for Spring/Summer.

It's a really easy trend to wear because it'sso hard to get it wrong.

Basically think Channel and you're there.

Take all the colour out of it and just wearblack and white and be bold in your contouring and be bold in your shapes and be bold inyour patterns.

So camouflage colours and camouflage dresseshave been around for a few seasons now and none more so in spring/summer 13.

Really for me they're just pieces that adda little base plate to your outfits.

So with Justine we put on a wet look legging, a galaxyprint vest, and then we added the camouflage jacket and it just kind of brought it alldown.

It's kind of grungy, utilitarian and really, really easy to wear.

They're all kind of in this slightly oversizedfit so you feel like you can put it on over a jumper or a long line shirt.

I absolutely love this.

Colour pop is my favourite rainy day trend.

If you wake up and it's a dull day and thesun has not come out, put on something bright and you will feel better.

I always do this and it does make you feelbrighter.

So the main thing about colour pop is clashingin a kind of controlled way.

So it's all about one step dressing or piecesthat are just block colours that you cement together with a neutral in the middle so youcan feel like an explosion of a rainbow with out being too OTT.

So think a bright red dress and then cobaltshoes.

One step dressing, really easy to do but looksreally put together and really styled in an easy way.

Taking inspiration from the far east has beenmassively important for lots of designers this season, none more so than Anna Scholzfor Simply Be.

I absolutely love this capsule collection.

I think it encompasses everything, that kindof exotic nature that you want to get from the idea of the far east but is still in reallyto easy wear pieces.

The key for it is the colour.

Go wild with the colour.

It's the opposite to the graphic art trend.

Paisley prints, lots of bright colours, exaggerateddraping and then little tight contours where you need them on the body.

It's just made a really, really successfulcapsule collection for me.

So, outrageously patterned florals particularlyhave been the talk of high season catwalks of Spring/Summer 13.

I love that this piece for Simply Be, thatI've put on Candice, can take you right through from the start of the season to the end ofthe season because the base colour is black and then the neon flashes just make it really, really current for Spring/Summer.

I also love that the botanical floral printisn't that same thing we see every season.

It feels fun, it feels fresh and it goes withall the bright pops of vest that they've got throughout the collection.

You could literally wear this with seven ofthe different colours of the vests and feel like you're wearing a different suit everytime and i absolutely love that.

Some people call it nautical, some peoplecall it colonial, some people call it blues, i just think that these polka dot, blue andwhite prints are absolutely everywhere this season, it's kind of taking a nod to the 1950'sand then just kind of making it really easy and really simple to wear.

This polka dot dress is absolutely stunning.

I'll let you in to a secret, we put it onat the fitting and the girls were fighting over which one of them wore it and in theend, they went straight to the Simply Be shop and two out of the three girls bought thesame dress.

This is not something they thought they wouldlove but it just fits so well and looks absolutely beautiful.

It nips in at the waist and then flares outlike a just brilliant 1950's tea dress so you just feel like a woman in it.

I absolutely love it.


Ostracized for talking about fast fashion? My fashion pet peeve? ǀ Spring Q&A ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine.

This is a Q&A video, and I do this now everyseason, so four times a year.

I asked you for questions on YouTube and onFacebook, and I got in total over 240 (note: actually:more!) questions back.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm andyour interest.

So I decided in order to keep this video shortand digestible to go today with the questions that are quicker to answer and got more likesfrom other viewers, because they seem to be more interesting for more people.

And I’ve kept the more complex questionsfor dedicated videos later on, so stay tuned.

First question: How did your personal stylechange throughout the years? It’s not like I always knew what suitedme; I think it’s the same for most of us.

As a child, the only thing that mattered wasto wear skirts and dresses that turned when I turned, and in bright colors.

That’s all.

Then as a teenager, I got my feminine bodyvery late.

So I was a tomboy until pretty late and dressingin sweatpants and things that allowed me to do my sports.

I really started to get in to the meaningof clothing and putting outfits together when I started to study, and then to work, becausethat’s when I realized that what I am wearing gives an impression about me, and I was givinga not-so-professional, not-so-interesting, and not-so attractive impression.

So when I started to work especially, firstI went with what would be considered appropriate office-wear, and then I realized that thatdoes not all work for me, and that’s when I really started to develop my own style.

And I’m not there yet.

I still feel like my style is changing everyseason or every couple of years, so it’s an ongoing process, and I think it’s absolutelynormal.

Have you faced criticism or have been ostracizedas a designer for speaking about fast fashion? Short answer, yes.

I’ve heard fashion designers telling me“Well, you shouldn’t spit on your industry like that.

You’re making us have a bad reputation.

All of us.

“ Who is us? I’ve heard people saying “Oh, you producein Europe.


Whenever you really want to have proper marginsand make big money you’ll end up going to Southeast Asia like everyone else.

” I produce in Europe.

It fits my values, and I will prove thesepeople wrong by sticking to my values.

To be honest I think there is a market forevery kind of brand.

Fast fashion brands sell huge volumes.


But there’s also a lot more… many moreoptions in the market for more nichey brands, for more high end brands.

There are customers for everything, and theinterest that my channel has found among you all watching here, proves that fast fashionis not the only way.

There are many people who wonder how to doit differently, how to be more ethical in clothing shopping, etc.

So there is a spot for everyone.

I don’t have to go in to the obvious andeasy path, and I don’t want to.

What are the top five items (clothing, accessories, beauty products, etc.

) that take a wardrobe from decent to noticeably on point? Five items… Shoes.

Several pairs.

But that counts as one.

Colorful, unique, statement shoes.

Have fun with your shoes.

Then, jewelry.

I like to keep my finger and hand jewelryquite constant.

You see that in many videos, because my handsare me, so I tend to stick to a certain style of jewelry, instead of switching, unlike forthe shoes.

So that’s two.

Then I would say a very well-cut, well-fittingleather jacket, or vegan leather jacket, because you can wear it over anything.

Then I would say, item four: a perfect T-shirt.

A T-shirt that really fits well, falls nicely, in five different colors.

Counting as only one item.

It works with everything, and allows you toswitch up your wardrobe a lot more, and create many outfits.

Number five: a lipstick of course.

That fits you really, really well, and matchesyour undertone.

Next question.

How do you organize your daily routine sothat you have enough time to work on your craft, but also to feed your creativity andfuture ideas, by reading, watching movies, other channels, going to museums, etc? Seems like a really long list, and to be honest, I can’t do all of that every day.

I have two jobs, I have a fashion label.

I have a YouTube channel.

Everything else in between: I don’t havetime for all of this.

But I do make sure that I do a bit of eachthing you mentioned within one week.

This, yes.

And I do have a daily checklist to achieveand that contains learning something new, every single day, seeing something pretty, and doing one thing that I don’t have to do, but that I like and enjoy doing.

The rest is split and organized and shiftedaround within one week.

Next: Have you adopted any German fashiontraits since moving to Germany? So, I’m French, I live in Berlin.

I think Germans dress more casually than Frenchpeople in general.

If you take the capital cities, Berlin isdefinitely more casual than Paris.


If anyone disagrees, let me know.

I’d be happy to discuss.

But I think that’s the way it is.

My style has gotten more casual since I’velived in Germany, I think.

It’s probably also due to the fact thatnow I work for myself, and I can decide when to dress up or not.

But when I do dress up people notice, andI get a comment, in general.

Like “Do you have an interview today?” Ha ha.

Yeah, I think overall, I’m more casual.

Hi Justine! The last couple of years, the concept of “culturalappropriation” has been at the forefront of a lot of fashion news.

What’s your opinion about it? Do you think it is right when, for example, a white woman wears an African themed dress as a fashion statement, or should it be reservedfor cultural purposes only? And the viewer commenting this is from SouthAfrica, so that gives a bit of context, thank you.

From my perspective, from where I’m standinghere in Europe, I feel like this has become more of a discussion topic recently.

Very much in America, because I can see andfeel minorities feeling threatened, but I also see other cultures where it’s lessof an issue.

For example in India, people would wear sari-styleclothing on one day and Western clothes the other day and they have both wardrobes.

It’s more an issue for African culturesI think, as you pointed out, as it’s apparently the case in your country as well, but whenan Indian person wears one thing or another, they just switch, and they appreciate theadvantages of both.

If I’d go to India, I’d definitely tryon a sari, and I would love it, because it is just a beautiful piece of clothing.

So when somebody who is not from a certainculture likes to experiment or show respect and appreciation by wearing these clothes, that are not stemming from their own culture, I think it can also be a sign of open-mindednessand I don’t see a problem there.

How do you decide what clothes and bags andshoes to take when you go on holiday? I always overpack! Please give some tips.

First off, hey there.

I know exactly who you are, you bag lady.

You were one of my very early subscribers, so hi there.

I’m gonna skip the clothes because it reallydepends where you are on holiday and what your style is, but in terms of bags and shoes, here is what I take with me.

Shoes: 3 things.

Flat sandals that are comfortable, but youcan still wear in the evening when you style yourself up a bit.


Then flip-flops, which I end up wearing themost, to be honest.

And a pair of sneakers.

Just so that you also have closed shoes togo on a hike, or uneven grounds, or if you’re commuting between two places during the holiday.

So three pairs.

And then in terms of bags, I’d say one backpackin fabric.

Something that you can fold away and storein very little volume in your luggage when you’re not using it, a tote that you cancarry on your shoulder (a resistant solid one to carry all the stuff you need duringthe day, put your towel in when you go to the beach and whatnot).

And the third one would be a clutch format, something like this.

Cross-body with a chain so that you can carrythat around when you’re going out and you don’t have to worry about pickpockets oranything.

It’s safer cross-body.

So that’s what I take.

What is your fashion pet peeve? I have a very straightforward answer to this.

I hate deconstructed denim.

I know many people like it.

Many designers do that because it works wellcommercially, but I hate it.

I like denim, but not deconstructed.

Like when people take old jeans and turn itin to a skirt and everything… Ugh! Yeah.

I won’t design deconstructed denim thingsanytime soon.

You know what, I feel that this video is gettingvery long so I’m going to stop it here, and we’re going to do a part 2 on Wednesday.

What about that? This way I can take more questions becausethere were so many good ones.

Thumbs up if you enjoyed the video, and whenpart two is online, it will show up here, somewhere on the screen.

Ok? Until then, have a great Sunday.

Take care.